Donald Trump meets Nigel Farage for an interview that will air tomorrow on GB News. They discuss topics such as Meghan and Harry and the Capitol Hill riot.

  • Donald Trump, former president of the United States speaks to Nigel Farage in GB News chat 
  • The show airs tomorrow and they talk about Capitol Hill riot and Boris Johnson 
  • Also, the duo will talk about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as well as climate change
  • Prevailing quote by Mr Trump: “I believe you will be happy in future too”

In an interview by Nigel Farage for GB News, Donald Trump, former US President, spoke about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as well as Boris Johnson’s Capitol Hill riot.

It will broadcast tomorrow at 7pm and feature Mr Trump being asked whether or not he plans to run for the presidency again.

The preview clip featured dramatic music and showed them sitting together. It also had the tagline “nothing is off limits” which revealed that they would be discussing climate change. 

Former US president Donald Trump sat down for an interview with Nigel Farage for GB News

Donald Trump, former president of the United States, sat down with Nigel Farage to discuss GB News

The interview, which will be broadcast at 7pm tomorrow, has been billed as a 'world exclusive'

Interview will air tomorrow at 7pm.

The interview was promoted by Mr Farage, who told his 1.6million followers: 'Don't miss it!'

Farage encouraged his followers to watch the interview and told them that they should not miss it.

Also included was a quote by Donald Trump: ‘I believe that you will be happy in your future too.’ However, it provided no context.

Trump and Farage have previously appeared on the same stage together, as Trump was speaking last October at an Arizona election rally.

The two also had talks at Trump Tower in New York in November 2016. This made Mr Farage the first British politician who met with the president since his election win.

Farage had spoken at an August 2016 campaign event in Jackson for Republican presidential candidate, John Farage. 

October 2020: Nigel Farage speaks as Donald Trump listens at a rally in Phoenix, Arizona

October 2020: Nigel Farage addresses Donald Trump at an Arizona rally

November 2016: Nigel Farage meet Donald Trump in New York after his presidential victory

November 2016, after Trump’s presidential win, Nigel Farage meets Donald Trump in New York

August 2016: Nigel Farage speaks as Donald Trump listens at a rally in Jackson, Mississippi

August 2016: Donald Trump listens as Nigel Farage gives a speech at Jackson’s rally

Tomorrow’s interview has been promoted on the GB News social networks as well as Mr Farage’s 1.6 million followers who stated: ‘Don’t Miss it! 

Trump lost last November’s US election to Joe Biden. He was then permanently blocked from Twitter by the company in January. 

And in June, Facebook suspended Mr Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts for two years – with both bans due to posts he made about the US Capitol riots. 

Farage: Trump Interview to air from 7pm tomorrow on GB News, Freeview, and YouView channel 236. Sky HD 515. Virgin Media HD 626. Freesat HD 216.