It was claimed that a police officer said to a victim of sex abuse they would come for him and his family if he filed complaints against the mayor of the village.

An officer from Tiverton in Devon threatened to arrest a man who stated that he had been victim of abuse at the hands of John Humphreys, an elderly politician.

Humphreys is currently in 21-year prison after being convicted of sexual assaulting 2 boys.

Devon and Cornwall Police stated today that they would contact victims in order to file an official complaint.

If this happens, the IOPC force watchdog may step in – following the request of East Devon District Council’s leader to have it referred.

The victim was concerned that there may have been a plot to hide details of the threatened abuse. 

Former Mayor John Humphreys was jailed for 21 years for abusing boys a decade apart

John Humphreys (ex-mayor) was imprisoned 21 years after he abused boys for a decade.

The letter from one of the victim's was written to Councillor Eileen Wragg, who read it aloud

Eileen Wragg was given the letter by the victim. Councillor Wragg read it aloud.

Devon and Cornwall Police said it would contact victims if they wanted to make a complaint

Devon and Cornwall Police stated that they would reach victims if the victim wanted to file a complaint

Humphreys was first reported by the victim in 2004, but he was not acknowledged. The victim then filed a complaint in 2012, which led to the threatened action of the unnamed officer.

The case was closed properly only after another victim was identified in 2015.

Humphreys, who was convicted of several sex offenses against two schoolboys in August, was sent to jail.

Eileen Wragg was sent the letter by one of the victims. Councillor Wragg then read it to all councillors.

Humphreys sexually assaulted one boy aged 12 to 13 between 1990 and 1991, and a separate victim in the late 1990s

Humphreys assaulted a 12-year-old boy between 1990-1991, as well as another victim in late 1990s.

The complete Victim’s Letter 

“I was one of John Humphrey’s victims and I would like members of the council as well as the general public to know what my experience has been over the past 22 years. As a fourteen-year-old, I was taken from school to work in Humphrey’s garden business. He assaulted me as a 14-year old and I didn’t know how to respond until my mother told me in 2004. My mother took me to Exmouth Police Station where I gave a complete, signed statement. I did not hear anything except that I was frequently harassed and questioned by the local officers.

“In 2005 they said the case had been dismissed. While I attempted to live a normal life by working as an independent builder, my heart remained hurt. In 2011, and 2012, the Jimmie Saville scandal was published. Additionally, my partner found out that she was pregnant. So I thought “let’s make it right now.” The case was reopened in 2012, so I called up. The only thing I received was a threat phone call from Tiverton officers. He said, “Humphreys has been elected mayor.” He continues to live his normal life. He’s moving on with his life.

I made an official complaint and was taken to Sidmouth Police Station. They promised an apology. The apology was not even an apology, but it was written by hand. It was handwritten and I didn’t have any written documentation that I could use. My biggest worry was not being allowed to speak about the treatment I received by police when Humphreys’ case went to court. I was told to keep this closed book of problems from happening. Just because I wanted to say it, I stood in front of the [witness]After all the lies were thrown at us, box.

“In 2015 after much more mental stress over the years, someone knocked on my mom’s front door. A female police officer answered the knock. Someone else had come forward. This was something I could not believe. It was the second time I had been proven wrong. However, another victim was much older and more credible than me. There was also a third victim and a fourth. Yet, justice was not served for six more years.

Humphreys first was arrested on 11 May 2016. The Crown Prosecution Service received a file on the 24th of January 2017. The case was eventually brought before the court on August 20, 2021. Police claim that Humphreys had known that the case was alive during 2016-2021. His [Humphreys’]The legal team spoke with the officer in command and he was never informed that the case wasn’t being investigated. It leaves me to wonder “Who else knew?” and “How was he allowed continue his normal duties of councillor at East Devon and Exmouth?”

