Daunte Frank Wright terrorized his neighborhood for many years before he was killed and shot by Kim Potter of the Minnesota Police Department. His victims and families suffered a lifetime worth trauma and pain.

DailyMail.com is able to exclusively reveal that Wright was a victim of violence and crime through interviews and court records. He had been involved in shooting two school buddies, a burglary at home, and assaulted and robbed an innocent young lady.  

Wright, 20, was shot dead on April 11 after officer Kim Potter reached for her gun instead of her taser during a botched traffic stop in Brooklyn Center.

Potter (49) was found guilty Thursday afternoon of two charges for manslaughter. 

Anger at the police shooting that resulted in death had erupted for many days in Minneapolis.

Daunte Wright had led a life of crime and violence in the years before his death, DailyMail.com can reveal

DailyMail.com can confirm that Daunte Wright lived a life full of violence and crime in the years prior to his death.

The 20-year-old had numerous brushes with the law for firearm offenses, burglary, and assault, according to court documents

Pictured: Wright posing with a gun in an undated social media photo

Court documents show that Wright had multiple encounters with the law regarding firearm offenses as well as burglary and assault. Pictured is Wright holding a gun in an undated social media photo

Wright’s passing is for many a reminder of the suffering and pain he has caused to his victims. 

“He is an evil person.” Jennifer LeMay, an exclusive interviewee, stated that he is worse than a monster and a waste space.

Caleb, her 18-year-old son, was allegedly left with permanent disabilities after Wright, his longtime friend, shot him in a gas station. Wright then died two years later.    

In May 2018, a lawsuit was filed for her son. It describes the tragic events that occurred at Full Stop on May 14, 2019, outside of a convenience store and gas station. 

Wright was charged with discharge of a firearm against Caleb, striking Caleb with a single shot that bulled into the head. This caused serious injury and disabling.

Daunte Wright pictured in his mugshot

Daunte Wayne pictured in hismugshot 

His mom was told by doctors that he would not survive the next 24 hours. However, the teenager miraculously survived after seven months of being in hospital. 

LeMay claims that Wright fired a shot at Caleb’s head in front, and then ripped through his skull to leave it there. 

“Daunte killed my son and left me to die,” she stated. Caleb was almost killed six times while in the hospital due to his injuries.

LeMay claimed that Caleb and Wright were best friends once upon a time. He had slept over at Wright’s place when he was 13 years old. 

‘The younger Daunte, which I had known, was a good child. “I never saw any red flags,” she stated. 

Caleb, his mother and eventually Caleb split. The Chicago region in 2018 

Caleb maintained contact with his Minneapolis friend. LeMay stated that it was during this period LeMay began hearing from his son concerning Daunte. “He fled from his home, and one time he spat on his dad.

Caleb returned to Minneapolis several months later to see family and stopped at a gas station to get some fuel when Wright shot him in the head.

LeMay stated that she was told by people living in the vicinity that Daunte had admitted to some friends that he did have a gun and that he only wanted to terrorize Caleb. However, the gun was ‘accidentally’ discharged. 

Among his victims is Caleb Livingston (pictured with his mother Jennifer LeMay) who was left permanently disabled after being shot in the head by Wright in 2019

Caleb Livingston was among his victims (pictured with Jennifer LeMay, his mother) after Wright shot him in his head in 2019. 

According to legal filings, Wright shot Caleb outside a Full Stop convenience store and gas station on May 14, 2019

Legal filings show that Wright shot Caleb in the face outside Full Stop gas station and convenience store on May 14, 2019. 

Caleb before the shooting

LeMay (pictured) told DailyMail.com her son was good friends with Wright at one point. She believes Wright shot Caleb as an act of revenge after the two got into a physical altercation days earlier

LeMay said that Wright was once good friends with her son. According to LeMay, Wright may have shot Caleb because he was vengeful for an altercation they had days prior. Caleb prior to the shooting

“I’m not sure you could accidentally shoot someone,” she said. The mom stated that she didn’t believe it. 

