Bryan Singer was accused by former partner and assistant Bryan Singer of “mental and emotional abuse”. He shared details about their sexual relationship, which he claims was traumatic. Singer was just 18 at the time and the filmmaker was only 43. 

In an essay published by Variety, Blake Stuerman, 30, claimed that he met the X-Men director in New York City in 2009, just a few days after his 18th birthday, and their first sexual encounter occurred shortly after. 

Stuerman stated that Singer had a reputation of liking young men. He claims that Singer controlled every part of their lives during their four-year relationship.  

Singer is 56 now, and he claimed that he made him live in terror after seeing him assault a man at house party 2012. He threatened to kill him if Singer ever leaves.  

Andrew Brettler (Singer’s lawyer) called Stuerman’s claims ‘uncorroborated and inflammatory’. In a four page written response, Brettler stated that Stuerman had’simply got an axe to grind’ since being fired as his assistant in June 2013. 

Brettler, however, did not comment or dispute Singer’s allegation of getting Stuerman drunk while he was 18, and having sex with the latter. Also, he didn’t mention the Stuerman claimed that the producer assaulted someone nearly ten years ago. 

Bryan Singer's former assistant and partner Blake Stuerman has accused him of years of 'mental and emotional' abuse

Bryan Singer’s ex-assistant and former partner Blake Stuerman accuses him of years’ of’mental, emotional abuse’ 

Stuerman (pictured with Singer) shared details of his allegedly 'traumatizing' sexual relationship with Singer in an essay published by Variety

Singer (pictured with Stuerman) revealed details about his sexual relationship with Singer, which he allegedly traumatized in an essay published on Variety

Singer, who has been in the business for three decades, is well-known for Superman Returns and Valkyrie. 

A number of men have made allegations against him, including court cases and documentaries. They claim that he has sexually assaulted minors, in instances dating back to 1997.

Singer is bisexual, and has a son, with Michelle Clunie. Singer has denied the accusations. Some of them have been retracted by court, and some settled. Settlements are cheaper than going to court. 

“Up to a few years back, I still supported Bryan in private. Stuerman stated in his essay that he would not deny rumors about Bryan’s alleged conduct if they brought them up. 

‘It wasn’t until I began receiving treatment specifically for abuse and PTSD that I accepted what had actually happened. I was abused by an extremely powerful and wealthy man who is also very sick. Bryan Singer has made me a victim. 

A very powerful and wealthy man has abused me. He is also very rich.

Stuerman stated that he was working in New York as an assistant scenic design designer when he first met Singer in 2009 at a Nobu 57 dinner. 

“I was a stick thin and wildly precocious child, who looked 15 years older than I actually were.” He recalled the classic definition of twink.    

Singer later claimed that Singer invited all of them to his hotel suite, and asked for his driver’s licence because he couldn’t believe he was 18 years old. He said that Singer had offered him a drink, and that he could drive him home, but he refused to go.  

Stuerman recounted how Singer spent the next week with him and his friends. He also recalled how Singer ‘dipped more than $10,000. John Waters took a self-portrait of himself because he found the image amusing. 

Singer claimed that he hadn’t had any alcohol before meeting him, but that all changed when the director made it clear to him that he would have to drink one of Singer’s drinks at dinner. 

According to Stuerman, Singer insisted he finish the drink and then ordered him another before inviting everyone back to his hotel suite.     

“The group left Bryan’s suite one at a while until Bryan and I were alone. “I was just 18 and alone in a hotel with a wealthy and well-known man, who gave me his complete attention and intoxicated me for the first times in my entire life,” he said. 

“My chest tightens just from thinking about it. Imagine what would happen next. I didn’t know I was allowed to say no. I didn’t know that alcohol was affecting my decision-making ability.’

Stuerman claimed that Singer offered him a flight to Los Angeles on the next day. Singer said that Singer believed he was talented, and would fly him there if necessary. He discovered that Singer liked young-looking men after he had moved across the country.  