Humphreys sentence for conviction was 21 years. He must also serve at most two-thirds of that time, or 14 years. Indefinitely, he will be on the list of sex offenders. This sentence, according to my sources, is among the longest ever handed for such crimes.

“I believe that I have been able to heal from this trauma by walking into the witness box, saying what I wanted and being heard. They removed the screens from my eyes so that I could see him clearly. This has been a great help in my fear of Humphreys. I’ve always seen him as someone with power and standing within the community. Humphreys’ connections and his good character, as well as his social standing as councillor, have all contributed to my feeling that he has been preferred. It is possible that he was a member of the Devon and Cornwall Police Scrutiny Committee. He must have known all the Masons and Conservatives leaders.

“He has always been a beast to me in my head. He took my teenage years away and this has carried on into adulthood. This man took my innocence away.

“There are so many more questions that need to be answered. After the verdict, I was still ignored. It would be nice to have my voice heard. To me it’s important for the council to hear me and hear my argument. How much it matters, I’m not sure. There will probably be some worried people there. It’ll be nice to have your opinion.

I was told that the case had been reopened and would be reopened in 2012. It was only a threat phone call from Tiverton officers that I received.

His exact words were “Humphreys, now mayor.” He continues to live his normal life.

“If anyone does anything, or proceeds with this in Court we will come after your family and friends.”

“When Humphreys’ case went to court in this year’s trial, I was most concerned about not being allowed to speak out about my police treatment.

“Don’t open the can of worms now” was what I heard.

“I felt the need to say it, and stood there, after all of the lies had been thrown at my face.”

Paul Arnott was the leader of the council and described the victim’s courage as “one of the greatest people to have ever lived in East Devon.”

He said, “I believe that is really important.” This has been a successful prosecution. He also has the statement that he made tonight via Councillor Wragg.

At full council, he asked if anyone knew that Humphreys was being investigated.

The letter, reported by Radio Exe,  came months after the sex offender mayor was jailed.

Between 1990 and 1991, he sexually assaulted a boy between 12 and 13 years old and another victim who was 14-15 at the time. The incidents were reported almost simultaneously by both victims, nearly a decade apart.

CPS’ Jill Macnamara stated at that time, “This case shows we don’t hesitate to prosecute perpetrators sexual abuse wherever there is sufficient evidence, regardless of when the crimes occurred.”

“It is brave to speak up as an adult and tell the truth, especially if the offender was in a powerful position within your community.

“The victims showed great courage and strength to come forward and report the incident to the police and to support them in their investigation. I want to express my gratitude for their perseverance.”

Police Sergeant Angela Galasso from Devon and Cornwall Police stated: “This investigation involved historic sexual offences which occurred more than 25 years ago in the late and early 1990s.”

“The sentencing of today is a clear demonstration that no one, regardless their social standing, is above the law.

“I cannot thank these complainants enough for the patience, persistence and trust they continue to have in me and my colleagues who are investigating the matter.

“Both victims expressed separate concerns that their claims would never be believed and that no serious action would be taken to address them.

“I hope this guilty verdict will give them the validation they need to move forward with their lives.”

MailOnline asked about the victim’s letter today and it responded with another answer.

Devon and Cornwall Police spokesperson said that they were aware of the December 8th meeting of East Devon District Council.

“It also included a declaration that was read in behalf of John Humphreys. John Humphreys was the ex-mayor of Exmouth and was sent to prison on August 21st for his historic sex crimes against two boys.

“This was an extensive and prolonged investigation that involved historical sexual offenses dating back over 30 years, which took place between the late 1980s and the mid- and late 1990s.

“The conviction was possible only because of the persistence, patience, and strength that victims put in their trust to our officers investigating these cases.

“Whilst we truly hoped that the guilty verdict, strong sentence would permit the victims move on with life, this latest statement clearly shows that much more needs to be done.

“Officers will contact the victims of this case in order to give them additional support. If requested, they can also help to start a formal complaint about how this case was handled.