LeMay stated that she learned later that Caleb and Daunte had been in a fight a few days before, which led her to believe Caleb was getting the better of Daunte.  

She is now confined to a wheelchair because her son has suffered from trauma brain injury and respiratory arrest. His speech and movement are limited, as he can no longer walk or talk.

Caleb is dependent on 24-hour care. He requires constant attention,’ LeMay said. 

“He must be lifted up and down from his wheelchair into his bed. Ciroc, his 12-year old pit bull terrier called Ciroc, is his companion.

He’ll be 19 soon, so he shouldn’t be dating or having a great time. Instead, he’s stuck in his chair and bed. 

She wept, explaining that ‘He will never get married, he won’t be able have children or drive a vehicle, and most importantly, he won’t ever tell us how much he loves again.  

LeMay said that “Daunte made a difference in Caleb’s life and the lives of everyone else around him,” 

Wright wasn’t charged or arrested for shooting Caleb. 

Wright’s mother claimed that Wright had been shot and killed by the local police. 

Caleb son now suffers from traumatic brain injury and respiratory arrest, and is bound to a wheelchair. He can't speak, or walk, and has limited movement in his limbs

Caleb’s son is now paralysed from the back because of traumatic brain injury. Caleb is unable to speak or move and his movement has been limited.

LeMay said her son requires 24/7/365 care and can no longer do anything on his own

LeMay stated that her son needs 24/7/365 care because he can’t do it all on his own.

Caleb has a service dog, a 12-year-old pit bull terrier named Ciroc that stays by his side most of the time

Caleb is accompanied by a pit bull terrier called Ciroc, who is 12 years old.

“The local police didn’t really work very hard for my son’s cause. According to my information, they have not spoken with any person on this case since May 15, 2019, according to their best knowledge.

“Technically, the case remains open. But they won’t solve it.”

LeMay now claims her son won’t get justice because Wright has died. 

LeMay was relieved to hear that his body had been found. Then she felt anger. 

She stated, “I’m mad as hell he died,” “I feel mixed emotions regarding his death. Part of me is happy knowing that he won’t be able ever to cause harm to anyone again, like he did to my son. 

“But then the other side is furious. Kim Potter murdered him and took everything that could have been done to make him a criminal. 

“Now there won’t ever be justice for my kid, my son doesn’t deserve such a type of life.”

LeMay stated that she would be dismayed if Potter was acquitted. She added: “She’s an experienced police officer. She should know the difference between a taser or a gun.” 

Wright, she believes, would be still alive today if it wasn’t for his run from police.

LeMay stated that if Potter is found guilty of murdering Daunte in a jury trial, at least his parents would be able to get justice. Justice I will never receive. 

Daunte Wright was never arrested or charged with shooting Caleb Livingston. However, court records show he had an outstanding warrant at the time of his death for missing a court appearance on separate firearms charges

Daunte Wright was never arrested or charged with shooting Caleb Livingston. Court records indicate that he was on an unpaid warrant for failing to appear in court on two separate firearms charges at the time of Livingston’s death. 


On social media, Wright often shared photos posing with firearms or wads of cash

 On social media, Wright often shared photos posing with firearms or wads of cash

Daunte had a short life expectancy and lived a simple lifestyle. He would either be executed, imprisoned or killed. He was inexcusable at every level. 

“You live by your sword, you die by it.” He has destroyed many lives. Karma’s a b***h, ain’t it?’ She added.  

LeMay said that her heart breaks for the family of the young man who lost their child. 

“But at least Daunte could give them a son, which is something I won’t experience from mine,” she said. 

Wright was killed just as Derek Chauvin, another white officer in the nearby Minneapolis trial for George Floyd murder. This caused unrest. 

LeMay stated that Wright is a martyr or a hero. She also said they are disappointed to see him compared with Floyd.

