As a consumer, it is your job to do your homework when it comes to creams that promise that they will make you look younger and that they will probably take care of your skin. Many skin care companies are guilty of selling products that promise a lot more than they can deliver, with many claims that they reduce wrinkles and acne. Over the counter skin care products are not as trustworthy as you might think and many people think that they are buying a life changing cream in a bottle. Thankfully, there are prescription skincare products available to us when our skin needs something that really does work. Prescription creams are designed to treat various medical conditions like acne, skin pigmentation and damage from the sun. This means that these creams can be only recommended by your doctor and you can only get them in a pharmacy.

If you are currently experiencing a skin problem that over-the-counter creams don’t seem to be able to fix, then you need to go here to to find a solution that really works. If you’re still not sold on the idea that prescription creams are much better for your skin than over-the-counter creams, then please read on.

* Clinical trials – Prescription skincare creams have to get past a lot of red tape before they can eventually become available to you. It needs to pass many clinical trials with regards to safety and efficacy before they will even consider issuing it to the general public. This is why prescription creams are generally more expensive than over-the-counter creams, but at least you’re getting something that you know will definitely work. Some people prefer to take a holistic approach to skin care, but nothing beats going to a health professional and getting your skin issue diagnosed properly. It provides essential peace of mind that we all need.

* More hoops – Over-the-counter creams have fewer hoops to jump through and as long as the ingredients are deemed as acceptable and the packaging comes with advice on dosage and instructions on how to use it, they are generally passed for consumer use. They submit that various studies have been done to prove that these products actually work when in fact the results are often made up to make the product appear better than it actually is.

*Better ingredients – When you buy a prescription skin cream, you’re getting a product that is more effective than an over-the-counter alternative. In order to get this prescription cream, your skin problem needs to be assessed by a medical professional who knows the correct treatment and so it is very likely that you will see better results. To learn more about other skin issues that many older people suffer from, please have a look here.

You always know what to expect when you are prescribed a skin cream by a health professional, because ingredients are true to their word and thoroughly tested. This doesn’t mean that over-the-counter creams lack efficacy, but it does mean that you need to be more choosy when finding something that is going to address your skin issues.