Dominic Raab is standing by the deadline for NHS compulsory jabs. This could mean that up to 80K unvaccinated workers will lose their job after it enters force in February. Boris Johnson contemplates a six month delay

  • Boris Johnson is thought to be delaying mandatory jab rule introduction
  • The PM may fear another revolt from the Backbencher Tories. They want to see rule abolished.
  • Dominic Raab held firm to the deadline, stating that it was to “protect vulnerable hospitals” 
  • After hundreds marched in protest across the UK, this is what happened.  

Dominic Raab stood firm on a mandatory jabs deadline to NHS staff. This could lead to up to 80,000 workers being fired if it goes into effect in February. Boris Johnson is considering a delay of six months. 

Boris Johnson, it is reported that he may consider kicking off the Covid vaccine deadline “downstream” following protests across the country over Tory backbenchers’ demands to scrap the rule.

However, the deputy prime minister stated the jab is necessary to protect the most vulnerable people in hospitals and prevent patients from being put at risk.

Nearly 80k employees could lose their job if they are not vaccinated. February 3 marks the end of the window for bookings.

The day after, anyone without jabs may be dismissed and asked to extend their notice period until March 31. 

According to Mr Raab, the BBC was informed that the overwhelming majority of people have spoken out.

“I think that we should continue calling for all those who haven’t been vaccinated, to do so before the deadline.

“But, I believe ultimately we must ensure that patients are not at risk by vaccinating them.”

He also stated that nine of ten NHS workers have already come forward to get their vaccine. 

Raab stated that the NHS has more resilience than ever because it now employs nearly 5,000 doctors and 11,000 nurses more than in 2020. It is showing its resilience.

Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab appeared on BBC Politics on Sunday morning and stood by the deadline

On Sunday, Dominic Raab, Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom appeared on BBC Politics and stood firm at the end.

Protesters march along Regent's Street holding 'no vaccine mandates' signs on Saturday

On Saturday, protesters marched down Regent’s Street with signs stating that there are no vaccine mandates. 

In London, dozens of health workers were seen throwing their scrubs at police officers outside Downing Street (pictured), while others dumped their uniforms on the ground by Trafalgar Square

London: Several health professionals were seen throwing scrubs at officers in Downing Street, while others left their uniforms to the ground near Trafalgar Square.

NHS 100k dump their scrubs in Trafalgar Square in Central London during 'March for Freedom' protest against mandatory vaccines

NHS 100k throws their scrubs into Trafalgar Square during the March for Freedom protest against mandatory vaccinations 

Despite the threats to their career and several booster campaigns, more than 80,000 NHS staff – six per cent of the workforce – remain unvaccinated.

Many of them joined protestors against vaccines across the country Saturday. London saw dozens of health staff throwing scrubs at the officers in Downing Street while others dropped their uniforms on Trafalgar Square. 

Piers Corbyn is a well-known anti-vaxxer. He was one of the protestors who gathered in front of BBC Broadcasting House. Another protestor wore a Squid Game mask with biohazard suits, which included a blow-up pen and an syringe.

A uniform worn by an ambulance worker was left in Regent’s Park with the following message: Paramedic 9 year olds, clapping Thursday and spat out Monday. 

These so-called “freedom rallies”, also took place in Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds as well as Newcastle. There, protestors displayed signs saying: No vaccine mandate’, ‘heros zeros – from clapping, to sacking’.  

A woman holds a placard promoting NHS 100k, a group of anti-vaxx ambulance workers who 'stand united in favour of freedom of choice, bodily autonomy and informed consent'. More than 150,000 people have died from Covid in Britain but the death rate plummeted after people started taking vaccines

Placard promoting NHS 100k is held by a woman. This group includes anti-vaxx ambulance personnel who “stand united in favor of freedom of choice and bodily autonomy as well as informed consent”. Covid has claimed the lives of more than 150,000 British citizens, but this number dropped after vaccines were introduced.

A man smiles as he holds a flare and a drum during a march in London for NHS staff against vaccine mandates for workers in the organisation

A smiling man holds a flare, a drum and smiles during the march to London against mandatory vaccinations.

While the UK has had a dramatic drop in the mortality rate since more people were vaccinated it is still a very dangerous disease. Some anti-vaxx nurses claim that this lifesaving vaccine was an experiment.     

As the Royal College of GPs called for the Government’s extension of the deadline in order to avoid mass staff shortages within the NHS, Saturday’s demonstrations were a result.

Martin Marshall, Chairman of the Board of Health said that compulsory vaccination was not the best way forward. About ten percent had never received the Covid jab in some hospitals or GP practices.