DAILY MAIL COMENT: UK’s house arrest must be reduced to boost its recovery

The PM warned that the country could be affected by the flu virus, even though it was ruled out for England’s New Year’s Eve.

An Omicron wave would place unsustainable pressure upon hospitals. This is the key indicator.

Let’s forget about the issues surrounding whether an overwhelmingly vaccinated populace should be treating the cash-guzzling NHS like a sick patient.

It would still be quite ironic if it was subject to oppressive measures to prevent it from buckleling. This is not because of a flood of patients, but rather because many nurses and doctors were sick or isolated.

Boris Johnson has made ominously clear that Covid curbs could still be imposed next month

Boris Johnson made it very clear that Covid curbs might still be in place next month.

However, the prospect of a miserable future is made worse by overly restrictive Government rules.

With 5 per cent of health care staff currently in purdah – even if no longer infectious – the NHS faces meltdown.

Absenteeism is now a greater threat to patient care that infections. It can have devastating consequences. Treatments and diagnoses delayed, operations cancelled – consigning millions to pain and anguish.

This mandatory house arrest does not only cause havoc to the health system.

Due to staff shortages, factories and shops are closing their doors. The disruption to supply chains, emergency services and trains is severe.

Workers are trapped at home, rather than helping Britain overcome a pandemic.

Ministers need to ease restrictions in order to fix this issue, as it has been called the “pingdemic.”

There are a lot of good signals that support this plan of action. According to eminent scientists, the virus has not become more serious than a common cold.

Covid patients often stay longer in hospital because they have other medical reasons. The number of admissions is not increasing rapidly. Most severely ill patients aren’t being jailed.

This paper praised the reduction in quarantine time from ten days to seven. Boris Johnson needs to follow America’s example and make it five days for patients who have fully recovered. Self-harming would be considered a grave act.

The G7 is forecast to see our economy grow faster than the rest next year, as post-Brexit Britain bounces back from the virus. This will allow us to start repaying our mountainous debts from the pandemic.

If the PM retreats to the cave of caution, and does not address the self-isolation crises, then the country will grind to an unsustainable and crippling halt.

You can wear your belt tightening enough

It is likely that the cost of living crisis, which has already afflicted millions of financially strapped families, will get worse.

Many are anticipating the financial impact of rising energy costs, increased national insurance premiums, and 30-year-high inflation.

However, the Mail reports that local authorities are increasing council tax up to 6% thanks to Government manipulations.

The main reason this rise is possible, and many people can not afford it, is because we need to boost our social care budgets.

However, despite prior injections of money, the provision for the elderly has been declining.

When families are so badly squeezed, it’s imperative that each penny is spent wisely – and doesn’t simply line fatcats’ pockets.

  • Insulate Britain has become a cult of eco-syllabists by supergluing themselves onto motorways. The first was that their ignorant stunts made it harder for people to believe in environmentalism. Second, they wrecked schools and drove up ambulances. Now we learn that police spent £4.3million of taxpayers’ money unsticking these narcissists from roads – enough to insulate thousands of homes.