‘Older men would lead groups of twinks, like me, into Bryan’s house,’ he claimed. These men were expected to already have vetted the boys and ensure that they were legal. 

‘He would come hang out for a bit, make sure everyone had drinks, and then he’d pick the one, two, or more who he liked and we’d see them an hour or three later. They were often me.

Stuerman said that Singer mentored him and invited him to set-ups, postproduction sessions, script readings. Development meetings, films festivals, parties, dinners.

Singer used to pay Singer for meals. Singer once took Singer out to dinner, and he said that Elton John was very generous. 

‘I thought I was so incredibly lucky to have such a talented and powerful man as my mentor,’ he wrote, claiming that around this time Singer ‘also began to expect sex more frequently.’  

Stuerman said that Singer enjoyed movie nights at home, which always ended in him being left alone. He claimed that after the movie ended ‘it was then expected that we’d have sex or, at the very least, I would masturbate with him.’ 

The former assistant claimed that the closer they were, the more he wanted from him. If he refused to give in, it was a risk of losing all he worked so hard for. 

‘If I put up even a little bit of resistance, he’d get angry. “Why would I give up my future?” If I wanted to leave I was welcome to, but I wouldn’t be allowed back. He would text me about sex: “Boy c** yeahhhhhhhhh!”

Stuerman claimed he was 18 and Singer was 43 when the filmmaker got him drunk and had sex with him the first time, saying he didn't know he 'was allowed to say no'

Singer, who was 43 at the time of Stuerman’s drunken encounter with Singer, claimed that he was just 18 while Stuerman stated that he had never had any sex before.

Stuerman noted that he was 'stick thin' and 'looked no older than 15' at the time. He later learned that Singer 'had a reputation for liking very young-looking men'

Stuerman stated that Singer looked “sticky” at 15 years old. Later, Stuerman learned that Singer had a reputation of liking young-looking men.

Stuerman claimed Singer had ‘violently assaulted one of the guest’ at his house party that night. The filmmaker told Stuerman that Singer had ‘violently attacked one of the guests near him’ after dragging him in. ‘I’ll f**king kill you if you leave me.’ 

He said, ‘I’d never seen or witnessed any physical violence until I met Bryan.’ It was then that I realized I was in an isolated room with a drunken man. It was then that the terror began to sink in.

Stuerman stated that he tried to calm Singer while sending frantic text messages to party-goers, asking them to turn off their phones. 

“My text messages were desperate. My situation was dire. “It was close to 6 am when I finally managed to turn everything off,” he stated. ‘That’s when he finally fell asleep. Bryan kept his threats coming to fruition and from that point on I lived in constant fear. 

Before Bryan, I’d never seen or been subject to physical violence. 

‘If Bryan found out I had hooked up with someone without his permission — without inviting him to participate — he berated me, and dangled my future in front of me,’ he added. ‘

I wasn’t allowed to date. I wasn’t allowed to have sex with people of my choosing. I was controlled by him. 

Stuerman stated that Bryan had abused her mental and emotionally during the production of X-Men: Days of Future Past. This was in the spring of 2013. 

Singer had dragged him around almost every night of production. He claimed that Singer kept the crew waiting for Singer to get up while he attempted to ‘toober up in the mornings’.   

Stuerman said that Singer broke down when he told him he was an alcoholic and required help. He then flew into a fit of rage and kicked Stuerman out. Singer would be able to calm down after a couple of hours if Singer told him that was normal. 

Singer was angry again, he claimed. Singer was awakened by a guard and told that he would be sent home to LA.   

Singer allegedly told him to wait and let Singer forgive him. But he soon realized that he could not continue living like this. A separation agreement was made and he was paid a “low five-figure” for his labor.   

The former assistant, who wanted to work in the film industry, alleged that Singer became his mentor, but 'began to expect sex more frequently' in return

Singer was the former assistant who wanted to be a film producer. Singer claimed that Singer had become his mentor and that Singer ‘began expecting sex more often’ upon returning.

