Department For Transport site now shows explicit PORNOGRAPHY, instead of boring traffic statistics. Also the ministry’s business plans are shown.

  • Instead of traffic charts, subdomain displayed adult material
  • Although the Transport Department has not yet used the site, it is considered abandoned.
  • The US government site was targeted by Viagra ads and porn in September

Today, a Department for Transport website displayed explicit pornography and not dull traffic statistics. It also included the Ministry’s business plan. 

Subdomain displayed adult content into the evening, and it wasn’t clear when it would be taken off. 

Charts often feature business plans documents, statistics and other government services such as driving tests and summary statistics about speeding fines. They also have data on how many people use public transport.  

A Department for Transport website today showed explicit pornography instead of dull traffic statistics and the ministry's business plan

Today, a Department for Transport website featured explicit pornography and not dull traffic statistics. The ministry’s business plan was also displayed.

According to some, the location is an unoccupied domain that has not been used by Department for Transport.  

A search of other government domains revealed several other apparently unused websites including, which leads to a password protected page titled ‘EU Exit Haulers’. 

MailOnline reached out to the Department for Transport for comments. 

The site usually features business plan documents and statistics on various government services including driving tests, summary statistics on speeding fines and data on the number of public transport users

You will find business plans documents, statistics and other government information on this site. These include driving tests, statistics and summaries on speeding fines, and data about the number of people using public transport.

The Crow was the first to notice the unusual content. It suggested that someone might have moved the DNS record from the normal charts and made it a website hosting explicit material. 

It was unclear if the domain had been hijacked, diverted, or hack and altered.  

The attack on a government website is not new. In September, several US government sites were filled by porn and viagra ads after hackers gained access to the websites.