This is pure joy. It was a joy to watch a Rhino rescuer zoom around the South African enclosure.

  • Footage from Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, Limpopo 
  • September 30, video of baby rhino galloping about her enclosure
  • After she was found alone, the centre rescued her rhinoceros.  

It is the joyous moment that a rescue baby rhino zoomed joyfully around her enclosure.

Film taken by Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre (Limpopo, South Africa) on September 30, captures the baby animal enjoying a happy galloping.

It appears that the animal is happy to be seen going around the enclosure. 

Gosia Zidziechowska (a Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre volunteer) said that Ntandane was the Zulu name for an orphan.

In the footage, the animal appears to go round its enclosure again and again, happily

The footage shows the animal happily going around its enclosure.

Ntandane was found by herself without her mother before she was taken to rehabilitation. 

Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre opened in 1991.

South Africa’s businessman, Mr Strijdom is the owner of the farm that houses the Centre.

Brian Jones was given the task of running the rehabilitation facility for Mr Strijdom.

Before being taken to the rehabilitation centre, Ntandane had been found alone without her mother

Ntandane was found by herself without her mother before she was taken to rehabilitation.

This centre provides assistance and support for poisoned, abandoned and injured animals.    

A second amazing clip shows how Rhinos have been known to be very heavy animals.

The video shows a rhino flipping over a buffalo that weighs one-tonne as they go head to head in a South African game park.

Braden Colling, 24, was astounded by the scene he filmed at the Kariega Game Reserve, South Africa , which he called a ‘real feat of strength.’