Stuerman claimed Singer 'controlled' his life during their four years together, saying he wasn't allowed to date or have sex with anyone of his choosing

Singer claimed Stuerman controlled his life for four years, and that he was not allowed to have sex or date anyone during this time.

He said, “I was not in the credits of Days of Future Past,” I was informed that it was just an oversight. It was my fault and no one could blame me for it. I was convinced that I’d f***** up and hadn’t worked hard enough. It seemed like I had lost my chance to share stories. My self-worth and worth were tied to the people I met.

Singer was just 17 years old when Singer was accused by Michael Egan (actor and model), of having raped him in Hawaii. This was right before Days of Future Past. 

Stuerman claimed that Singer’s relationship became tabloid fodder after his story was published, but he was warned not to speak out. Stuerman explained that he was afflicted by severe depression and needed to return home with his family. 

He recalled struggling with his mental health as well as alcohol abuse and a dependence on anti-anxiety medications for two years. At the request of his parents, he began seeing a therapist every week. 

Stuerman claimed that it was years of therapy before he finally realized that he was suffering from abuse. 

‘It turns out addiction, severe depression, PTSD, and anxiety are all very common among those of us who experienced Bryan’s wrath,’ he wrote.    

For nearly 25 years, allegations of sexual misconduct have followed Singer, with multiple accusations from different men — some of them underage at the time — in incidents occurring between 1997 and 2006.

Many of the 2014-2017 court cases were dismissed or withdrawn later by the parties.

Singer’s firing from two prominent director roles was due to the MeToo movement. Dexter Fletcher then took Singer’s place as the Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody. 

Red Sonja was first released in 1985. It was set to be redeveloped through his successor, Mr. Red Sonja. Robert Rodriguez’s Troublemaker Studios.

Singer's lawyer, Andrew Brettler, called Stuerman's allegations 'uncorroborated, inflammatory, and highly defamatory' in a four-page written response

Andrew Brettler was Singer’s attorney and called Stuermans’ allegations “uncorroborated”, inflammatory, highly defamatory” in a written four-page response

Singer has been hit by allegations from a number of people who have claimed that he sexually assaulted them as minors in incidents dating back to 1997

Singer is being accused of sexual assault by several minors, according to a host of witnesses. These allegations date back as far as 1997.

Singer hasn’t directed a film since.  

The Atlantic published a 2019 expose by four victims that he allegedly assaulted when they were children. has also published exclusive court records from 2014, which show Singer was at least 5 times accused of sexual assault in 2014. 

Stuerman’s account was corroborated by 20 people, including people who knew them and worked on X-Men: Days of Future Past, according to Variety. 

Another outlet stated that Singer was also assisted by the ex-assistant and provided “extensive documentation” that covered everything from photos of Singer to text message exchanges. 

 I lived in fear of Bryan following through on his threats

While responding to the allegations against his client, Brettler provided text messages from Stuerman to Singer that also corroborated they had a sexual relationship and that the former relied on the latter for money. 

Bettler stated that Singer had distanced himself form Stuerman as he “grew increasingly paranoid and delusional”   

The types of allegations that Mr. Steurman has made [sic]”Now is leveling at Mr. Singer are nothing but self-serving and conclusory remarks with absolutely no evidence supporting them,” wrote the lawyer.  

“Mr. Stuerman is angry and upset that he allegedly did not receive the “credit” that he thought he deserved on Mr. Singer’s films….And, most of all, he is angry and upset that Mr. Singer is no longer funding Mr. Stuerman’s jet setting lifestyle and supporting Mr. Stuerman financially, as he had done for so many years.’ 


1997: Singer was accused of asking a 14-year old extra to film scenes in Singer’s shower for him and others. The scene is part of Apt Pupil (1998), an adaptation from the thriller by Stephen King starring Ian McKellen. The claim was later supported by two other teenage boys aged 16-17 years. Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office refused to press criminal charges. Sources claimed the charges were dropped and others stated that it had been settled out of court. 

