You can speak softly but it could mean that Omicron is peaking.

London is the city where cases are most prevalent. Education Secretary Nadhim Zhawi says that there has been a plateau in London. Chris Hopson from NHS Providers reinforced this message.

In the capital, hospital admissions are falling with less patients in need of critical care. The UK’s death rates don’t seem to have reached as high as previously thought.

Researchers predicted three weeks back that up to 5,000 people would die each day. On average, 140 people died last week. Yesterday was 42.

But this doesn’t necessarily mean that the crisis is over. Omicron has reached an earlier stage in certain parts of the nation, while infections continue to rise.

In London, where it's been most rife, cases have hit a plateau, according to Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi and his message has been reinforced by NHS Providers boss Chris Hopson

According to Nadhim Zahawi, Education Secretary, London’s most notorious area, there has been a plateau in cases. Chris Hopson, NHS Providers chief, reinforced his message.

Hospitalisations rates in London are still a concern. The full effect of New Year and Christmas gatherings on health is yet to be seen.

However, the fact that hospitals generally cope justifies Boris Johnson’s decision not to take further restrictions.

Hospitals, schools, and public transport are facing the greatest problem right now: an increase in absenteeism due to positive tests.

An NHS trust in Lincolnshire has declared a ‘critical incident’, not because of a rush of patients, but because so many staff were isolating – many with minor symptoms. Some estimates suggest that 25% of Britain’s workforce will be in the hospital this week.

Here’s some good news. Since December 22, absences in London hospitals have fallen since then. We could easily get through the current crisis faster than any other person (least of all the gloomy Sage scientist) if this pattern can be replicated elsewhere.

Yesterday’s announcement by Mr Johnson was that no additional restrictions would be needed in the coming week. As long as the good news continues rolling in, it is unlikely that there will be any need to put them on.

Yesterday, Mr Johnson confirmed there was no need for further restrictions in the next week. If the good news keeps rolling in, there will surely be no need for them at all

Yesterday’s announcement by Johnson was that no additional restrictions would be needed in the coming week. The good news will continue to come in and there will be no reason for further restrictions.

Dubious distinction

People will laugh at the notion that Tony Blair deserves the greatest chivalry a country has to offer.

Chivalry is a synonym for honour, integrity, and courage. Blair’s name is now synonymous with deceit and greed.

A petition was signed by more than 500,000 for the Knight of the Garter’s elevation. This is no wonder.

We were taken to war in Iraq based on a collection of evidence that he believed to consist of half-truths and exaggerated claims. It was a bloody civil war that led to the rise and fall of Islamic State. This result left hundreds of thousands of people dead.

These terrible consequences continue to reverberate throughout the Middle East today.

The idea that Tony Blair should receive the highest order of chivalry this country can bestow will be seen by many as the sickest of jokes

Many will view the idea of Tony Blair receiving the most prestigious chivalry our country has to offer as the worst joke.

Additionally, he presided over numerous sleaze scams and made other grave policy decisions. Perhaps the most egregious was his deliberate dismantling of Britain’s immigration control ‘to rub The Right’s noses in diversity.

His annual net migration in the first year of his term was just over 100,000. It was close to 250,000 when he left.

It’s a deeply ironic thing that the mass reaction to his open border policy led to the British voting to leave the EU, given his Euro-fanaticism.

Blair, who left Downing Street in 1999, has traveled the world, consorting and becoming super-rich with despots.

He would not accept this award if he felt honourable. Don’t be too sure. His past performance shows that honour isn’t his strongest suit.

  • A Daily Mail investigation found that Instagram continues to allow criminals to push drug sales to children, three months after it promised a crackdown. Social media companies are capable, thanks to their vast financial resources and technical knowledge, of cleaning their acts. The question now is, do they want to clean up their act?