“He’s not George Floyd.” He was someone I had the pleasure of knowing and who I have interacted with on occasions. George was gentle, didn’t harm anyone and didn’t shoot anyone.

For all the people that believe Daunte to be a saint, I invite them to take a walk with me or my son for 24 hours to see what it’s like to suffer from his criminal acts.

“I thank God that Daunte did nothing to their child like he did mine.” 

Wright died months later, but a second woman, identified as “C.V.,” (crime victim), sued Wright’s estate for assault and battery and sexual assault. Wright was also accused of intentional infliction emotional distress.

Facebook posts from 2015 show Wright had complained about getting in trouble at home and at school

Wright complained in Facebook about being troubled at home and school, according to 2015 posts.

Potter, a 26-year veteran in the force, claims she accidentally shot Daunte Wright when she reached for her gun instead of her taser during a traffic stop over his expired plates in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota

Daunte Wright, 20, was pulled over for having an air freshener hanging from his rearview mirror and expired license plate tags

Former police officer Kim Potter, a 26-year veteran in the force, claims she accidentally shot Daunte Wright (right) when she reached for her gun instead of her taser during a traffic stop over his expired plates in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota on April 11

Interview with DailyMail.com: She described Wright’s alleged robbery and assault of her by his friend in 2019. 

While she did not mind her photo showing her face, she requested that Wright’s associates keep her name secret for fear of reprisal. 

CV claimed that on the 30th of November 2019, she and her roommate, Osseo were hanging out and inviting Emajay, their friend via Snapchat.   

She said that she knew Emajay, and believed he was okay. 

CV stated that Driver responded by saying that he was bringing Daunte along, a friend she doesn’t know.  

Dailymail.com obtained a report from a police station stating that Wright and Driver were driven to CV’s one-bedroom apartment by an unknown driver at around 10:15 on Sunday.  

Wright and Driver went into CV’s house and enjoyed music, games, marijuana, and alcohol. The conversation was about relationships. CV mentioned to Wright that he had an abusive ex-boyfriend. 

CV was told by Wright that Wright felt offended by men who abuse women and should be sent to prison.

CV added, “After Daunte had told me this, I felt a lot more comfortable around him.”

A woman identified only as 'C.V.' said Wright assaulted her and held her at gunpoint during an incident in December 2019

A female identified as “C.V.” Wright, a man identified only as ‘C.V.’, assaulted the woman and kept her prisoner during an incident December 2019, according to Wright. 

At around 2:30am, CV’s roommate wanted to go to bed  because she had to get up early for work. CV was in bed in his bedroom, and she slept on the couch in the living area.

“I asked Emajaye and Daunte when they planned to leave, and they said they were still waiting for their ride. 

“Another short while later Daunte went outside to look for their car. A few minutes later, Daunte returned inside to bring food for Emajay and him. 

“They informed me that they couldn’t pick them up from their vehicle because of the snow outside and cold. They were allowed to stay the night at my apartment, so I decided to let them.

CV claimed that Wright and Driver were both asleep on her floor. She slept in her bedroom alone. They were both gentlemanly all night, she stated. 

“I waited until they fell asleep before going to bed. I didn’t know what would happen next at that point. 

CV was told by her roommate that her apartmentmate would take her to the ATM so she could pay half the rent. CV had reminded her roommate the night before that rent was due the following morning. Wright and Driver may have overheard the conversation. 

A civil suit obtained by DailyMail.com describes how Wright and his friend allegedly robbed and assaulted CV after the came over to her apartment in Osseo, Minnesota

DailyMail.com obtained a civil suit detailing how Wright and his friend assaulted and robbed CV, after they came to her Osseo apartment. 

Wright and his friend were hanging out at CV's apartment where they listened to music, played games, and smoked marijuana and drank alcohol on November 30

Wright and his friend were visiting CV’s apartment, listening to music and playing games. They also consumed alcohol and smoked cannabis on November 30, 2012.