April 2014 Singer, then 31-year-old actor, was charged with raping Michael Egan in Hawaii, 1999. Singer had promised him roles in movies. 

Egan said he was introduced by Marc Collins, his business partner. Egan later sued Marc Collins-Rector for $1million. reported that Egan rejected a $100,000 settlement. Egan retracted his accusations and was jailed for two-years in 2015 after he participated in fraudulent investments.   

Mai 2014 John Doe No.117, an anonymous British citizen, filed suit against Singer, producer Gary Goddard. He used the same attorney Jeff Herman, Jeff Egan.

Singer allegedly assaulted the man at The Superman Returns’ premiere in London, 2006. His allegations were dropped in July. revealed that he was mentioned in court records in July.  

November 2014 Singer is mentioned in An Open Secret, a documentary that exposes child abuse within the film industry. After Egan withdrew his lawsuit in the course of film production, Egan’s claims were dropped. American Psycho Bret Easton Ellis, author, claimed that Singer and Roland Emmerich had hosted underage sex parties for two of his ex-partners.

December 2017, Cesar Sanchez-Guzman filed a lawsuit accusing Singer of raping him at a party on a yacht in Seattle in 2003 when he was 17. 

December 2017, Singer was alive for days before Singer filed the suit. After increasing tensions between Singer, actor Rami Malk and Singer’s unaccounted absences from the set, executives at 20th Century Fox fired him as director of Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody. Singer denied any allegations of improfessional conduct and said Fox wouldn’t allow him to take care of ‘a gravely ill father’ or his own health. Singer denied all allegations of unprofessional behavior and claimed Fox refused to allow him to care for ‘a gravely ill parent’ as well as his own health. USC School of Cinematic Arts also removed Singer’s name from its Division of Cinema & Media Studies program, following a protest by students. Although Mr. Singer was still credited with the film’s direction, he is not mentioned in the 2019 awards-season speeches.

June 2019:Singer had paid Sanchez-Guzman $150,000, having filed bankruptcy in 2014. This was to get the charges against him dropped. 

January 2019, The Atlantic ran an expose where four additional men claimed that Singer had sexually assaulted their children when they were young. They interviewed 50 different people during a 12-month-long investigation. Four of them were never allowed to speak about Singer’s experiences.

Another claimed that Singer had sex at his house at 17 with him in 1997. A second claim was that Singer and him had sex at the Beverly Hills house in 1997, while he was 15.

Singer, then in his 30s, claimed that both of them knew Singer was under 18.

Victims claimed that their experience left them with psychological damage, including substance abuse problems, depression, and PTSD.   

One named victim, Victor Valdovinos, claimed he was a 13-year-old extra on the set of Apt Pupil in 1997 when Singer — then in his 30s — touched his genitals. Valdovinos claims Singer molested him several times in the course of a day spent filming in a locker area that allowed for partial nudity.  

Singer was not able to dispute the claim that Sanchez-Guzman was stopped from his 2017 lawsuit. Singer’s legal team had reported Sanchez-Guzman, along with US immigration officials to the Internal Revenue Service.

Singer, in response to the allegations of the men, denied any connection with them and called the journalists ‘homophobic’

January 2019, reveals court documents from 2014 showing that Singer was hit by at least five allegations of sexual assault, including Egan and John Doe No.117, with at least two of the claimants settling out of court. 

February 2019, Because of the accusations against Singer, British Academy of Film and Television Arts removed Singer’s name form Bohemian Rhapsody from the nomination for Best British Film Award at BAFTA. There are also Millennium Films has announced that Singer is no longer serving as the director on Red Sonja.

December 2021In an essay published in Variety, Singer’s ex-assistant Blake Stuerman (30), accused him of emotional and mental abuse. Stuerman claimed that Singer was just 18 at the time when he got drunk, and that Singer had their first sex. He claimed that the director ‘controlled’ their lives during their four-year relationship.