Father of Channel migrant victim 1 has claimed that France allowed ‘butchers to kill innocent victims’.

Baran Nouri Hamidin (24 years old) was one of the 27 migrants that drowned in a boat accident six miles offshore from Calais. It happened during severe stormy conditions.

The newly engaged student had travelled through Germany and France to join her fiancé in the UK, paying human-traffickers to take her across the Narrow Sea.

She had been sending Snapchat messages to her fiancé Karzan Asaad before the dinghy began to lose air. As he tracked her phone GPS, the signal went dead just over four hours into the journey – and she tried to reassure him in her last message that rescuers were on the way. Yesterday, a French relative identified her body.

Nuri Mohammed Mohamed Mohammed Amin spoke from Soran, Kurdish Region of Northern Iraq. He urged President Emmanuel Macron that people-smugglers stop treating people ‘like cattle’.

“This is not just a tragedy for me, but also for Kurdistan, the world,” he stated. I ask France to close their borders and punish those who are smuggling people. They’re not smugglers. It is my sole request.

“Those boats they use aren’t made for this purpose. These poor people are treated like animals. Is that where her human rights were? To avoid more tragedies, it is the responsibility of the French government that they have an exact procedure in place to prevent these butchers. So I wish that people will not think about similar migration.

Yesterday, friends of migrants drowned in Channel said that they were threatened by people-smugglers if they didn’t board the overcrowded dinghy.

Up to 50 people were supposed to board two boats ahead of the fatal voyage – but one vessel suffered engine trouble, those stuck in camps in France claimed. The gun-toting gang reportedly gathered the migrants onto one boat to stop them from making the dangerous trip, which would have earned them thousands of pounds.

These were the chilling details that emerged after more victims were identified in Wednesday’s tragic accident off Calais.

This comes just as President Macron’s outburst against Boris Johnson yesterday about the deaths of 27 Channel migrants could result in more people being killed.

Smugglers threatened to shoot migrants, including bride-to-be Mariam Nouri Dargalayi (pictured with fiance), unless they boarded the doomed dinghy that went down in Channel

Smugglers threatened to shoot migrants, including bride-to-be Mariam Nouri Dargalayi (pictured with fiance), unless they boarded the doomed dinghy that went down in Channel

Policemen inspect the beach near Wimereux, France on November 25, 2021

On November 25, 2021, policemen inspect the beach at Wimereux in France

French President Emmanuel Macron speaks during the press conference with Prime Minister Mario Draghi at Villa Madama in Rome

During the press conference held at Villa Madama (Rome) with Prime Minister Mario Draghi and French President Emmanuel Macron,

This is the first picture of the flimsy and dangerous dinghy that sank off Calais, killing 27 people

This is the very first photo of Calais’ flimsy, dangerous dinghy. It sank killing 27.

Up to 50 people were supposed to board two boats ahead of the fatal voyage – but one vessel suffered engine trouble, those stuck in camps in France claimed. Rather than curtail the trip that would have netted them tens of thousands of pounds, the gun-toting gang corralled the migrants into one boat, it was said

Up to 50 people were supposed to board two boats ahead of the fatal voyage – but one vessel suffered engine trouble, those stuck in camps in France claimed. It was claimed that the gun-toting group gathered all the migrants in one boat rather than curtail their trip which could have brought them many thousands of pounds.

The new arrivals bring the total number to have made it to the UK this month to more than 6,000, exceeding the previous record of 3,879 in September. This year's total is now a record-breaking 25,772

These new arrivals increase the number of people who have reached the UK in this month’s total to over 6,000. This is more than the 3,879 that was set back in September. Record-breaking total of 25,772 people have arrived in the UK this year.

Are there any UK-bound immigrants who have been killed trying to cross the Channel in this year’s numbers? 

Seven people had died while trying to cross the Channel from Britain to France this year, according to reports before this accident. 

A further seven migrants were missing, presumed drowned, after various incidents this year.

March 20, 2121One Migrant is missing, and one is feared to have drowned when the boat that he was on in his attempt to reach Britain capsized.

August 20, 2121 At least two migrants drowned off the coast of the UK while another died after being airlifted to hospital as part of a huge air and sea rescue operation after a boat carrying around 40 people began taking on water. 

October 2021Three Somali migrants fled to Britain fearing they might drown after being swept overboard on their way to Britain. Four more people died crossing the Atlantic, two of them children. 

