Denim brand abandons traditional, ‘outdated’ sizing in favor of FLOWER name because women shouldn’t be identified by numbers.

  • Denim brand ditched traditional sizing and replaced numbers for flowers 
  • The Aussie brand believes that a woman’s body should not be numbered
  • Peachay creates their jeans with hourglass and pear body shapes for women.
  • Bella Sen, 26, founded the brand in 2018.  

Fashion brand known for super-flattering jeans has abandoned traditional sizes and now uses numbers to identify flowers like the’sunflowers’ or ‘tulips’.  

Peachay is a Melbourne-based company that caters to women who have’smaller waists and thicker legs’. They also offer a bold option for those with larger bums. 

The website now allows customers to look up each flower’s measurements and find the best combination for them. 

Peachay believes that outdated sizing standards do not promote body acceptance.

Denim label Peachay has swapped out sizes like small and large and replaced them with flowers because they don't believe a woman's body should be labelled by numbers

Peachay Denim has replaced sizes such as small and large with flowers, because it doesn’t think a woman’s body needs to be labeled by numbers.

Brand founder, Bella Sen, [pictured]  from Sydney, is a proud 26-year-old Wiradjuri and Kamillaroi women that started up the label back in 2018

Bella Sen was the founder of this brand [pictured]  from Sydney, is a proud 26-year-old Wiradjuri and Kamillaroi women that started up the label back in 2018

Bella Sen (Brand founder), is 26-year old Wiradjuri/Kamillaroi woman from Sydney who founded the label in 2018.

It was when she tried on the pants that inspired her to make the change.      

Bella discovered that shopping for the right body shape was a struggle. She decided to make her own jeans after realizing she didn’t have any options. 

Bella Sen, founder, stated that women believe that they are not able to fit into standard-sized clothing because of their bodies. 

She said, “It is the clothes that are wrong. They’re manufactured with a cookie-cutter approach expecting that one style will fit all.”

Peachay designs all of their jeans on women with pear and hourglass body shapes

Aussie Denim proudly substituted number for flowers, as they believed that women’s bodies should not be considered a number.

Peachay denim flower guide:  

  • Sunflowers: Size 6 in the waist, size 8 in the bum
  • Tulip: Model 8 Waist and 10/12 Bum
  • Daisy: 10/14 waist size and 12/14 bum
  • Rose: Size 12 waistband and 14/16 bum
  • Lily: Size 14 waist, size 16/18 hips 
  • Lavender: Length 16 in the waist; 18-20 in the bum
  • Peony: 18-inch waist, 20/24 bum 

Jeans retail for: $239.00

Shorts retail for $179.95

Skirts available for purchase at $179.95 

Today her brand is a success with more than 17,000 followers and jeans that are rocked by many Aussies and celebs like Clementine Ford and Abbie Chatfield

She is today a brand success, with over 17,000 followers. Her jeans are worn by celebs such as Clementine Foreman and Abbie chatfield. 

Her brand has more than 17,000 fans and is worn by celebrities like Abbie Chatfield and Clementine Ford. 

‘I love Peachay jeans so much! The perfect fit is great, there’s no gap at the waist and they look so good on everybody! These are a great product and I cannot recommend them enough,” a customer stated. 

The brand hopes to positively impact the Australian fashion sector and to empower women to use their flower guide to locate jeans that feel great in them.