DAILY MAIL: The Prime Minister has a right to resist pressing the panic button

Nobody could have predicted that Boris Johnson’s political foes would make fun of his decision to not impose the new Covid restrictions.

They were predictable and hurried with their harsh criticisms. He was indecisive, weak and scared of his backbenchers. They complained that he was risking the health of the country.

The Daily Mail is in complete agreement. He resisted the pressure from the panic buttons to send the country sliding down Lockdown 4.0.

Naturally, he fears a tsunami Omicron case that would cause uncontrollable stress on the NHS.

However, draconian restrictions can cause colossal harm to lives and livelihoods.

Based on Sage's latest modelling, Boris Johnson could not possibly justify repressive measures

According to Sage’s most recent modelling, Boris Johnson cannot justify the use of repressive measures

The businesses were completely destroyed. Workers are left to die. Mental deterioration in those who are unable to communicate with loved ones. Undiagnosed conditions for a multitude of patients. Each virus kills as quickly as the strongest.

Sage’s most recent modelling shows that Johnson cannot justify these repressive measures.

These panic-mongering and blatantly false alarmists warned about 6,000 Covid death per day, despite not taking immediate action.

How could this be, even in the most imaginative realms? Daily deaths in the last winter’s grip were only 25%. From then to now, 130 million vaccines have been administered in Britain.

Therefore, the Cabinet can demand “incontrovertible” evidence about the threat of Omicron before tightening curbs.

Troublingly, Mr Johnson has not ruled them out before New Year – risking another flashpoint with mutinous Tory MPs.

However, if Covid surges are not being managed by the NHS, even with a jabs-blitz and large sums of cash, then it is time for radical reform.

According to the PM, the vaccinations would lead us back on an irreversible track towards normality. How did that happen?

We should trust our common sense, and he should provide us with the necessary information. It would be unacceptable to lock down another person.

Cut down on self-isolation

It’s a dire situation. Instead of doing a bustling Christmas trade, shops, bars, theatres, and restaurants were forced to close.

Doctors and nurses sitting idle at home – risking chaos in the NHS. Police officers are more interested in twiddling their fingers than investigating crime.

These are some of the dire consequences for Britain’s stealthy lockdown.

Many people are trying to avoid Omicron because they fear it could ruin their festive plans.

And over-restrictive rules are forcing those who test positive to self-isolate for ten days – even if they are no longer infectious.

The perfect storm of declining customers and absenteeism from staff is crippling the business and jeopardizing fragile recovery. It also puts public services at great risk.

What can ministers do to address this crisis? The first is to reduce quarantine from seven days to seven. They then ordered scientists to curb the alarmist rhetoric.

  • Like a malfunctioning hand dryer, on Sir Keir Starmer drones … this time accusing the PM of a ‘vacuum of leadership’ in the Covid fight. That’s rich. The Labour leader is not able to offer any useful or informative comments about the handling of the pandemic. We would still be in lockdown if it weren’t for him. But isn’t the very definition of ‘leadership vacuum’ his refusal to apologise for cheerfully striving to put Jeremy Corbyn – an anti-Semitic, terrorist-supporting, financially incontinent, class-war dinosaur – into No 10?