On me ‘ead, Flipper! Two dolphins were caught in action playing football with a JELLYFISH from Wales.

  • Dafydd, 50, of New Quay in Wales, saw the jellyfish and dolphins. 
  • This video, which was shared on January 24, features dolphins using jellyfish to play football
  • When Mr Lewis saw the playful scene, he was out on a dolphin-spotting trip.  
  • The jellyfish are blasted in the water by Dolphin using its nose. 

It was the first time that playful bottlenose dolphins made use of jellyfish as a football. 

Dafydd, 50, was a captain on dolphin-spotting boats trips from New Quay in Wales. He filmed jellyfish playing by the animals.

The video was shared January 24th and shows the dolphin using its nose to bounce barrel jellyfish into the water.

As the jellyfish is used as a football by the animal, large splashes can be seen. Both the jellyfish and the fish resurface underwater many times.   

In the video taken by skipper Dafydd Lewis and shared on January 24, the dolphin uses its nose to bounce the jellyfish in and out of the water

Video taken by Dafydd Lyne and shared January 24, shows a dolphin using its nose and jellyfish to get in and out of water.

Large splashes are seen as the animal repeatedly uses the jellyfish as a football and both resurface from underwater multiple times

 Large splashes are seen as the animal repeatedly uses the jellyfish as a football and both resurface from underwater multiple times

Lewis saw the dolphins in a playful mood, so he decided to make videos.   

According to the 50-year old, the dolphins were swimming along the boat for approximately a mile. Then the dolphins jumped alongside it and then the second dolphin threw the barrel jellyfish out of the water with its nose.

“And another one launched one of these barrel jellyfishes out of the water by using its tail.

The dolphins jumped in and out of the water playfully with the jellyfish

Dolphins played with jellyfish by jumping in and getting out of water.

“Barrel jellyfish average 32kg in weight and are found in large numbers at Cardigan Bay during spring-to-summer months.

This behavior is often seen when dolphins are having a good time. Even wearing jellyfish hats, I’ve seen dolphins emerge from the ocean.

“The display was awe inspiring to the passengers. The videos have shocked many who’ve seen them.

“As I shot the video, it was amazing to see what I had captured on film.”

Mr Lewis (pictured) saw that the dolphins were in a playful mood so decided to take the videos

Pictured: Mr Lewis, who saw the dolphins in playful mood and decided to capture the videos

According to Mr Lewis, New Quay was a great place in Britain for bottlenose dolphins. The ones seen at Cardigan Bay can also be found in Florida and Mexico.

For the frigid waters of Cardigan Bay, and the winter months that follow, dolphins must gain lots of fat.   

Lewis stated, “Over the years, I have seen many truly amazing sights and I’m still excited to see dolphins.

“I’m still amazed by their shows which don’t tire me.

It is so much more enjoyable to see them wild than in captivity.

“They are very social animals and frequently swim with us in the boat.

Mr Lewis with his son Lestyn (pictured) said that the dolphins are 'very sociable creatures' and often swim alongside the boats

Lewis and his son Lestyn (pictured). Lewis said the dolphins are “very social creatures” that often swim with the boats.