The Mail today revealed that Boris Johnson’s whole Cabinet supports deferring the imminent national insurance increase.

Tory backbenchers are even more forceful – vociferously demanding that this onerous tax rise be abandoned altogether.

If there is one lesson Mr Johnson could have taken from his self-inflicted harm of the past weeks it would be to listen to his MPs.

Tory backbenchers are demanding that Boris Johnson's onerous tax rise be abandoned altogether

Tory backbenchers demand that Boris Johnson’s burdensome tax increase be stopped altogether

He is in Downing Street but they’re out there listening to constituents’ daily concerns. Those constituents are angry.

They were furious at Partygate, angry about Owen Paterson’s debacle and adamant about the crisis in the cost of living.

Britain is facing a financial storm with inflation of 5.4% and increasing energy, food, and raw material prices.

A National Insurance card. Boris Johnson's entire Cabinet would support a deferral of the forthcoming national insurance hike, the Mail reveals today

National Insurance card. Today’s Mail revealed that Boris Johnson would have his entire Cabinet support deferring the imminent national insurance rise.

Many contributing factors can be global, and are beyond PM’s reach.

However, he has the right and obligation to defer this unwise tax hike that will only make things worse. Leaders in business insist that there needs to be a rethink.

Both his Cabinet as well as the larger party would be delighted by the reverse of the NI increase. It would also reassure families in difficult circumstances that Boris is there for them.

He needs to be surrounded by friends.

Gift for anti-vaxxers

It was depressing to see NHS workers standing shoulder-to-shoulder with conspiracists and anti-vax cranks.

They protested at the Covid jab being required to work in frontline hospitals and threw their uniforms out during marches across the country.

Paramedics, nurses, and doctors have done a tremendous job through the pandemic. They deserve all of our praise. These protesters, however, were merely demonstrating the right to put lives at risk.

At marches around the country NHS staff threw off their uniforms in protest at being made to have the Covid jab as a condition of working in frontline hospital services

Staff at the NHS protested being forced to get the Covid jab in order to work in the frontlines of hospitals. They marched around the country in protest. 

One in five hospitalized patients is likely to contract Covid, sometimes with deadly consequences. The staff who refuse to give the jabs are certainly adding to the suffering.

However, medical unions that are so keen to punish ordinary citizens who refuse the vaccine often avoid criticizing their members, which is why 80,000 do the exact same thing.

According to the British Medical Association, “While we think everyone should get the vaccine,” they also feel that people should be able to choose what vaccinations they want.

Mail: The Mail asks, What about the freedom of the patients to choose not to be put to death by their caretakers?

Covid panic strikes the Kiwis

New Zealand is being praised as the country with the most effective anti-Covid strategies. However, panic has erupted over Omicron infected individuals.

Jacinda Adern, Prime Minister, is a darling of the authoritarian Left. She has scrapped plans to ease border controls and has imposed restrictions on social gatherings.

Astonishingly, family contacts of those infected must isolate for up to 24 days – compared with five in the UK.

Although there are only a few confirmed Omicron cases, the number is expected to rise rapidly. It is hard to force the coronavirus virus genie back into the bottle once it has been released. This we know all too well.

New Zealand is particularly vulnerable. Due to its zero-Covid policies, some vaccine resistance has occurred.

Maori have low jab rates, while so many people have contracted the virus that the immune system is very weak. While other countries are learning how to cope with Covid virus, New Zealand continues to struggle to contain it.

It will eventually have to concede defeat if the global experience can be trusted.