An animal lover groom decided to make his dog his best friend at the wedding and forgo his friends.

Shane Hudson (34), and Amanda Hudson (32) tied the knot in Michigan. Their beloved dog, Weller was there, dressed and booted next to them.

As the couple said “I do”, the three-year old mastiff and Staffordshire bullterrier mix joined them. The two then partied the night away with friends, all while wearing special doggy suits.

Amanda and Shane, from Hazel Park in Michigan wanted their beloved pet dog to join them on their special day. They decided that only the best roles were appropriate.

Shane and Amanda Hudson tied the knot in Michigan with their beloved pet pup, Weller, suited and booted right next to them

Amanda Hudson and Shane Hudson were joined by their pet dog, Weller. They tied the knot in Michigan.

The couple wanted to include their pup in the celebrations and decided to make him 'Best Boy'

They wanted their dog to be included in the festivities so they named him “Best Boy”.  

Shane, a salesman said that they knew that they wanted him to attend the wedding. Although we thought about making him the ring bearer, in reality, we decided to make him the “Best Boy”.

Our world is ‘Weller. As a puppy we adopted him, and he now goes everywhere with us.

We were very careful in choosing a place that would be comfortable for our son to spend some time together.

Weller was exhausted when it came time to take a taxi home.

The wedding party made sure to give the best man's plenty of cuddle and pets during the celebrations

During the wedding celebrations, the groom’s party ensured that the best man was given lots of love and affection by the bridal party. 

Weller stole the show in Amanda and Shane's wedding pictures, but the couple did not seem to mind

Amanda and Shane had a great wedding, with Weller dominating the scene. But the couple seemed to not mind. 

“The day was wonderful, there were some unconventional tastes but we all focused on each other and the love that brought us together.

“We couldn’t have asked for better day.

“We are the annoying dog owners who share photos and videos about Weller everywhere on our social media platforms, so Weller now has a small fan base of friends and relatives.

‘We have worked very hard on Weller’s training over the past year, and we are still getting compliments on how well-behaved he was.’

Party animal! Weller stayed for the party after the wedding, but was taken home in a cab when it got a bit too late

You are a party animal! Weller attended the wedding party, but was eventually taken to the airport in a cab. 

The dog-loving couple wanted Weller to be involved in their big day and even got him a doggy tuxedo

Weller and his dog lover husband wanted him to participate in the wedding.

The pup seemed to be taking his role of Best Boy very seriously during the wedding. Shane also said he spent a lot of time on Weller's training and that he was very well-behaved during the reception

During the wedding, the pup appeared to take his Best Boy role very seriously. Shane stated that Weller was a big part of his training, and that Weller helped him be a good boy during the reception. 

The happy couple with their wedding party and Weller. Amanda and Shane had to fine a dog-friendly venue for their pup

They are the happy couple, with Weller and their wedding party. Amanda and Shane needed to find a venue that was dog friendly for their puppy. 

If you look closely, Weller will be shown in the majority of the photos. He also enjoys cuddling the guests and getting petted by them. 

He took his own photos with Shane and Amanda, who were proud to share their special day with their dog. 

Before the actual party started, the dog was brought home to ensure he wasn’t bothered too much by the music and wouldn’t go unattended.  

Shane admitted Amanda and him love to share pictures of their dog all over social media and were delighted that Weller could be a part of their day

Shane said Amanda and him enjoy sharing photos of their dogs all over social media. They were thrilled that Weller was able to be part of their day. 

A ladies' man1 Weller got his own snap with the bride and got plenty of pets from the bridesmaids

The ladies’ man1 Weller snapped his photo with the bride. He also got lots of pet things from the bridesmaids

One of the boys! Weller celebrated with the wedding party when Amanda and Shane shared a kiss

One of the guys! Weller joined the wedding party as Amanda and Shane shared an intimate kiss. 

The pup was taken home in a cab when the time got late so he could rest at home while his owners partied on, pictured

The owner took the pup home in a taxi when it was too late. He wanted him to be able to rest and watch his parents party, as shown below.

Weller was a central figure at Amanda and Shane's wedding, and posed with the wedding party

Weller was the central figure of Amanda and Shane’s marriage and took photos with their wedding party 

The pup was involved in all the important moments of the day, and got his own ride home at the end

This pup participated in all of the most important moments and was given his own ride home at night. 

Shane was very pleased his dog could be there at his wedding day and added Amanda and him couldn't 'have asked for a better wedding day'

Shane said that he was happy his dog was there on his wedding day. He also added that Amanda couldn’t have had a better wedding day.