The situation took a violent turn the following day, when Wright pulled a gun and demanded CV hand over the rent money she was due to pay

After Wright pulled out a gun, Wright demanded CV turn over her rent money. 

CV stated that Wright commented that he didn’t need to work that day. Driver turned to him and suggested that they ‘hit some spots’. This is the slang term for robbery. But she dismissed it as a joke.  

She asked the men again when they were going to be leaving as she noticed they were procrastinating at that point and claimed to be waiting for their ride. 

CV stated that he was too busy to pay attention to the situation because he was getting ready for departure. 

Prior to leaving she made the following: She took $820 in rent money cash and put it inside her bra. 

But just as they were all walking to the door to exit the apartment, Wright turned around and blocked the door and pulled out a black handgun and pointed it at victim and demanded the rent money.  

According to CV, Wright pointed his gun at her and kept saying: ‘I know you have the money, give me the f**king money, we know you have the money, that is what we are here for.’ 

I looked at Emajay then and said, “Are your kidding me?” 

Emajay said then to her, “No, listen to me.” Don’t listen to him, do exactly what he said. 

“He pointed his gun at me, just a few yards away. I looked down at the barrel of his gun. “I looked at him in the eyes, and all I could see was darkness and pure evil,” CV stated. 

North Oaks Manor in Osseo, Minnesota, where both Daunte Wright and Emajay Driver were alleged to have committed armed robbery

North Oaks Manor is located in Osseo Minnesota. This manor was where Daunte Wright, and Emajay Driving, were both allegedly involved in armed robbery

“I asked him whether taking my life for more than $800 was worth going to jail for the rest your life. 

“After that, he placed the gun to his side and began to choke me with one hand for approximately 10 seconds. 

“I fell to the ground on my knees trying to get free. He was shouting at me, “Stop! Stop! I was hoping that my neighbors would notice.”

Wright was told by Emajay that Wright had the money in her bra. CV managed to break free for one more time, but Wright then grabbed Wright’s shirt and pulled it apart in her bra to find the money.

Then she broke her free, but this time it was not clear if any of the money had been lost.

After grabbing me around the neck once more, Daunte started to choke and I yelled: “I don’t own the money.” 

Driver finally opened the doors and CV pursued them, believing that they had stolen CV’s money.

CV took CV to a waiting vehicle, and CV returned her home. CV later found the money in her bra side pocket. 

Driver and Wright were later arrested.  

CV claimed that the trauma of that night continues to haunt her even two years after it happened. “I have nightmares even though my husband is gone. Therapy is what I go to for PTSD.

Driver pleaded guilty to the crime, and served his sentence in jail. Wright was still awaiting his trial on aggravated burglary at the time of Wright’s death. 

The Osseo Police Department incident reports indicate that Daunte Wright is a known Loud Pack member.

CV stated, “When I heard the news about Daunte’s death, my heart sink, and I replayed that moment when he shot me in the head.” 

“I was relieved, because I knew that he couldn’t hurt me again. Part of me wanted to confront Daunte in a trial, where I could share what happened to me and the trauma he caused me. 

Pictured: Dallas Bryant (left) brother of Daunte Wright walking with Emajay Driver (right), into the Hennepin County Government Center during Kim Potter's trial

Pictured: Dallas Bryant, brother to Daunte Wright, walking along with Emajay driver (right) into the Hennepin County Government Center during Kim Potter’s trial 

Driver (right) pleaded guilty to charges relating to the 2019 incident and served time in jail. At the time of his death Wright was awaiting trial for aggravated robbery

Driver (right) has pleaded guilty in connection to the 2019 incident. He was also sentenced. Wright was still awaiting his trial on aggravated robbery.

“I will not have that opportunity now, he won’t be held criminally responsible for the things he did to my body.”

She said, “He is an evil human being and a monster.” He is the most evil of all the bad. He is not one to be celebrated or looked up to.

