After police claim that Petra Srncova’s death was not suspicious, the distraught father demands to know why her body was discovered in London by his children.

  • A woman’s body was found in Brunswick Park, south east London on Sunday
  • Petra Srncova (32), is being investigated by police.
  • Although they consider death unexplainable, they don’t believe that it is suspicious. 
  • Petyr her father went on Czech TV and asked if there was enough police to catch her.

Police said that the death of an elderly nursing assistant, whose body was discovered in a park two weeks after her disappearance, is not suspicious.

Petra Srncova was 32 when she completed her shift at the children’s hospital.

After children playing found her body, police were called to her London residence. 

Scotland Yard stated that Miss Srncova, a Czech-born woman, died unannounced. Initial inquiries however suggested the death wasn’t suspicious.

Petr, the father of his distraught daughter, demanded that answers be given and asked whether officers had done enough for his daughter. A Czech TV station he wept as he said that the London police had claimed they were doing all they could to find his daughter. But he didn’t believe them. He said, “They assured me that their 20-member team was dealing with it. They are trying to uncover the truth.”

Although he said that he’d been assured there weren’t any signs of an attack, the post-mortem has not yet taken place. He said he hadn’t eaten in ten days because he was worried and that if a post-mortem examination is completed, he will be able to assist his daughter at her funeral.

Petra Srncova, 32, was last seen after she finished a shift on November 28. Police were called to a park minutes away from her London home on Sunday after children out playing discovered her body

Petra Srncova (32), was last seen on Sunday, November 28, after having completed a shift. After children playing found her body, police were dispatched to her London residence.

The park has been closed while police make investigations

She was becoming increasingly anxious about her safety and police issued a desperate plea for any witnesses to her or anyone else with information. Pictured right: Brunswick Park Police officers on the scene

The South London park is in lockdown after the discovery of the body this morning

After the death of this body, the South London park was put under lockdown 

Martin Hosek from the Czech Embassy in London urged police not to stop investigating. 

Camberwell resident, John said that he was visiting the park to plant flowers. It’s very sad when a promising young woman is lost. [dead]It is especially important in foreign countries. The cause of death is not yet known so we trust the police to investigate. The police have our complete trust.

Miss Srncova departed the Evelina hospital, central London, at 7.45pm on Nov 28. The police said that she had taken money from a bank before returning home in a bus. They last saw her around 8.22 pm.

According to her flatmate, she was able to return home last night after taking a hot bath.

She may have been on a last-minute vacation or staying with close friends, he thought. He said that she was withdrawn from her family and had suffered several health issues. Unsuspecting hospital colleagues raised concerns on December 3, after Miss Srncova did not turn up at work.

A Facebook tribute was posted by an NHS worker: “You were brilliant, committed, and skilled, and we wish it had ended differently.”

Neighbors said that Miss Srncova had moved into the flat block nearly three years earlier.

Labour’s Harriet Harman was also present at the funeral and expressed sadness. Whatever happened, a young woman has lost her life and it’s a cause for absolute sadness and grief for her family – and a cause for concern for the local community.’

In the meantime, a man was arrested for Miss Srncova’s disappearance. He was granted bail and released over the weekend.