The festive pizza! Domino’s launches its Christmas advertisement featuring a choir singing to help promote the Festive One and After Eight cookies

  • Dominoes released its first Christmas television commercial 
  • This video demonstrates the value of family and friends reuniting following the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Chain offers new options for festive meals, such as turkey-topped pizza
  • Are deep-filled chocolate cookies being launched with After Eight centres?  

Domino’s presents its first Christmas commercial to mark the beginning of the festive season.

The advert, which is a mixture of humor and hunger, explains the importance of family and friends reuniting after prolonged periods of lockdown.

This video is a great example of how major brand advertisements can be outdone. It welcomes back the cast members who appeared in its Domin-Oh-Hoo-Hoo summer ads.

Domino’s presents The Festive One: A seasonal pizza special topped off with onion and sage marinated turkey breast. Cumberland sausage, crispy bacon

For a final touch, we have deep-filled Cookies with After Eight. These cookies are made of chocolate dough and contain a minty center. 

A choirboy sang and couldn't help himself yodelling 'Domin-Oh-Hoo-Hoo' instead of a christmas carol

One choirboy sang, but couldn’t resist yodeling ‘DominOh-Hoo–Hoo’ rather than a Christmas carol.

Friends and family who had gathered in the church to celebrate Christmas came together to enjoy some festive pizza

Families and friends that had been gathered at the church for Christmas celebrations got together to share festive pizza

The film begins by panning across the fairy-lit stage towards a chorus that is about to break into song.

They perform Silent Night instead of performing a traditional song. A room-silent yodel from the leader singer confuses all the others in the chorus until everyone embraces the joyful yodel spirit. 

This spot ends with friends and the choir enjoying a hot Festive One, with all of the Domino’s trimmings. 

Domino’s will create a special Christmas doughnation in conjunction with Dominoh-hoo Yodel’s #GivingTuesday campaign on Tuesday, 30 November.

Domino’s invites pizza-lovers to donate their food to charity by placing orders. They have pledged that they will match every dollar raised and all proceeds to Teenage Cancer Trust, Domino’s longest-standing charity partner.

A cast member from Domino's summer ads made another appearance as he replied to the choir boy's call for pizza

Another cast member of Domino’s summer ads appeared as he answered the call from the choir boy for pizza

The whole choir got in on the fun of yodelling and stood on the stage looking ready for a big Christmas meal

All the choir joined in the fun by yodelling, and stood up on stage ready to enjoy a large Christmas dinner

Through its six-year partnership with the charity, Domino’s has helped raised almost £5.5million to fund specialist care and support. 

Melanie Howe is the Merriment Maker at Domino’s. She said, “After last year’s Christmas, 2021 is undoubtedly a season to be joyful, so we’re gearing up for another dough-filled holiday season.” 

“With Christmas parties underway and large family gatherings planned, our stores will be rocking around the clock this holiday season to ensure our drivers have plenty of delicious treats in their sleighs!” 

The conductor looked perplexed as her plans for a civil carolling performance were scuppered by calls for pizza

She looked confused, as she saw that her plans to perform a civil carolling show were interrupted by requests for pizza.

A second choir singer joined it as more people began to put their requests in for the festive pizza treat

The festive pizza feast was made possible by the addition of a second singer to the choir.

Predicting that pizza sales are on the rise over the festive period, Domino’s predict the 4th of December will be the biggest day* for pizza-filled festivities.

To celebrate, They’re bringing out their first ever Christmas themed pizza, The Festive One, and new festive dessert, Cookies with After Eight®, which are all set to be fan favourites this year.

The spot will broadcast the ad over major primetime spots like tomorrow night’s semifinal of The Great British Bake Off. This should inspire pizza enthusiasts to order hot pizzas to enjoy while watching the show.

The Festive One and Cookies with After Eight® are available now to order online, through the Domino’s app or via your nearest store. Visit for more information or to locate your closest store.