As he defends his $2million-plus fraud charges, a disgraced MP is accused of bombarding his wife with threats texts and emails as part of their divorcement.

  • The police have added charges against Craig Thomson, the former federal MP.
  • Accused of sending harassing email and texts to estranged wife during divorce 
  • Thomson was charged with and released on bail for the Tuesday appearance at Gosford Local Court 

Craig Thomson was a former MP who is now facing charges for allegedly sending threats of email and text to his ex-wife during the messy divorce. 

Thomson (57) was arrested weeks before at his NSW Central Coast residence for his involvement in multi-million-dollar migration fraud.

NSW Police stated that an investigation was initiated after Zoe Arnold, a former federal MP reported receiving “several emails threats” from someone she knew.

Thomson (57) was detained at Thomson’s Terrigal home Friday, following investigations by police.

Fresh charges have been laid against Craig Thomson (left), accused of harassing his estranged wife Zoe Arnold (right) with threatening emails and texts

Craig Thomson (right), who was accused of harassing Zoe Arnold, his estranged spouse (right), with threats emails and text messages has now been brought to trial.

Thompson was arrested at Gosford Police Station for using a carriage company to harass, threaten, or offend.  

The strict conditional bail was granted and he is scheduled to appear in Gosford Local Court Tuesday.

Thomson was also protected by a restraining Order that the police issued to him. 

Ms. Arnold received an interim restraining or against her husband from Gosford Local Court. This order is being extended.

Thomson is prohibited from going to places where ex-wife lives or works.

Former couple sold their luxurious Central Coast property recently for $3.35million after purchasing it three years ago for $2.15million.

The latest legal saga comes after Craig Thomson, 57, was charged over his alleged involvement in a multi-million dollar migration fraud (pictured at Gosford Police Station last month after getting bail).

Craig Thomson, aged 57, has been charged with assisting in multimillion-dollar fraud in migration. (Photo taken at Gosford Police Station, last month, after being released on bail).

Thomson was arrested by the Australian Federal Police at his residence last month for his involvement in multi-million-dollar migration fraud.

Police alleged he facilitated more than 130 fraudulent visa applications over four years, yielding more than $2 million in profit for himself.

He was charged with 30 counts, including furnishing false documents and misleading information about non-citizens.  

Thomson was the former Dobell MP and was found guilty of 65 charges in March 2014 for using Health Services Union funds for his personal benefit.

His sentence included 12 months in prison and nine months probation suspended for two years.

Thomson was convicted of 13 theft counts and sentencing was overturned. Thomson received a $25,000 fine and no jail sentence. 

Disgraced former MP Craig Thomson (left) will face court on Tuesday regarding fresh allegations of bombarding his ex-wife Zoe (right) with threatening messages and texts

Craig Thomson, disgraced former MP (left), will be in court Tuesday over fresh allegations that he bombarded Zoe with threats and text messages.

Thomson, who was elected member for Dobell in the Central Coast by the Liberal Party’s Ken Ticehurst, won the seat.

Following the credit card accusations, he was transferred to the cross-bench in April 2012. He continued to protest his innocence.

Thomson’s seat was lost in the Federal Election 2013 after Thomson became embroiled in the scandal. Thomson was expelled by the Labor Party in 2014. He was then struck off in 2018 as a practicing lawyer.

Craig Thomson spent six years in federal parliament before losing his seat at the 2013 election

Craig Thomson served six years as a federal legislator before he was elected to the United States Senate in 2013.