Let us be very clear. The Daily Mail supports the Conservative Party and its goals.

Sometimes we don’t see things the same way.

We are loyal like any friend. Our readers have always been our first priority and we are not afraid to challenge a Tory Prime Minister.

But this newspaper passionately believes that Conservativism is — and has been — the greatest force for good in this country’s political history.

We are proud to support Boris Johnson’s ambition to create a better Britain.

It’s true, of course, that controversy — and chaos — seem to follow him like iron filings are drawn to a magnet. He’s not short on vision but his ability to pay attention can be a problem.

The Mail believes that he has the intellect, energy and optimism to be the best man for the job.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has pushed the button on Plan B coronavirus curbs amid fears that Omicron could be causing 1,000 hospital admissions a day by the end of the year

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of Boris Johnson, has activated the Plan B coronavirus curbs in the face of fears Omicron might be leading to 1,000 hospital admissions per day at the end the year.

Voters from all political parties love him, regardless of his shortcomings and flaws. His many victories have proven him to be a winner.

You can see his influence and stature from the Cabinet table. 

His short tenure in office has seen him achieve great success. He overcame the terror of Jeremy Corbyn and delivered Brexit.

And his brave decision to ditch all restrictions in July — despite the scaremongers warning it would spell disaster — was a masterstroke.

Sir Keir starmer is, however, a relentless dud. He has nothing remotely useful or incisive to say about the major issues of our time — particularly on the pandemic.

It is so disconcerting to see that Boris, Labour’s leader has given Boris such an unfinished goal.

Today, the Government not only stands accused of dishonesty, but — worse — of taking the public for fools.

In December 2012, when infections were at an all-time high and socialising was forbidden, No 10 hosted a blockbuster Christmas party. There, staff enjoyed alcohol, games, and swapped Secret Santa presents.

A leaked recording from Downing Street showed staff laughing about a party allegedly held at Number 10 amid lockdown restrictions last Christmas

Downing Street staff laughed at a party that was allegedly hosted at Number 10 despite lockdown restrictions.

Downing Street denied it, but a video of Downing Street officials laughing about the event was released Tuesday.

Johnson claims he didn’t know about the shenanigans. However, is this really possible?

To get the truth of this scandal, he has directed a Cabinet Office investigation.

He says he is furious.

Perhaps you are, Prime Minister. But nowhere near as furious as the millions who made immense and painful sacrifices to protect the nation’s health — only to have their public-spiritedness thrown back in their faces.

We had the most miserable Christmas I can remember, yet his staff seemed to be cheering us up. 

Too many loved ones were cruelly prevented from seeing their dying relatives. Instead, these families were enjoying a good time at a party. It’s indefensible.

Boris has always been an outsider and that appeal is part of his appeal.

Some rules can’t be ignored. When the Government issues grueling edicts to the entire population, the authorities are obligated to respect them.

We must not look too wide. Many families strayed from the guidelines to an extent during the Christmas season. 

Downing Street, however, must be an example of excellence and set a high standard for all others.

Johnson could have reacted to the allegations a week earlier if he had not waited. 

Instead, it was transformed into a hurricane of recrimination by the constant vacillation of dissembling and denial over the last seven day.

Stratton gave a statement to reporters from her doorstep in North London on Wednesday, announcing she was handing her resignation to the Prime Minister

Stratton spoke to journalists from North London, announcing that she was giving her resignation to Prime Minister.

Such a casual attitude to propriety plays perfectly into Labour’s most damaging charge against his administration: that there is one rule for Boris’s chums — and one for the rest of us.

His shambolic effort to free Owen Paterson from the “cash for lobbying” scandal was another example.

If the PM had not blatantly sought to take down standards rules, it is possible for the Tories to be in a better place to avoid bloody noses at the by-election next week in Mr Paterson’s former North Shropshire constituency.

There is no more. These scandals continue to occur far too often, and Boris needs to finally take control of the No10 operation.

Competence is important. In a moment of increasing uncertainty, it is appropriate for the public to question whether his team can do the job.

The government that is capable of delivering the necessary assurances are crucial. Many challenges lie ahead, including fixing the scandal in social care, dealing with Channel migrants, keeping law and order, levelling out the left-behind areas, and many other.

Mr Johnson should also be trumpeting his successes: the extra jobs at Nissan in Sunderland (in spite of Remainer doom-mongering), huge inward investment for the green revolution and — crucially — the freeports which can help make Brexit a triumph.

Boris should be clear-eyed about Covid. One year ago, the initial Briton received a coronavirus vaccine as part of the mass-rollout.

According to our ears, the jabs would be the key to escape this nightmare. Yesterday, however, the PM announced further liberty-limiting restrictions.

We can’t keep our path to normality from being irreversible, so much!

Britons will have to work at home and must use vaccination passports for football matches and nightclubs. They also need face masks more often.

A surge in Omicron variants clearly worries Mr Johnson. And scientists from Sage — insulated in their academic bubble from the harsh realities of life — are clamouring for the population to be placed once more under house arrest.

But while more transmissible, there is scant evidence the new strain is deadlier — and an encouraging amount to suggest it is not.

Boris Johnson (centre), Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty (left) and Chief Scientific Adviser Patrick Vallance (right) as the Government introduced further Covid measures

Boris Johnson (center), Chris Whitty, Chief Medical Officer (left), and Patrick Vallance, Chief Scientific Advisor (right), were all present when the Government implemented further Covid Measures

However, the added restrictions can be quite costly. The respected Institute for Economic Affairs says Plan B will cost the economy £4 billion a month — sending it into another tailspin just as it recovers.

There is more business carnage, more job losses and bankruptcies.

Are you willing to pay this price in order to be protected against an unforeseen variant?

Many, including his MPs, suspect that Johnson is trying to hide the negative news about No 10’s Christmas party. It is possible that Johnson has been playing politics in people’s lives if this suspicion is true.

People will not ignore rules if ministers or officials are so shamelessly breaking them.

This unworthy episode has harmed Mr Johnson’s credibility and moral authority.

To govern effectively, and not see a slump in the polls, he needs to claw them back — and quickly.

It means that Downing Street must be more dynamic than static. Boris says less Bertie Woosterism and more boosterism.

Truth is that voters can believe there is one rule for Boris and one for them, which is the fastest route to ending up in the disaster of Sir Keir being Prime Minister.