Dog walker tells how his two American bulldogs caught 13-year-old suspect as he carried out a ‘citizen’s arrest’ after woman, 35, was ‘raped’ by two males in park

  • Two males allegedly assaulted the woman in Winn’s Common bushes.
  • Sid Costello, dog walker, stopped the attack and held suspects near 13
  • Teen arrested for rape was taken to the hospital with a dog bite injury. 

Dogwalker credits his dogs with stopping a woman from being raped in London’s park. He also detained a suspect aged 13 years old near the crime scene.

Sid Costello was walking his two American XL Bulldogs through Winn’s Common in Plumstead on Tuesday when his dogs pulled him towards a bush because they heard a noise.

At that moment, a 35 year-old female fled the scene and said she was being sexually assaulted two times by men.

Costello believes that the dogs disrupted the incident. He said that he placed himself and his dogs immediately between the women and suspects, and behaved as though he was going to let his dogs chase them.

Sid Costello

Sid Costello

Sid Costello (pictured as dog walker) was proud of his American bulldogs, the American XL, for stopping a Plumstead sex assault Tuesday night. Also helping to arrest a nearby 13-year old suspect.

The 35-year-old woman was allegedly raped by the suspects in bushes at Winn's Common in Plumstead on Tuesday before Mr Costello managed to detain the teen. Pictured: the scene

A 35-year-old victim was allegedly raped in the Plumstead bushes by Winn’s Common on Tuesday. However, Mr Costello managed detain her. The scene 

According to the 29-year old, the suspect tried jumping over cars but fell. The two were then detained by the police nearby.

The suspect was taken into custody by Costello with the assistance of Pablo and Menace his dogs. 

Speaking to the Evening Standard, Mr Costello said:  ‘I’m not a hero. Both are, as far as i’m concerned.

“I love them, they are my children. I tell them that I have two boys at home: my dog and my son.

They are constantly kissing one another. The couple returned to home and got back together, going to bed just like it had never happened.

After being arrested, the suspect was transported to the hospital to be treated for a bite from a dog. He then was taken into custody.

Mr Costello added: ‘It was just a scratch – if my dog had actually bitten him, he would need to have his wrist reconstructed.

“Meanwhile, my neighbours kept pushing me to get the dogs off of him. But I knew they’d be killed if they do any harm and that I loved them.

According to the 29-year old, his dogs have an Instagram account and are proof there is no bad dog, just bad owner. 

Pictured: Pablo and Menace helped Mr Costello detain a 13-year-old rape suspect in Plumstead

Pictured: Pablo and Menace helped Mr Costello detain a 13-year-old rape suspect in Plumstead

Met Police spokesperson said that police were dispatched to Lakedale Road in SE18 shortly before 11pm, December 21, to investigate reports of two men raping a woman.

‘Officers attended. Two males reportedly raped a woman aged 35 in the bushes close to Lakedale Road SE18.

“A member of public was out walking his dog when he saw the suspects. He helped to detain one of the suspects at the spot.

“The thirteen-year old male was detained on suspicion of rape. After being treated for a finger injury from a dog bite, he was later taken to the hospital and taken into custody.

13-year-old boy was granted bail and given a return date in January. 

Met Police stated that their inquiries are ongoing.