CV stated that she believes both sides will be unhappy regardless of what verdict is rendered in Potter’s case.

DailyMail.com also reveals that Julian Manjo was also a victim of Daunte Frank after the teenager broke into Manjo’s home while he wasn’t there.

Manjo revealed in an interview with DailyMail.com that Wright’s son used to play basketball together. Although Wright was not the closest friend, Manjo stated that they were still good friends.

DailyMail.com can also reveal Julian Manjo became another victim of Daunte Wright after the then-teenager broke into his house while he was at home

DailyMail.com also reveals that Julian Manjo was another victim to Daunte Wright. The teenager broke into Manjo’s home while he wasn’t there.

“I treated Daunte as a child when he visited.” Wright and Manjo would often visit their home together on occasion. 

“Daunte would arrive at our house after basketball practice or a game and wait till his parents came to get him.”

DailyMail.com has exclusive access to court documents that state that Wright, then 17, rang his home’s doorbell one day. But Manjo saw through the window on the main floor and realized it was his son. He didn’t respond.

Wright then walked to the back of the house, and Manjo did not answer.

Manjo said that Wright then walked to the bathroom window which wasn’t locked and Manjo followed him. The screen window was removed and placed against the neighbor’s garage.

Wright returned to the back door, knocking on it repeatedly more times.  He was not answered so he went back to the bathroom and opened the door.

Manjo said that Wright was confronted at that point. Manjo claimed that Daunte then ran to the bathroom and slammed the door behind. He crawled back from the bathroom window.

Manjo stated that Wright had taken the knife from his home, and he ran to meet him outside. Wright was walking casually away from his house at this point, and Manjo caught him up. He tried not to appear too obvious.

Pictured: Manjo's Minneapolis home that was burglarized by Daunte Wright in 2017

Pictured is Manjo’s Minneapolis residence that Daunte Wright burglarized in 2017.

Wright was charged with felony 1st degree burglary of an occupied dwelling after climbing through the bathroom window of Manjo's home, according to documents

 Wright was charged with felony 1st degree burglary of an occupied dwelling after climbing through the bathroom window of Manjo’s home, according to documents

“I met him at the station and said, “I know you” and that I was going to report you to police.

“He said nothing, but he ran down the alley.”

Wright was then charged with the felony of 1st Degree Burglary in an Occupied House.

DailyMail.com obtained a mental health evaluation order that stated that the patient had anxiety symptoms and disruptive behavior disorder, including lying, stealing, aggression, and academic issues. They recommended that he be considered for correctional placement.

Following several missed court dates, warrants and delays, he spent some time in a juvenile center and was then ordered to undergo family functional therapy.

Manjo said, “I do not have an opinion on the Kim Potter case, but my case against Daunte was over. It’s finished.”

“But, I will admit that I’m extremely disappointed in him.

Wright was in an additional incident only three weeks before his shooting death. 

A civil suit claims that he and an accomplice were responsible for the murder of Joshua Hodges, his former classmate. It occurred on March 21st 2021. 

According to the lawsuit, Hodges was alone in his vehicle near a residence when Wright and another unnamed accomplice approached him. They attempted to take his car.

Hodges was shot in the leg below by his accomplices. The artery caused severe bleeding and resulted in Hodges’ lengthy hospital stay. 

Wright then ran over to Hodges as he was suffering from gunshot wounds and started to attack him. This caused severe facial, oral, and tooth injuries. Wright then retreated to his car. Hodges’ wallet, cellphone and car were taken.

According to the lawsuit, Wright had a long criminal history. Wright was not charged nor arrested in the case.

Michael Padden, Attorney, is representing Livingston, CV, Hodges and Livingston.  

DailyMail.com: He said that the lawsuits were meant to hold Daunte Wayne accountable for his crimes. 

“We believe that the Wright estate will give us financial and legal compensation.”