Heartbreak is the first response. Then incomprehension. Next comes boiling rage.

We are horrified that another innocent toddler was brutally tortured to death in our civilized nation.

This horrendous crime, despite numerous red flags being raised, is cause for anger.

Star Hobson, 16 months old, was so furious that she lost her fight for life that Star Hobson’s parents will likely never be held accountable. Star sustained severe injuries to her entire body when she was forced to give up the fight for her life.

She was punched, kicked and killed by Savannah Brockhill, her mother Frankie Smith’s psychoopathic, evil girlfriend. This terror reign lasted for months.

Family members were alerted to social services five times. Five times, they did not fulfill their responsibility.

The first reaction is one of heartbreak. Then incomprehension. Then boiling rage. Rage that yet another defenceless toddler has been sadistically tortured and murdered in our supposedly civilised country

Heartbreak is the first response. Then incomprehension. There was boiling fury. The rage that another defenseless child has been cruelly tortured and killed in our civilized country.

Politico correctness played a part in this. Star’s great grandparents warned her that “another Baby P” was possible. However, social workers charged them with malice as Smith and Smith were in a similar-sex relationship. Smith’s partner was also a traveller. Star lost her life because of this inexcusable insult.

This tragically familiar story is less than two weeks following the murder of Arthur Labinjo, six years old, by his stepmother.

An inquest was held yesterday to determine that Ella Rose Clover, a second toddler, had been murdered. It happened after doctors were unable to detect a prolonged campaign of abuse.

Are these crimes ever going to be punished? If so, social workers, police, medics, and the police will continue to be excused. There won’t ever be any lessons.

The children are still going to be born. Alles alone, desolate and abandoned.

Rebels Heed Covid, PM

Boris Johnson may be victorious in his battle to enforce a new grueling clampdown against Covid. However, the chastened Prime minister is now having to take stock of his achievements.

Tory MPs were so furious about stricter Plan B restrictions (including ineffective and discriminatory vaccination passports), that they rebelled against his majority.

Worse still, the PM endured the indignity of relying on Labour to win the vote – another damaging blow to his fragile authority.

We are being taken for a fool by his release of a torrent of questionable statistics supporting the case that Omicron presents such a dangerous threat that it demands intrusive, drastic action.

Boris Johnson may have won the battle to impose another gruelling clampdown in the fight against Covid. But rather than toast his success, a chastened Prime Minister is having to lick his wounds

Boris Johnson might have won the battle for another brutal clampdown against Covid. However, the chastened Prime minister is not going to celebrate his victory.

Johnson predicts that the NHS will be strained by an explosion in cases after the initial major, real-world analysis of the variant reveals it is significantly milder than other strains. What is the likelihood of this happening?

This is the same as the Tory rebels: the Mail worries that it will be a slippery slope towards stricter restrictions.

Plan C is just as the country struggles to get back on its feet. What will this entail? The rule of Six, Tiers, Social Distancing, Closed Pubs and Restaurants.

We need to stop allowing more suicides, bankruptcies, job losses and cancers.

The PM should keep faith in boosters – not shut Britain down ‘to be on the safe side’. It’s dangerous. It’s disastrous.

Believing in the Doomsters

International Monetary Fund warns of chilling effects if Britain votes to remain.

The recession will be triggered if house prices and living standards fall. According to it, the consequences of leaving EU will be “pretty, really, very bad”

The times are changing. Yesterday’s IMF song came from an entirely different source. The post-pandemic recovery is anticipated to be among the fastest in developed countries. Significant progress has been made for our financial future and trading after Brexit.

Let’s hope that this forecast proves to be more accurate than previous ones.

Yesterday the IMF sang from a very different songbook. Our post-pandemic growth is expected to be the highest of any developed nation and 'major strides' have been made to develop our post-Brexit trading and financial future. Pictured: Managing director Kristalina Georgieva

Yesterday, the IMF used a different set of songs to sing. Post-pandemic, our growth rate is projected to surpass that of other developed nations. Moreover,’major steps’ have been taken to improve the financial and trading futures after Brexit. Pictured: Managing director Kristalina Georgieva