Horror! A group of primary school children were seriously hurt after they fell TEN meters from a jumping structure. It was blown up during a freak wind storm at the school.

  • Many children were hurt in the jumping castle incident at Tasmania’s primary school.
  • Devonport primary school students were hurt when an inflatable was lifted into air. 
  • Multiple ambulances and two rescue helicopters were dispatched to the scene. 

Several children have been injured at a primary school in Tasmania after falling from a jumping castle that was thrown into the air. 

Police reported that students fell off the jumping castle when a wind gust lifted the structure into the air. The incident occurred at Hillcrest Primary School in Devonport around 10:00 on Thursday.

There were two helicopter rescues and several ambulances on the ground. 

This inflatable was created as part of an event to celebrate the close of school in Tasmania. It also featured zorb balls and slippery slides. 

Tasmania Police released a statement saying that a wind storm caused the jumping castle to rise into the air.

Paramedics are pictured at Hillcrest Primary School, near Devonport in Tasmania after as many as 10 children were injured when they fell from a jumping castle lifted into the air by the wind

Pictured at Hillcrest Primary School near Devonport, Tasmania are paramedics after 10 children were hurt when they fell from a jumping tower that was being lifted by the wind.

The primary school said in a statement there had been an accident and the site would be closed for the rest of the day

In a statement, the primary school stated that there was an accident at the site and would close the area for the remainder of the day.

The children, who were about 10 years old at the time of their fall, are being treated on-site.

“Some serious injuries occurred.” 

Numerous police officers were also sent on the spot.

It has been recommended that residents avoid this area. 

Hillcrest Primary School pictured.  'Several children fell from a height of about 10 metres about 10am,' a Tasmania Police spokesman said

Hillcrest Primary School.  A spokesperson for Tasmania Police said that several children were seen falling from about 10m above the ground at 10 AM.

Ambulance Tasmania said in a statement that it was responding to a 'major incident'

Ambulance Tasmania claimed in a statement, that they were responding to a major incident

In a statement, the primary school stated that there was an accident at the site and would close the area for the remainder of the day.  

According to the statement, “We ask parents that their children be collected as soon as possible.”

Ambulance Tasmania stated that it was responding to an “important incident” and asked motorists to yield to emergency vehicles in the north-west. 

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