November 2021Record 853 migrants crossed the border in November. One person is killed. In the Channel’s deadliest incident, 27 migrants drowned off Calais yesterday.


The French government pulled the invitation of Home Secretary Priti Palet to attend a crisis meeting tomorrow in a fit of madness after Priti Patel published a 5-point action plan.

Macron accuses the Prime Minister for breaking protocol after he sent an open letter tweet to him. This was in response to three children, seven women, and 17 men who died on Wednesday when their dinghy capsized off Calais.

According to some, Mr Asad is British citizen and works as a barber at Bournemouth. It’s very unfortunate for me and all of us. I kept in touch with my wife, and was tracking her via GPS live. It was four hours and 18 mins since she got into the boat. Then, they went in the middle the ocean, which is when I lost my wife.

“She was a cheerful person. “She was happy. I went to France and saw her body.

Krmanj Ezzat from Iraq said last night: “Her father and mother are completely devastated.” It is a terrible situation. It was her prime. This is a terrible tragedy that has left the entire family in shock.

“I can understand why people want to leave for better lives, but it isn’t the right path. This is the way to your death. It’s not worth the risk. Baran tried to reach Britain by a hard route, but you’ll see the results. Karzan was there waiting for her in England. She was learning English.

Four more relatives may have been aboard the boat, Mr Ezzat believes. Deniz Ahmed Mohammed’s family, a Kurd aged 27 years old, left them an ultimative voicemail saying that he had called to say, “Just pray for us.”

Shakar Ali and Harem Pirot, childhood friends from Ranya in northern Iraq were among those who died.

Sanger Ahmed was their friend. The boat was small and they were afraid that smugglers would shoot anyone who tried to get out. The boat had around 50 people. It is possible that they were forced onto the boat.

“People smugglers carry guns, and are not concerned about whether the boat is full or the weather. Everyone has heard stories of people being threatened by a gun if they do not get on board.

Best friends Shakar Ali, 25, (pictured) and Harem Pirot, 23, who grew up as neighbours in Iraq and set off together to find a new life in the UK are believed to have been on board the dinghy that sank on Wednesday, killing 27 migrants on board.

Best friends Shakar Ali, 25, and Harem Pirot, 23 (pictured), who grew up as neighbours in Iraq and set off together to find a new life in the UK are believed to have been on board the dinghy that sank on Wednesday, killing 27 migrants on board.

Shakar Ali, 25 (left), and Harem Pierot, 23 (right), were neighbors in Iraq who set out together to start a new life in Britain. They are said to have been aboard the dinghy.

Friend of Shakar and Harem Sanger Ahmed also told of his fears for two other Iraqi Kurds – Hassan, in his late twenties, and Twana Muhammad (pictured), 18, a student

Friend of Shakar and Harem Sanger Ahmed also told of his fears for two other Iraqi Kurds – Hassan, in his late twenties, and Twana Muhammad (pictured), 18, a student

Yesterday, the family of Deniz Ahmed Mohammed (pictured), a 27-year-old Kurd, said he left them a final voicemail saying: 'Just pray for us'

Riaz Mohammed, 12, is pictured wearing a life jacket on the beach prior to the crossing which resulted in the deaths of 27 people

Deniz Ahmed Mohammed’s family (left), said that he left them an ultimatum voicemail in which he pleaded for their prayers. Riaz Mohammed (12) is also believed to be among the dead.

Police search Wimereux beaches near Bolougne from this morning days after 27 migrants died heading to the UK as Storm Arwen threatens to take more lives if more people try to cross

This morning, police searched Wimereux beaches close to Bolougne after 27 migrants drowned trying to reach the UK.

Deflated dinghies used to carry migrants across the Channel pictured at a storage facility in Whitfield, Dover

Photographed in Whitfield (Dover): A fleet of defunct dinghies that used to ferry migrants across Channel.

Rows of vessels used to ferry migrants and refugees are being kept as evidence for smuggler prosecutions

As evidence in smuggler cases, rows of boats used to transport migrants and refugees will be kept. 

Is it possible to exploit the English Channel crossings by smugglers? 

Concerns about people-smuggling have been raised again after the sinking off France of a boat carrying migrants and the deaths of 27 victims.

As tactics evolve and change, law enforcement officials on both sides have had to play a constant game of cat-and-mouse with criminal gangs for years. 

Andrea Wilson, deputy director of National Crime Agency (NCA), stated that she aims to disrupt organized crime groups who are involved in people-smuggling at each step.

