First, let me say emphatically that JK Rowling has never been friends with or allies of mine.

In 2018, I was critical of Harry Potter for her being an Hollywood hypocrite in the #MeToo movement. I had to fight Johnny Depp in court.

This column was headlined on my old newspaper’s website by “Gone Potty,” which asked JK Rowling how she could be so happy to play Johnny Depp, the wife-beater. I asked the Potter creator a variety of questions. These were your challenges and what did you do to overcome them.

Rowling actually threatened to sue me at one stage.

A column I wrote in 2018 criticising JK Rowling (pictured) for being a Hollywood hypocrite over the #MeToo movement resulted in my lengthy court battle with Johnny Depp

My column in 2018 criticizing JK rowling (pictured) as a Hollywood hypocrite regarding the #MeToo movement led me to lengthy litigation with Johnny Depp.

It was so bizarre that she didn’t realize that I suggested that Depp be recast in movies because it would “show that she is a woman who has character and principles, regardless of her celebrity friends”.

But I held my nerve – aware the facts were on my side – and the very rich Scottish author eventually relented, with a few tough words from her over-paid lawyer thrown my way.

Depp refused to relent. As you might recall, he lost the court case even though Amber Heard, his ex-wife, agreed to testify for me. She documented his horrific record of mental abuse and physical abuse.

Amber and me offered to go to Rowling’s house separately, to share our findings about Depp’s behavior. Rowling declined to listen to us.

It was obvious to me that her close friendship with Depp – an actor who she idolised – had overshadowed principle on this issue, disappointing for someone who is undoubtedly an advocate for female victims of abuse, given she is one herself.

After Depp’s humiliation in court, Rowling became chastened and had to force Depp from the Fantastic Beasts franchise. This was something she oughta have done.

Despite that somewhat chequered history, I have become convinced these past two years that Rowling is one of our greatest Britons – and that verdict has nothing to do with child wizards in round spectacles.

Rather, it’s because Rowling has been prepared to give up virtually everything she previously prized – including being a pin-up for the entertainment establishment – to stand up for the rights of women everywhere, with a nuanced but supportive view of the trans community that just so happens to go against the liberal orthodoxy.

I'm more than happy to forget her blind spot over Johnny Depp (pictured) because she's become an unquestionable force behind fact-based feminism to protect the rights of women

It’s a shame that she isn’t able to see Johnny Depp, but I can’t help but be happy to forgive her for being blindsided by him. She’s a force behind fact-based Feminism in order to preserve women’s rights. 

She witnessed first-hand the hypocrisy of Hollywood through her painful cancellation. Nearly all showbiz figures have turned their back on one the most well-known stars in order to avoid the social media hatred mob.

Even Harry Potter movie franchise stars, such as Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe, would not have made it without Emma Watson.

Rowling was exempted from the HBO Max reunion, and Rowling’s name was removed by her trailer for Fantastic Beasts 2.

Today, the MailOnline revealed that she was cancelled by an Essex secondary school that specializes in performing arts.

Boswells School, Chelmsford removed Rowling from the title of one of their houses due to her comments and views surrounding trans people. This was in response to’requests by students and staff.

In a newsletter, the school added: ‘Her views on this issue do not align with our school policy and school beliefs – a place where people are free to be.’

But one parent quite rightly fumed: ‘This is censorship – JK Rowling is a good example of achievement through adversity. It wasn’t everyone who thought she should go. Unfortunately, there are many schools doing the exact same thing.

This house was renamed in honor of Dame Kelly Holmes, an Olympic champion in athletics.

Which is ironic in itself, given that Holmes has also been criticised for supporting a campaign in 2019 that said sportswomen were at a clear disadvantage against trans competitors – another common sense position that has been weaponised by trans activists.

I think it is only a matter time until Holmes is fired and replaced with Eddie Izzard.

What are the heinous views which have rendered Rowling non-grata in polite society’s eyes?

Well, she mocked openly the June 2020 article which described women as ‘people that menstruate’.

Rowling (pictured with Daniel Radcliffe in 2011) has learnt how hypocritical Hollywood can be; virtually every showbiz industry figure has turned its back on her to protect themselves

Rowling, pictured in 2011, with Daniel Radcliffe

She believes that biological sex is the best.

Like Robert Winston, the scientist who was hated for declaring that ‘you can’t change your sex’, the truth is your sex exists in every cell of your body.

Rowling is also a firm believer in protecting women from the men who use certain areas like change rooms or toilets.

Why then would you refer to her online as transphobic when so many others have done the same?

Because they’re intellectually dishonest.

Rowling made it clear that ‘trans people matter’ and that ‘trans rights can be protected.

Recent clarifications were made by her, writing that “Small but significant point: I have not said there are only 2 genders”. There are many gender identities.

“The core of the debate revolves around whether gender identity or sex should determine the basis for decisions regarding safeguarding, provision and/or sporting categories as well as other areas in which women and girls are currently protected and have legal rights.

The central question of this discussion is obscured by the interchangeability between the words “sex” and “gender”.

Let’s face it, JK Rowling is the only human being who can defeat the current society’s obsessiveness with cancel culture.

After becoming a staunch advocate for women, and no longer an elite member of the liberal establishment who enjoys champagne-sipping at exclusive events attended by multimillionaires with high net worth, she should be taken seriously by all those in power.

Even Harry Potter film franchise stars like Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson (pictured), who all would have been no-marks without her, don't want to be associated anymore

Even Harry Potter movie franchise stars, like Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe (pictured), would be no-marks without Emma Watson.

The numerous offers to cancel her make her a stronger champion for females all over the globe.

Ordinary people love and respect her, despite their attempts to silence them.

The Guardian paper’s far-left extremists removed an online poll asking its readers to name their 2021 Person of Year after Rowling was submitted.

The 13 winners had to be explained by the judges when they announced the results.

Rowling is able to offer a huge platform which renders her ineligible.

Twitter has more than 14 million of her followers. She selectively posts controversial views that are just common sense.

It’s possible, I believe that Rowling may be remembered as more than the author of the most-sold book series in decades.

She will be remembered as an authentic feminist, who stood up against all those who tried to take away the rights of women adult females to freedom and protection.

Because she has become unquestionable force for fact-based feministism to defend women’s rights, I am more than happy to overlook her bias over Johnny Depp.