The ‘defenceless toddler’ died after he was hit with a series of horrific injuries. His mother is on trial and his partner for murder.

Kemarni Watson Daby, aged three, was accused of being repeatedly assaulted and was declared ‘lifeless by paramedics’ on June 5, 2018, at a West Bromwich flat, Sandwell.

Birmingham Crown Court prosecutors stated to court that the toddler suffered a violent forceful assault resulting from’multiple fractures in his skeleton. These were similar to the results of a road traffic accident.

According to the court, the boy suffered “horrific injuries” in the three months preceding his death.

'Defenceless' toddler Kemarni Watson Darby (pictured), three, suffered alleged repeated assaults and was found 'lifeless' by paramedics on June 5, 2018 at a flat in West Bromwich, Sandwell

‘Defenceless’ toddler Kemarni Watson Darby (pictured), three, suffered alleged repeated assaults and was found ‘lifeless’ by paramedics on June 5, 2018 at a flat in West Bromwich, Sandwell

His mother, Alicia Watson (30), of Raglan Road in Handsworth and Nathaniel Pope (31), of Evans Street, Wolverhampton – who was at that time her partner – are on trial at Birmingham Crown Court for murder.

They both deny multiple charges of child cruelty and murder.

Tony Badenoch QC, Prosecutor for the prosecution stated to the court that the injuries sustained by the boy cannot be explained as ‘usual rough & tumble bruising of a child’. Some injuries may have required stamping ‘if it was laying up with a shod feet’.

The injuries caused him to suffer a severe internal bleeding that ultimately resulted his death. 

Mr Badenoch said: ‘It was a brutal act perpetrated on a wholly defenceless three-year-old.

The force needed to cause such injuries would have led to extreme fear and pain. Kemarni would be extremely scared and distraught throughout the assault.

Kemarni was not able to climb stairs or walk normally without getting in trouble. Kemarni’s adult caregivers would be aware.   

The court was told how family members discovered bruising on the child’s body in the weeks leading up to his death, but they were blamed on Kemarni ‘fighting’ with other children, Birmingham Live reports.          

The case was opened by Mr Badenoch yesterday. He stated: “Urgent medical aid was called at 3.49pm in order to attend to Kemarni at the two-bed West Bromwich apartment. Kemarni was declared dead by paramedics upon his arrival.

Watson was performing CPR, and it was observed that she was very distressed.

“The man who was in the flat and sat in a close-knit chair next to Kemarni did not speak or do anything. Kermani Watson darby, who was found dead in strange circumstances

“The efforts made to save Kemarni’s existence proved futile and his suicide was declared at 5.05pm the same day.”

Kemarni suffered multiple fractures in his rib cage and wounds to both his colon and liver.

Kemarni's (pictured) mother Alicia Watson, 30, of Raglan Road, Handsworth, and Nathaniel Pope, 31, of Evans Street, Wolverhampton - who was her partner at the time - are standing trial for murder at Birmingham Crown Court. They both deny murder and multiple child cruelty charges.

Kemarni (pictured) is currently being tried for murder by Birmingham Crown Court. She was accompanied at the time by Alicia Watson (30, Raglan Road), Handsworth), and Nathaniel Pope (31, Evans Street, Wolverhampton). Both deny multiple charges of child cruelty and murder.

His lungs, nose, throat, lips, neck, shoulders, stomach, and back were all exposed to bruising.

A stomach trauma caused fatal internal bleeding, according to court records.

Mr Badenoch said: ‘[A pathologist]Kemarni was subject to horrific injuries on both the day of that incident and earlier.

“The injuries could be seen both on the surface of the skin and inside when an internal post-mortem exam was performed.

The injuries included multiple fractures in his skeleton.

“There wasn’t any evidence that his body, blood structure, or small frame made him more susceptible to these types of injuries. His three-year old self was normal. He had a mischievous and boisterous disposition. 

The child was not beaten in the rough and tumble way that is common with playgrounds or bumps.

Jurors heard that the couple failed to take care of the child, which would have made it impossible for him to defend himself against multiple attacks.

Badenoch stated that his multiple fractures of his skull and his internal injuries to his body showed that Badenoch was the victim to mistreatment and assault.

“It seems that Kemarni has been subject to repeated and possibly sustained assaults.

They would have been very painful, and he wouldn’t have been able to defend himself as a 3-year-old given his small stature.

“Those involved in it would have realized that it was painful and required a lot of force to cause these injuries. In this case, an accident cannot play any role.

Watson and Pope took care of him and shared a tiny flat together.

“The prosecution case states that the defendants singularly failed to do so, that they treated him cruelly and eventually killed him.”

The trial is continuing.