Around 6,000 The ticketless crowd was waiting at Wembley to storm it and pose a danger to their safety if England won the penalty shootout at European Championship Final. It happened on a sad day for England, in which there were’many deaths’.

An investigation into disgraceful scenes that marred the country’s debut in a final for 55 years found that they would have been worse had Gareth Southgate and his men lost to Italy.

According to the league, a number of close calls at Wembley Stadium might have caused serious injuries or even loss of life on an otherwise dark day.

Baroness Louise Casey also reviewed the situation and found that there was a collective failure to prepare for the thousands of ticketsless fans who flooded Wembley. The Football Association, Metropolitan Police, and other parties involved were all part of this review.

According to the report, 2,000 supporters without tickets managed to get into the main event in what was described by the report as “a perfect storm” of Covid and “national euphoria”.

Following heavy criticism of their involvement in the scenes, Baroness Casey called for FA’s intervention.  

A new report into the fan trouble at the Euro 2020 final has found 6,000 more supporters were ready to storm Wembley had England beaten Italy in the penalty shootout

According to a new investigation, 6,000 supporters were more likely to storm Wembley if England beat Italy in the penalty shootout.  

A group of football fans storm through the security barriers at Wembley as stewards desperately try to hold them back ahead of the European Championships final at Wembley

One group of football lovers storms through Wembley security barriers as they desperately attempt to stop them ahead of the European Championships final.

Since early morning, thousands of drug-addicted fans gathered in the shadows around the stadium. In chaos scenes, hundreds of people managed to sneak through security checks and make it to the turnstiles before the doors opened at 8pm.

According to the report, there were 17 incidents of mass breach of disabled access gates in subsequent years and numerous tailgates where people without tickets followed them through electronic turnstiles.

It also stated that the Three Lions’ spot-kick loss could have prevented disaster.

According to the review,’shockingly high levels of anti-social and criminal behaviour were apparent from very early on in the day. Agencies caught off guard and resulted a deployment of police that was deemed ‘too late.  

Huge crowds gathered outside Wembley, including many without tickets, before the final

Before the final, huge crowds assembled outside Wembley. Many of them were without tickets.

Fists fly: Ticketless fans got into altercations with others as they barged into the stadium

Fists fly: Ticketsless fans were involved in altercations as they tried to enter the stadium.

The statement added that there was an collective failure of organisations in the Euro 2020 Final planning to properly assess and minimize the risk from the large number of ticketsless supporters gathering at Wembley before the match.

“Stadium staff, stewards were applauded for their courage and ability to make quick decisions that could save lives.

However, Wembley’s security operation as well as the wider stewarding business were exposed.

The report states: ‘Overall, there was a lack of recognition that the final was more than a football match to be managed – it was an occasion of national significance.’

A crossbench peer, Baroness Casey called for greater enforcement power, which includes the ban on illegal drugs, smoke bombs and flares as well as on entering stadiums with no ticket. 

A mass of England fans outside the stadium pushed at the ticket barriers ahead of the match

An overwhelming number of England supporters pushed for the tickets at the gate in advance of the match.

Police form a line in front of the Wembley as thousands of fans descend upon the scene

An enviable police presence is seen in the Wembley area as fans arrive from thousands. 

She stated that she was certain there were near fatalities or life-altering injuries and that this could happen to any of the attendees. This should have happened anywhere in 21st-century Britain, which is cause for concern. This should take place at the national stadium and is unacceptable on the occasion of our largest game in football since 55 years.

After the publication of her report, she said: “The Euro 2020 final was potentially glorious but turned into a day national shame.” 

“Our 55-year-old team of role models was in the first major final. But they were crushed by drunken, ticketless and drugged-up thugs, who chose abuse of innocent, vulnerable and handicapped people along with police officers and Wembley staff. It was a horrible scene and dangerously close to placing lives at risk. 

“We’re truly lucky there wasn’t more serious injuries or worse. Therefore, we need to pursue those who feel that playing in a football game is an excuse for being like this. 

“I’m certain that those responsible for the problems at Wembley on that fateful day are the ones who were unable to control their behaviour and not anyone else who tried their best, but was thrown out of control by the crowd. 

With no police in sight, stewards try in vain to force them back but scores barge their way in

The police are nowhere to be seen, and stewards try unsuccessfully to make them return but the scores push their way in. 

“Nevertheless, there are lessons to learn and it’s right and admirable that the FA has commissioned this comprehensive review and fully engaged with it along with key partners such as the Police and the local council. Nobody was prepared for that fateful day. It cannot happen again. 

“That is why I made several recommendations to government, FA and other agencies. Our national team and the national game are worthy of better. 

The FA apologized for its part in the mess after the publication of this report.

Mark Bullingham, Chief Executive of the FA said that the FA had to apologise for the horrible experience many people endured at Wembley during what was supposed to be a historic evening for the game. The FA was shocked at the large crowd disturbances that occurred throughout the game on 11 July. 

“The review reveals that the conditions leading up to the match were characterized by lawlessness. This disgraceful behavior by thousands of ticketless supporters is not allowed to be addressed at any event.   

This must not happen again. Baroness Casey says that we must all look at any event of national importance as a new way forward.