It’s official.

David Beckham, the preening hypocrite celebrity who virtue-signals at all times and throws his morals out of the window for the huge payoff from an authoritarian regime is currently the biggest.

This weekend the man formerly known as Goldenballs will land in Doha as star guest at the Qatar Grand Prix as part of a £150 million pact to become the acceptable face of the Middle Eastern regime as it attempts to silence criticism of an appalling human rights record before it hosts the World Cup next year.

Becks is hopeful that we will all be able to ignore his hypocrisy regarding human rights, just as we have shrugged off his speeding, adultery and refusal to acknowledge he had a hair transplant.

But this vile ten-year deal – where he will be paid at least £15 million annually – is a bridge too far for me.

Beckham is allowed to take money in a country that has homosexuality punished by a three year sentence. Beckham claims to still be gay rights advocate, best friend of Elton John, and will put on Pride T-shirts for PR on Instagram.

There is now no bigger preening celebrity hypocrite on the planet than David Beckham, a bloke who will virtue-signal at every given opportunity and then throw his morals out the window in exchange for a gigantic payday from an authoritarian state, writes DAN WOOTTON

David Beckham is the greatest celebrity hypocrite in preening. This bloke will virtue-signal every opportunity, then dump his morals for a massive payday from an autoritarian state.

He can’t claim to be a feminist when he has partnered with an organization that requires women to get male approval before they can marry, travel or study. Female rape victims can also face up to seven years imprisonment for not having had sex outside of marriage.

He is a Unicef Ambassador, so how does he keep his face straight when Amnesty International’s recent report on Qatari treatment of migrants criticizes Qatari workers who are estimated to have perished building multibillion-pound stadiums in the 41.5-degree heat?

Beckham may know he doesn’t have the means, but the money is too tempting.

It is the wealthy celebrities who want more and more, regardless of what it costs them in reputation.

Beckham’s estimated fortune, according to the Sunday Times Rich List, is £380 million, with a £10 million pay boost in 2020 alone.

He owns a £31 million mansion in west London, another dream pad in the Cotswolds, a New York apartment and now a £19 million Florida penthouse, where he co-owns the £50 million Inter Miami soccer club.

Multi-million pound deals have been made with Guild Esports online gambling company, Adidas luxury watches company Tudor, Haig Club whisky brand Haig Club, and the insurance company AIA. 

This is before we mention his entertainment interests which include a deal for Disney+ to produce a reality TV show.

This weekend the man formerly known as Goldenballs will land in Doha as star guest at the Qatar Grand Prix as part of a £150 million pact to become the acceptable face of the Middle Eastern regime

This weekend the man formerly known as Goldenballs will land in Doha as star guest at the Qatar Grand Prix as part of a £150 million pact to become the acceptable face of the Middle Eastern regime

Also, he isn’t obligated to work for another dollar as long as his family exists.

What would drive him further to tarnish his reputation with such a shaming relationship with Qatar? It is greed.

Shame on Victoria, his wife, for approving such an arrangement. 

Was Posh Spice able to spread the Girl Power message 25 years ago?

Beckham’s real colours are not new to us.

The Beckileaks email trove – illegally released in 2017 – showed his callousness while negotiating his charity work, expecting Unicef to pay for private jets and business class flights for associates so he didn’t have to dip into his own fortune.

In one exchange about a £1 million donation for a Unicef dinner, he wrote: ‘I don’t want to put my personal money into this cause. 

Becks hopes we'll all turn a blind eye to his human rights hypocrisy

Becks hopes that we will all be blind to his hypocrisy regarding human rights

This is like pouring my own money into the fund. The money wouldn’t be mine if there wasn’t a fund. This f***ing money is mine.’

He also railed about his former friend, who was awarded government honors. He was singing at the rugby, going to the troops and also taking coke. F***ing joke.’

Becks will be leaving Qatar with the Qatar Deal, meaning he is likely to say goodbye to the opportunity to receive a knighthood. This would give him an additional boost to his enormous ego.

Beckham, despite pressure international from human rights organizations, has so far remained silent about Qatar’s human rights violations.

He revealed to him that Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, the leader of Qatar was a friend during a previous visit. The goal is to be happy and arrive at a destination.

When asked about his recent state visit, during which he was flown by private plane, his PR team refused to answer questions regarding the persecution of homosexual people, women, and migrants.

Instead, they said in a statement: ‘David has been visiting Qatar regularly for over a decade and … has seen the passion for football in the country and the long-term commitment that’s been made to hosting the World Cup and delivering a lasting legacy for the region. 

“He has always spoken of the power and potential for positive change in football on so many levels.

That’s what you should tell the homosexuals and the rape victims locked up, or to Becks’s families who are the relatives of the migrant workers that have died.

This deal does not relate to the World Cup. It is with Qatar.

Let me clear, I don’t want to cancel David Beckham – he can do what the hell he wants to earn even more money. He has every right to do so.

However, I don’t want the society to place this person, who has no morality and brain power at all, again on any kind of moral pedestal.

He should never preach on human rights, or urge us to help a humanitarian cause.

His shady dealings with Qatar show that he really cares only about his bank account.