Everyone is asking themselves this burning question: How serious is Omicron’s Covid variant?

Across the country, people are terrified that it will prove more infectious and deadly than previous strains, and – even worse – blunt the vaccines.

Another winter of death and spiralling hospitalisations looks dreadful.

Now we’re on the conveyor to lockdown.

By sending out mixed messages about Omicron variant, ministers could wreck the economy. Health Secretary Sajid Javid's (pictured) suggestion we take Covid tests before festive parties risks crippling hospitality through cancellations

Ministers can wreck the economy by sending mixed messages regarding Omicron variant. Sajid Javid, Health Secretary (pictured), suggests that we conduct Covid tests prior to festive parties. This could lead to cancellations of hospitality.

After the misery of the last two years, it is inevitable – but natural – that the public feels trepidation. 

Despite the fact that Omicron is still a mystery to scientists, there are some reasons to be optimistic.

Experts say that most patients experience no or mild symptoms. They also claim there’s no evidence to suggest jabs can be rendered ineffective.

So while this paper supports the current, light-touch restrictions – temporarily – ministers must have concrete proof Britain faces catastrophe before reapplying the manacles. 

Each restriction on our freedom has grave consequences.

Hospital waiting lists are soaring for life-or death treatment. There are more deaths in the home due to people not seeking treatment for cancer or other deadly diseases.

Health experts say most patients have experienced either no symptoms or very mild ones with the Omicron variant. Pictured: Map of Omicron cases in the UK

Experts in health say that most Omicron cases have been treated with mild to no symptoms. Photo: Omicron cases across the UK

With GPs suspending their usual caseloads to deliver boosters (at £15 of taxpayers’ money a time), these will only get worse.

Meanwhile, the economic collapse could be caused by killjoy ministers who send out contradictory messages and not clear instructions. 

There are two instances: Sajid Javid (Health Secretary) suggests that Covid testing be done before parties. He is concerned about the possibility of cancellations in hospitality during peak times. 

Therese Coffey, the Pensions Secretary, warns you against kissing beneath the mistletoe

Sage scientists, even though they are consistently wrong every time, demand that we have more freedom.

The Ministers should resist. The nuclear button should not be pressed at the first sign that there are new versions. This would lead to disaster.


Many thousands of university students in Britain had terrible experiences starting with the pandemic.

In exchange for an inferior education experience, they paid rent and fees that were astronomical. 

It is therefore disgraceful to see their classes disrupted again by a strike of hard-Left lecturers.

Amid Covid, thousands of students have had miserable experiences and now their classes are being disrupted due to a strike. Pictured: Lecturers on picket lines at King's College London

Amid Covid, thousands of students have had miserable experiences and now their classes are being disrupted due to a strike. Pictured: King’s College London lecturers on picket lines

They demand higher salaries and better pensions as public sector ideologues. But the large retirement benefits they receive would make King Midas blush.

In a scandalous act of violence, militants have been threatening students with eviction. Yet that harms coursework which can be life-defining: Opening the door to a dream job… or cruelly slamming it shut.

Students are a terrible collateral injury in the doctrinaire battle between union dinosaurs and students.


Brussels is planning to repeal the EU’s asylum laws in order to deter migrants gathering in Belarus from crossing the EU’s eastern border.

As they assess the claims, would-be refugees could be held in prison by those countries that are most affected by this human tsunami. Eurocrats say those who refuse to find refuge in safe countries are advised to “go home”.

These ideas are very sensible and should be replicated in Britain. These ideas are filled with sickening irony.

For on the bloc’s western boundary, France – another perfectly safe haven – is turning a blind eye to smuggled migrants who risk their lives crossing the Channel.

Both Belarus’s repressive regime as well as Emmanuel Macron use refugee suffering to their advantage. How shameful the EU denounces the former – and ignores the latter.