Amazing moment when a man looses control of his $13,000 motorized trike, flips it and then falls while displaying the vehicle at a Denver Skatepark

  • The Colorado man was riding around Denver’s D Park on his 2022 Can-Am Ryker
  • The $13,000 automobile was out of control and he hilariously turned it upside down after showing off. 
  • As onlookers started to giggle at the comical scenes, the rider got red-faced.

Here’s the funny moment when a man, riding a new Trike, looses control and causes it to flip. The man is left red-faced with bruises.

This funny video was taken at Denver’s D Park on October 30, 2021, by Tim Miller.

In the video we see the man riding around the skatepark, showing off by purposely fishtailing on his 2022 Can-Am Ryker – which start at £10,000.

Skateparks should not be used by motorized vehicles as these can cause damage to the equipment.

As he passed Tim, he was dressed in a plaid shirt with stonewash jeans.

The man in Denver, Colorado quickly lost control of the motorbike as he tried to show off the new vehicle to his filming friend in the skatepark

As he attempted to demonstrate the bike to his friend at the skating park in Denver Colorado, the man quickly lost control.

The hilarious footage shows the driver clinging onto the handlebars of the $13,000 2022 Can-Am Ryker before he eventually flips the vehicle over entirely

The hilarious footage shows the driver clinging onto the handlebars of the $13,000 2022 Can-Am Ryker before he eventually flips the vehicle over entirely

The man was left red-faced by the incident after he was earlier seen throwing up hand signals to his friend Tim, who was filming

After he had previously been seen giving hand signals to Tim (who was filming), the man became redfaced.

Then, suddenly and after bouncencing down some steps, he gains too much speed to fall down a steep slope.

He falls and then he foolishly grabs onto the handlebars.

The vehicle bounced down some steps as the driver built up too much speed and he fell down a steel ramp

After the driver had increased speed too fast, the car bounced down steps. He then fell down a steel ramp.

Earlier in the footage the man can be seen making passing glances to his cameraman trying to look cool

The footage shows the man making occasional glances at the cameraman as he tries to be cool earlier.

Whiskey throttle is a term that causes the bike’s acceleration to be rapid with very little control.

The man’s mobile phone is lost due to the vibrations while he is in Superman mode.

After bouncing up another ramp, he whips his head about, and his glasses and cap fall from his face.

He spins around on the spot and desperately attempts to hold on, but the trike flips him over sending his flying into the bowl.

The embarassed rider could only grin at the camera after his new vehicle had flipped over

After his vehicle had been flipped, the embarassed rider couldn’t help but smile at the camera

He squats down and shows his disgust at the events that just took place.

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Tim shared it via his Instagram @timm_stagram, where it was viewed more than a million time and shared across multiple pages.