“Much this crime is outside of the UK. We have therefore intensified our intelligence-sharing efforts with partners from France and other countries.

This includes NCA officers being based there, exchanging intelligence and working with each other on joint investigations.

“This strategy is producing operational results, such as arrests and charges. We have already seen this case. 

The UK has focused on disrupting supplies of dinghies as well as other vessels used to cross the Channel.

According to reports, dinghies were banned in French towns. Kayaks have been reportedly withdrawn from Calais stores.

Police last year targeted an alleged smuggling gang that was believed to be buying engines and inflatable boats from Germany and the Netherlands.

The inflatable boats for cross-country crossings are getting larger and more capable of carrying dozens of persons, but it is not always safe.

Priti Patel, Home Secretary to the Government has repeatedly promised that the Channel route would be made ‘unviable’. However, the NCA stated previously it considers organised migration crime a continuous threat’.

An international operation was launched earlier this month by the French border police to arrest 18 French citizens in France’s Calais and Le Havre regions.

The bank accounts and cash worth more than 100,000 euro were also confiscated.

According to the NCA, OCG was responsible for the provision of boats that could carry 40-60 people.

This network would arrange for departures from northern France and recruit migrants to the camps.

Ms Wilson acknowledged that the NCA does a lot of its work in secret, but she added: “We are aware it has an impact.”

“We will continue to investigate ways of disrupting the supply of vessels for people-smuggling OCGs. We also target those who know how to do this.

The Home Office stated earlier in the month that a joint UK-France intelligence unit was involved in nearly 300 arrests related to small boat crossings.

Many sources made outrageous claims about the Wednesday afternoon events in the Dunkirk squalid camp where doomed migrants were waiting to cross.

The Loon-Plage beach just outside Dunkirk was the location of two boats. According to sources, one boat had engine issues but the greedy smugglers didn’t want to lose out on the cash.

One source within the camp said that the migrants were informed by the smugglers about the boat’s ability to hold all their belongings.

One migrant added that it was all about the money. Too many people have too much to gain.

Overcrowded, the dinghy was approximately 30ft in length and was so fragile it was compared to a child’s paddling pool. It appears that either water had been added to it or it collided with another ship.

The Mail told yesterday how migrant Mohammed Aziz, 31, made a frantic phone call to his friend Peshraw Aziz and said: ‘It’s not good, the engine isn’t powerful enough – I don’t know if we’re going to make it.’

Multiple sources in the camp have claimed the boat could have had as many as 50 people on board, and the French authorities are braced for the death toll – currently at 27 – to rise.

Sanger, speaking of his friends said that he had known Harem (thought to be 23 years old) and Shakar (27 year-old geology graduate) his whole life. All three were neighbors in Ranya, which is in the Kurdistan area of Iraq. Sanger stated that he traveled to Turkey with Harem as well as Shakar.

He and his friends made it to France via Italy, while he determined to go via Belarus. They arranged to meet in France.

Sanger also told of his fears for two other Iraqi Kurds – Hassan, in his late twenties, and Twana Muhammad, 18, a student. He believes Sirwan (an Iranian named) and Hever (a Ranya-born man in his 20s, could have also died. Riaz Mohammed (aged 12), is the youngest victim.

Sanger added: ‘I’m not sure if I will get a boat now – if there’s a chance on a lorry I might not take that risk.’

According to migrants in the camp, the Mail has been told by mail police that they are not strict enough in their controls. Traffickers launch human cargoes openly in broad daylight and in plain view of security personnel.

Karl Maquinghen was a French skipper, who had been sailing for over 21 years. He heard the alarm when bodies were found in the ocean.

Yesterday, he stated that seeing so many bodies right in front of us was frightening.

‘You can’t sleep – as soon as you close your eyes, you see bodies again. Fearing that there might be one, we were afraid to pull the nets up. They might have survived if they had been there five minutes before us.

Deniz’s relative said that Ranya was afraid for their family. Darya, a nephew, said that Deniz was in poverty and then used all the money he had to travel to the UK.

“My grandfather never ate until now.” They are going to be attending a funeral.

Deniz’s final voicemail said, “Now we are on water. Inshalla!” [God willing]We will be safe. Please pray for us.

France has arrested five people over 27 drownings. One man was held in an overnight car with inflatable ribs and German registration plates. Prosecutors say there’s ‘no proven link’ between the two.

