An old, dusty piano is transformed by a DIY expert into a home bar complete with hanging glass racks and LED lights.

  • An expert DIYer transformed an old piano to a bar in his home using LED lights  
  • A wine rack, hanging glasses rack, and countertop completed the bar. 
  • Julie from the UK was satisfied with the result, even though she made one error 
  • The DIY project was praised online by thousands, with many describing it as “beautiful” and “amazing”. 

An old out-of-tune vintage piano with scratches has now been converted into an at home bar complete with LED lights and a varnished counter.

Julie, a DIY pro from the UK who shared her before and after photos online, has impressed thousands.

Although the project was three months long, the final result was amazing and she was happy with it. 

Other DIY enthusiasts had previously turned old cabinets into bars. However, no one has attempted this with a keyboard.  

DIY pro Julie, believed to be from the UK, upcycled an old piano and turned it into a home bar

Julie, a DIY pro from the UK who believed to have upcycled an antique piano into a home-bar, is thought to be called Julie.

While the project took three months to complete, she said it was completely 'worth it' and was thrilled with the end result (pictured)

Although the project was three months long, the final result was amazing (photo).

She watched YouTube videos in order to learn how to properly disassemble the Grotrian Sternberg instruments after she had purchased it.

She said, “I recommend safety glasses and gloves because the wires can be sharp and spring everywhere when removed.”

Julie has not revealed the details of how she converted the piano to a bar. However, it stopped functioning as an instrument after that. 

Julia noted a mistake in how the images for the piano keys were put on reversed. She is working to correct it. 

Her partner helped her to add a glass rack under the top counter. LED lights can change colour with their help. 

It was a stunning finish that makes it stand out from other wine bar cabinets. 

With assistance from her partner, a glass rack was added under the top counter of the piano and the LED lights change to different colours.

A glass rack was installed under the counter of the piano with the help of her partner. The LED lights then change colours.

It was quickly received with praises and ‘liked by’ more than 3800 people.  

‘I used to be a bartender for over 30 years. This is incredible !!!’. One person said it.

“Excellent idea. Time for some whiskey straight and Miles Davis,” another comment was added.

The third one said “Shut the front doors!” That’s amazing! That would make it easy for you to sell it, if that were your choice.