Pictured: Thor was given up by his owners after just weeks after pictures show he caused horrific injuries to his owners

Pictured: Thor, his owner after he inflicted terrible injuries on their property for just a few weeks.

After her puppy attacked her dog, a dog owner suffered horrific injuries to her legs.

William Fraser and his fiancée Marianne were excited to welcome puppy Thor into their home in time for him to settle in for Christmas.

However, the German Shepherd Belgian Malinois mix puppy was prone to behavioral issues and began acting aggressively.

Thor was brought home by his breeders in October 17. The problems started only days later, according to MailOnline. 

Marianne suffered two puncture wounds and purple bruises on her legs. 

William stated that it was with a heavy heart that the couple had to take the difficult decision of giving up William. 

MailOnline was told by William that he saw dramatic changes in his second week with us.

“He began to challenge Marianne. He locked on, refusing to let go. Then the biting started.

Thor was adopted by the couple from Fawnest Kennels Lockerbie. Marianne had suffered injuries and they shared photos to help others. 

William shared that the couple tried to be positive, and they even spent money on a training program and a behavior specialist. However, there were no improvements. 

German Shepherd Belgian Melinois mix locked on to owners' legs and did not let go, they said

German Shepherd Belgian Melinois German Shepherd mix tightened their grip on owners’ legs, and they did not let go.

The behaviour left the owner with horrific injuries to their legs, pictures shared have shown

Photos shared by others have revealed that the behaviour caused severe injuries to their legs.

Thor, the 17-week-old German Shepherd Belgian Malinois cross was given up by his owners

Thor, Thor’s 17-week-old German Shepherd Belgian Malinois mix was abandoned by his owners

“After two days, it got worse. Marianne kept getting attacked with a knife and was even more hurt.

William said Thor’s surrender to the rescue center that specialized in dog training for military and police services was what William called “the hardest decision”. 

MailOnline was informed by him that he felt devastated. It hurts. It was so bad that we had to stop working, especially since it is Christmas and we were hoping to have our pup.

Julie Nevett took Thor home this week. After the litter’s owners had become unable, she claimed that Thor 1 was a second puppy from the same litter. 

Julie wrote on Facebook that Thor 1 had been brought in because he caused injury to a child who needed medical attention.

Fawnest Kennels handed the puppies to her and she claims they expected to receive ‘pet-quality puppies’. 

Couple William Fraser and Marianne Brady with another of their dogs

Couple William Fraser and Marianne Brady with another of their dogs

Pictured: Marianne Brady and William Fraser, a heartbroken couple with Bear as their first dog

The owners (pictured) have given Thor to a rescue after being unable to manage his behaviour

After Thor became disruptive, his owners (pictured below) have rescued him.

Julie posted images yesterday of the terrible injuries to Facebook. Julie said: “I have never publicly listed the breeder or owner of any dog who has come into our rescue.”

Today, I will break this rule. It is terrible for the owners. Not only did they lose a lot of money but also their dog.

Fawnest Kennels warns that you should not purchase a Malinois X German Shepherd as a pet. I b****y hope the breeders are suitably ashamed of themselves.’

Over 300 people commented on the post, varying in their opinion about whether the breeding was negligent or not.

Lynne Dickson shared the following: “This breeder sold a German Shepherd dog to his friends. Now, it is five months old. It will only be one year.

Injuries caused by Thor the puppy

Thor the puppy

Thor was handed to a rescue station and will, it’s understood, be trained for military or police.

“Its spine, hips, and pup have been bit a lot.

William informed MailOnline that he had contacted both the SPCA as well the local council in order to express concerns regarding Fawnest Kennels.

The breeders gave him a refund after he complained about the puppy’s return.

MailOnline was told by Mr Fraser that it wasn’t about the money. It’s all about the dog and their accomplishments.

He shared his online warning and said that Thor’s pup is responsible for the incident. They were clearly wild animals. It is important for people to understand that there are at least two packs of this same animal. 

Belgian Malinois and German Shepherds are usually trained to serve in the military and police, but it’s not unusual for families to own them. 

Thor is said to have been retrained as a police officer and soldier. 

MailOnline has contacted Fawnest Kennels.