Craig Mackinlay from Kent, a Kent MP, stated that Storm Arwen is expected to generate 75 mph winds in France. Macron should ensure that there are no crossings today in order to prevent any more deaths on the Channel. However, only a few police officers were visible on the streets near Calais despite being warned.

Militant French fishermen blocked lorries from entering the Channel Tunnel yesterday

Yesterday, lorries were prevented from reaching the Channel Tunnel by French fishermen.

Other pictures from the protest showed fishermen burning pallets in front of stranded lorries

Others photos from the protest show fishermen setting fire to pallets and putting them in front of stranded cars.

A man holds a sign that translates as "Save our migrant brothers and sisters" at a memorial for people who have died while crossing the English Channel

An Englishman holds a sign saying “Save our migrants brothers and sisters” at the memorial to people who were killed crossing the English Channel.

A migrant prays at a makeshift migrant camp in Loon Beach - the day after 27 migrants died crossing the Channel -  in Dunkerque near Calais

A migrant prays at a makeshift migrant camp in Loon Beach – the day after 27 migrants died crossing the Channel –  in Dunkerque near Calais

Migrants in Grand Synthe near Dunkirk, France who still hope to cross the English Channel

Grand Synthe, France: Migrants who are still hoping to cross the English Channel.

Migrants who were found soaked after a failed attempt to cross the Channel walk out from a shelter and take a bus to a warm place, in the rue des huttes in Calais

Migrants found wet after a failed attempt at crossing the Channel, walk from shelters to get a bus and head to Calais’ rue des huttes to find warmth.

MailOnline received this statement from him: “The French should maximize ground resources over the 20 mile stretch of high-risk beaches north and south Calais.” Traffickers will use any bad weather to force them to take the shortest route.

Natalie Elphicke from Dover, MP for Dover said that “Conditions on English Channel appear set to become more treacherous in coming days.”

“It is urgent that France work with the UK, EU allies and to prevent more deaths. It is unacceptable for anyone to make this type of crossing through a turbulent sea. French authorities need to remind people to listen and remain where they are.

Although the Elysee Palace warned Johnson against exploiting the catastrophe for political gain in the past, the premier wrote a quick letter with five points for cooperation. The five-point urgent plan set out measures like joint patrols to French shores, radar technology deployment and airborne surveillance.

Johnson also suggested that France should accept to return migrants arriving in Britain from France. He claimed it would have an ‘important’ effect on the crisis of migrants and lessen the threat posed by human traffickers.

He tweeted his five-point strategy: “Tonight, I wrote to President Macron offering to go further and faster in order to stop Channel crossings and prevent another appalling tragedy that claimed 27 lives yesterday.”

A refugee looks out from his tent at dawn in the new Jungle on November 26, 2021

One refugee stands outside his tent in the Jungle at Dawn on November 26th, 2021.

A refugee lights a fire to keep warm at daybreak in the new Jungle on November 26, 2021

An asylum seeker lights a flame to stay warm during daybreak in the Jungle’s new Jungle, November 26, 2021

Meanwhile, Emmanuel went into meltdown at Boris Johnson today branding the PM 'not serious' for sending a public letter with demands for ending migrant tragedies in the Channel

Meanwhile, Emmanuel Macron exploded at Boris Johnson (pictured), branding him ‘not serious for’ sending a five point plan that included demands to end migrant disasters.

“I am grateful to emergency personnel for their help in this difficult situation.

“Following last night’s conversation, I am sure President Macron understands the gravity of our situation. The incentive to risk their lives for traffickers is greatly reduced if those who arrive in this country are quickly returned. This is the most important step that we can all take to decrease the attraction to Northern France, and to end the business model of criminal bands.

“I’m confident that we can tackle illegal immigration by following these steps, and building upon our cooperation to prevent further families from suffering the same devastating losses we witnessed yesterday.”

Gerald Darmanin from France, Interior Minister told Miss Patel on Sunday that he has published his plan.

He accused Britain’s ‘bad migration management’ of inducing immigrants with benefits and lax labour laws. A spokesperson for Mr Darmanin stated that: “We find Boris Johnson’s public letter to be unacceptable. We also oppose any discussions between our counterparts.

‘Priti Patel was not invited to Sunday’s meeting as a result.

Michel Barnier, a former Brexit negotiator, is currently running for French presidency.

France and Britain are already at odds about post-Brexit trading rules and fishing rights. Wednesday’s tragic incident has furthered their animosity. Johnson claimed France is at fault, while Darmanin blamed Britain for ‘bad immigration management.