Danny Masterson, his legal problems continue to escalate and he was seen doing errands close to his California wine country home in photos never before published by DailyMail.com

Photographs taken in October show The That 70s Show alumnus, 45, and devout Scientologist near his Santa Ynez retreat. He and Bijou Phillips have been huddled up there since then. 

Masterson, who is being accused of rape with five women by Masterson, is currently held on $3.3million bail and awaiting his trial for sexual assault charges. If convicted, Masterson could spend 45 to 60 years in prison.  

Four of his five accusers are involved in a civil harassment lawsuit and three are part of an ongoing criminal trial. Masterson denies all allegations.   

Danny Masterson was seen coming out of hiding for the first time in almost six months in late October ahead of his upcoming trial on rape charges

Danny Masterson, who was about to stand trial on rape allegations in his next trial in October, was seen emerging from hiding in late Oct.

The That 70s Show alum has been on a $3.3M bail while awaiting trial on rape charges that could see him serve 45 years to life in prison if convicted

Danny Masterson

A $3.3M bond was placed on the That 70s Show alumni while he awaits trial on charges of rape. He could be sentenced to 45 years or more in prison for his conviction.

The actor and his wife Bijou Phillips, 41, fled to their wine country retreat in Santa Ynez in Santa Barbara County, where they own a sprawling estate, amid his mounting legal woes

Bijou Phillips (41), actor, and Bijou Phillips fled to Santa Ynez, Santa Barbara County where they have a large estate.

The actor’s harassment case against Scientology leaders and his victims has been reopened by a California appeals court.  

After revealing their accusations, the women accused the church with hiring people to photograph, follow and tap them and then hack their email and security systems.

The church left poisoned rat poison on the dog’s lawn, according to one of her neighbors.  

According to Los Angeles Times, the four women and their husband filed civil harassment suit in 2019. However, the church claimed that the woman, along with the one-year-old, had signed settlement agreements when they joined Scientology. 

An earlier trial judge had ruled that harassment cases must be decided by the Scientologists panel because the arbitration agreement was final.

The unearthed photos come as a California appeals court ruled Masterson's accusers would not have to go through arbitration with the Church of Scientology over their allegations, meaning their harassment lawsuit against him and other leaders of the controversial religion can go ahead

Masterson’s accusers won’t have to undergo arbitration with Scientology due to their accusations. The court also ruled that Masterson can proceed with his harassment lawsuit against other members of the controversial religion.

Masterson appeared to have put on weight from his last public appearance, which was back in May during a court appearance in LA

 Masterson appeared to have put on weight from his last public appearance, which was back in May during a court appearance in LA

The actor and his wife have been seen wearing their wedding rings amid the scandal

During the scandal, actor James and his wife were seen with their wedding rings.

Masterson, who starred in the hit TV comedy That 70s Show, is accused of rape by five women but denies all charges

Masterson is being accused by five women of raping him, but he denies any charges

Although the appellate court was in favor of the trial court on appeal, the California Supreme Court required that the appeals judge reconsider.

The court decided Thursday that the women are entitled to a First Amendment right of leaving a religion and that they do not have to be arbitrated to address allegations that were made against them after they had left the church. 

“We believe that petitioners were free to terminate their association with the Church at any time. They are not subject to the dispute resolution procedures of the Church to settle the claims here. These claims, which stem from alleged tortious conduct following their separation, do not affect the resolution of ecclesiastical questions. 

“We issue a notice directing the court to cancel its order for arbitration, and to instead deny the motion.”

Masterson and Phillips (41), fled to Santa Ynez where they owned a large estate. They also had their one child, Fianna (7), with them. 

Actress and model Bijou, who wed Masterson in 2011 and is also a Scientologist, has been wearing her wedding ring the whole time though and for his outing on October 31, 2021 her husband also wore his

Bijou Phillips

Bijou, an actress and model who was married to Masterson in 2011, was seen stepping out at Santa Ynez, California in September wearing green riding pants and black riding boots, as well as a grey and blue top.

Phillips, seen grocery shopping in Santa Ynez in September, has been holed up with her husband and their only child, daughter Fianna, seven

Phillips was spotted grocery shopping in Santa Ynez, September. Since then, Phillips has been living with her husband and only child Fianna.

Masterson has been married to actress Bijou Phillips since 2011. She has defended Masterson as well as her father, John Phillips of the Mamas & the Papas, against rape accusations

Masterson is married to Bijou Phillips, actress since 2011. She has defended Masterson as well as her father, John Phillips of the Mamas & the Papas, against rape accusations

Bijou, an actor and model, married Masterson, in 2011. Bijou is also Scientologist. 

His last public appearance was in May 2021, during which he appeared to have gained weight. 

Onlookers reported that he met Bijou and passed her horse equipment before heading towards an office building, where he then stopped to grab a Starbucks.