Tree vs dog: Jessie, a determined German Shepherd Shepherd bounces loudly as she attempts to cut off a branch.

  • Jessie, a three-year-old German Shepherd, fought with a Russian branch.
  • However, the dog insisted on taking the stick but it was attached to a tree.
  • Ekaterina Kupdritskaya (21) received 19.5 million views for her video.

Here is what it looked like: A determined dog bounced around, whining while trying to grab a stick from a tree.

Three-year-old Jessie the German Shepherd wouldn’t take no for an answer as she wrestled with a low-hanging branch in Altai Republic, southern Russia.

Her owner, Ekaterina Kudritskaya, 21, posted the video on Tik Tok on December 4 and already the clip of the hilarious battle has amassed 19.5 million views. 

The video has been viewed by more than 63,000 viewers, many of whom praise Jessie’s persistence.

Three-year-old Jessie the German Shepherd was set on a stick that was still attached to a tree in southern Russia

However, try as she might the branch wouldn't break from the tree

Jessie, the three-year old German Shepherd, was put on a stick which was attached to a southern Russian tree (left). The branch didn’t fall from the tree, even though she tried (right).

One user on social media commented, “Legend has It!” [s]”He is still in the woods.”

Another person stated they had watched loop after loop of the clip for ‘no less than 15 minutes.

Jessie bounced the tree with every step and got closer to taking the branch out. 

The poor dog never gets the stick back.

As the branch is about to break off, her owner records her whimpering. 

Another Tik Tok user posted online that Jessie “played the most beautiful game of tug-of war in all of Tik Tok.” [her]”Little furry life” 

The dog leaps up and ends up hanging from the snowman as she tries to pull out the stick which is at least three feet above the ground

Charlotte Beard, pictured along with Alice the dog,  who she says is obsessed by sticks

Right: As the dog tries to grab the stick that is three feet high, it leaps and hangs from the snowman. Right: Charlotte Beard, pictured along with Alice the dog, who she says is obsessed by sticks

The dog isn’t the only one who has encountered a stubborn stick. 

Alice the Jackapoo took playing ‘Fetch’ to a whole new level when the tiny pooch leaped into the air to steal the stick arm from a snowman.

The footage was captured by her owner Charlotte Beard, 22, as Alice was being taken for a walk in Milton Keynes last week by Ms Beard and her partner Sam Grogan, 28. 

They decided to build a snowman together, but Alice tried to grab it from them. 

She was determined at six years old and refused to give up. Once the snowman had been completed, she kept trying to grab the stick.

The stick had been inserted deep within the ice structure by Ms Beard (a mechanic) and Mr Grogan (a mechanic).