Patricia Cornwall (pictured in her mugshot) has been arrested for attacking an 80-year-old passenger on a flight

Patricia Cornwall, pictured in her mugshot, was arrested after she attacked an 80-year old passenger on board a plane. 

According to the criminal complaint filed December 24, a woman was charged with getting in a fight onboard a plane when he was wearing no mask.

The complaint, obtained by, claims Patricia Cornwall was trying to get back to her seat from the bathroom on a Delta Airlines flight from Tampa to Atlanta on Thursday when a flight attendant with a beverage cart was blocking the aisle.

Cornwall, 51 years old, is a Playboy model and Los Angeles Raiders cheerleader. She allegedly requested assistance from the flight attendant to get back in her seat. However, the attendant advised her to simply take an empty seat until the attendant finished handing out beverages.

Cornwall asked Rosa Parks, “What are you doing?” She compared it to Rosa Parks, who was a Civil Rights icon and refused to take her place at the front seat of an Alabama bus even though she knew that blacks were being relegated at the back.

According to reports, the 80-year old man who was sitting next to her said that his comment had attracted attention. He told her that she “isn’t African”… This is not Alabama, and this is not a bus.

He also reportedly told her to ‘Sit down, Karen,’ to which Cornwall replied, ‘Sit down p****.’ 

The fight quickly became viral, with Cornwall seen repeatedly hitting and scratching the elderly male passenger.

Atlanta Police later took her into custody at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. 

Cornwall was captured getting into a violent altercation with a man on a flight from Tampa to Atlanta on Thursday after he refused to put his mask up

On Thursday, a man flew from Tampa to Atlanta and Cornwall became angry with him after he refused his mask.

Cornwall repeatedly demanded that flight crew members force the male passenger to put his mask up

Cornwall insisted on forcing male flight attendants to take off their masks.

The older male passenger had been eating at the time when he was approached by Cornwall who told him to 'mask up'

Cornwall approached the older man passenger who was eating when he noticed that he had not shaved his head. 

In a video of the altercation captured by ATL Uncensored, Cornwall is seen angrily confronting the man for not wearing his mask even though he had taken it off to eat.

‘Put your f***ing mask on,’ Cornwall tells the man as the pair continue to go back and forth with another.

After continuously refusing to comply with her demands, Cornwall then aggressively tells him ‘stand your a** up!’

“Sit down Karen!” As flight crew members approach them, he shouts “Sit down Karen!”

The crew is then asked to assist her, and she barks repeatedly “Tell him to hide!”

Another male crewmember demands Cornwall remove her mask as she requests that they put theirs up.

‘You put your mask down b**ch’ the man responds as her mask is seen lowered below her chin. 

‘Did you call me a b**ch?’ She asks him as she moves closer to him.

He responds, “Yes, I did,” and then she can be seen hitting him with her fists, inflicting visible injuries.

He said: “Now, you’re going in jail.” ‘That’s assault.’

Cornwall was captured hitting and scratching the passenger during the altercation

Cornwall was caught hitting and scratching the victim during the altercation

The pair had gotten aggressive over the course of the fight as they shouted expletives at one another

As they exchanged insults, the pair became increasingly aggressive throughout the fight.

Cornwall also spit on the man as flight crew members attempted to pull her away

As flight crew tried to take her away, Cornwall also spat on him 

 The pair continue to shout expletives at each other as a female flight attendant starts to pull Cornwall away.

As the flight attendant and the other members of crew try to take her to safety, she spits at the man.

So, as long as she has her mask under her chin and continues asking flight crew to help her put it on, she will continue to insist that the men change their clothes.

“I’ll put my mask on when you take yours off!” Before being taken by other passengers and flight crew, she shouts furiously. 

This video received more than 7 million views since Friday, when it was uploaded to Twitter.

We don’t know how many of the passengers or flight crew were hurt.

Following a brief and violent encounter, Cornwall was led to the back by flight attendants. At the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, police arrested him. 

The New York Post reports that she was accused of assault in Atlanta and placed a bond amounting to $20,000 at her arraignment. Judge ruled she could only return to Los Angeles where she works for Coldwell Banker Realty as a real-estate agent.

As with all Delta flights, you must wear a mask at all times, except for eating, drinking and taking orally prescribed medication.

It is important that the mask not be placed below the mouth or nose for too long.

It is acceptable to remove it for an emergency, or medical exemption.

Cornwall was a cheerleader for the then-Los Angeles Raiders in the 1990s

Cornwall was a cheerleader for the then-Los Angeles Raiders in the 1990s

Cornwall, a cheerleader of the Los Angeles Raiders’ in 1990s (photo left and right).

Cornwall was a former small-time actress going by the name of Patty Breton and had a minor role in Baywatch (pictured) before becoming a Raiderette

Cornwall, a small-time actress who went by Patty Breton (pictured), was an actor before she became a Raiderette.

Cornwall previously appeared as Patty Breton in an episode on Baywatch. Also, in 1989 she was a part of Married… with Children. She was also featured in Playboy Cheerleaders.

The Post reported that Cornwall was part of the Raiderettes, a cheerleading team for the Los Angeles Raiders in the 1990s.  

For the past 13 years, she had been working as a real estate agent for Coldwell Banker Realty, but she recently moved to Florida, reported and posted on a website looking for a room to rent for $1,200 a month in Okaloosa County, in the Florida panhandle. 

“Moving From California. My husband and I are single. We have two children, who live in the UK. My experience in residential realty has been 13 years. 

“I also have lived in Florida over the years. I am excited to return Florida into my life. I will settle in my new home by renting a bedroom. You prefer to have your room furnished.

Her LinkedIn profile describes her as “Luxury property Specialist at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties”.

Delta's mask policy only allows masks to be below the chin for eating, drinking and taking oral medication but must be put on properly between bites and sips

Delta allows only one type of mask: the below-the-chin mask for oral medicine, food and drinking. But it must be worn properly in between bites.

According to the New York Post, 85 percent of flight attendants were confronted during the pandemic by disruptive passengers.

It was also discovered that one out of five people had been attacked.

This year the FAA received over 5,000 complaints from passengers who were disruptive and it has been investigating more than 1,000 cases – fivefold more than 2020. 

After the FAA reported that 37 unruly passengers were involved in an assault on crew members and other airline passengers, the FAA referred the matter to the FBI. 

A FAA spokesperson stated that 227 enforcement cases had been initiated and 37 were referred to the FBI. No individuals were identified by the agency.

There were 5,033 incidents involving unruly passengers reported by the time November 1st, with 3,642 of them related to Pandemic Face Covering Regulations.

Administrator Steve Dickson, FAA, stated that the warning was meant to be both a deterrent and a warning: If you cause a disruption of a flight you will not only face fines but also federal criminal charges.