DAILY MAIL MESSAGE COMMENT: We can toast our freedom to welcome the New Year.

Last week we witnessed the bold and freedom-loving Prime Minister at his best.

Boris Johnson refused the demands of Christmas-wrecking, draconian restrictions in order to stop Omicron surge.

His decision not to ruin the festivities was soon vindicated, with concrete data suggesting that Sage’s apocalyptic forecasts were spectacularly wrong – yet again.

However, despite the fact that the variant won’t cause devastation in the world, the same scientists fearmongering for panic to force the PM to cancel the New Year.

Boris Johnson resisted shrill demands to impose Christmas-wrecking restrictions to tackle the Omicron surge

Boris Johnson refused to be compelled to place Christmas-wrecking limitations in an effort to stop the Omicron surge.

The paper tells him, in the strongest words possible: Keep your guns. Do not listen to all the doomsters. Have faith in British commonsense.

Boris didn’t treat us as toddlers at Christmas. He trusted that we would do what was right to protect ourselves and our loved ones. We were able to do the right thing, regardless of whether that meant taking more lateral flow tests or less socializing.

This sensible approach should be continued, even if Omicron places an unsustainable burden on the NHS.

The only way to stop the virus is to convince and guide people, not to threaten them with a fine or be taken to court.

Pulling down the shutters over the busy New Year would be catastrophic for the beleaguered hospitality industry – and a final nail in the coffin for countless pubs and restaurants.

This would cause economic chaos and irreparable damage to the social fabric as well as our physical and mental health.

The PM should not clamour for more restrictions on our freedoms unless there is clear evidence that Omicron poses an extreme danger.

Reset must be the result of polls

We will be grateful to Mr Johnson if he can guide the country between Omicron devils and deep blue waters of economic destruction.

This would be a good thing in a world where there are no electoral benefits. It is urgently needed by the PM. According to a poll, an election today would erase the Tories’ huge majority.

This is yet another sign of how urgently needed a reset for Downing Street’s woefully lackluster authority and gravitas.

But there’s a little bit of comfort. The voters seem resentful about Labour being elected despite all the impropriety, sleaze, and allegations that have been levelled at him.

Boris needs to heed this warning, and get on with his business.

Of course, huge challenges loom. The cost of living is on the decline and there will be more pressure for families and companies from rising national insurance costs.

Regaining Tory principles will allow the PM to safely navigate these difficult waters. Imposing new Covid restrictions will only make them choppier – and his task harder.

Protect the royal family

It is extremely alarming to see how easily a crossbow-wielding criminal broke into Windsor Castle as the Queen was celebrating Christmas there.

It is true that the raider was captured quickly by officers. It seems that the raider was not motivated by terrorist acts.

This appears to be an alarming security breach. The Metropolitan Police – and the public – must be vigilant when it comes to the monarchy.

We are reporting today that the senior royals have taken to heart attempts by Scotland Yard for their long-standing, trusted personal bodyguards. This is no surprise.

This might help to eliminate the ‘cliqueyness’ among police officers. However, Saturday’s events must serve as reminder that royal security cannot be cut short.