A 16-year old boy dies with a heart of gold. The family is ‘devastated.’ Boys aged 15 and 16 face charges of murder

  • Ramarni Crosby, the family of Ramani Crosby who was killed in a car accident today paid tribute.
  • 16-year-old Crosby died on December 15 after being stabbed multiple times
  • Today, the family of his deceased father, Gloucestershire resident, has stated that his death left a “void.”

Ramarni Crosby’s family paid tribute to Ramarni, a 16-year old victim of a tragic teenage murder.

Marni, a teenager from Frampton on Severn, was stabbed multiple times in the neck on December 15. He died at Stratton Road in Gloucester. The incident ended in his death.

Ramarni’s relatives spoke out in a police statement about the “void” left by his death.

They said, “We’re unable to express the grief caused by Ramarni’s death,”

The family of murdered teenager Ramarni Crosby (pictured) have paid tribute to the 16-year-old with 'a heart of gold'

Ramarni Crosby, the family of Ramarni Crosby who was murdered as a teenager (pictured), has paid tribute with “a heart of Gold” to their 16-year-old loved one.

Ramarni was an adorable, happy and cheeky little boy who loved to laugh. He grew into a gentle, kind young man of whom we are proud.

“He was a kind and generous grandson, friend, and nephew.

Ramarni was an extraordinary person. He was kind, generous and able to make your day brighter.

Marni’s family stated that Marni’s death will be felt “every second” of each day.

They added that they were “absolutely devastated” and could not comprehend the senseless and cruel way Ramarni was killed.

Crosby (pictured) suffered multiple stab wounds on the evening of December 15 in Stratton Road, Gloucester. He died at the scene

Crosby (pictured) suffered multiple stab wounds on the evening of December 15 in Stratton Road, Gloucester. On the spot, Crosby died.

“We were robbed from his future, and our lives won’t be the same.”

“His loss will always be felt, and every anniversary, birthday, or other event, will serve as a reminder of this brilliant young man we lost.”

Ramarni’s assassination was committed by three teenage boys, aged 15-16 and 17.

Later in the month, they will be appearing at Bristol Crown Court.