One woman who knew she’d die if she got Covid created a goodbye list before she was placed on a ventilator.

Justine Laymond (48), contracted Coronavirus and died in November. She had survived a double-lung transplant 15 years ago. Justine wrote in her last Facebook post that she was rushed to the hospital at 3:00 AM. Her oxygen level was 30, so it is a tragic loss. Although I am on CPAP and fighting, I admit that I feel scared.

The Essex artist talked to The Mirror about her situation last year. She said she had a hospital bag’ and a list to call should she get infected.

Justine survived a pulmonary failure in 2006, but was almost killed. She spent three weeks in an induced coma and had to endure 15 lung collapses until a transplant.

Justine Laymond, 48, contracted Coronavirus in November and tragically passed away earlier this month - 15 years after surviving a double lung transplant.

Justine Laymond was 48 when she contracted Coronavirus. She tragically died earlier in the month, just 15 years after receiving a second lung transplant.

Justine went on to compete in Transplant Games, became a hit drag artist and made sure to live life to the fullest – before the pandemic hit. 

Speaking in an interview last year, Justine said: ‘I’m so frightened. If I get it, I’ll die. It would be a fight for my life, but it is certain that it will endanger me.

“I have my wishes in writing. In case we need to dial an ambulance, there is a list of names and numbers that I can call. I’ve got an emergency bag packed.’

Justine, her boyfriend Tom Hipperson (46), caught Covid and although he was able to recover quickly, Justine’s condition continued to decline. 

The artist, from Essex, spoke to The Mirror last year, and revealed that she had a 'hospital bag packed and list of phone calls to make' should she become infected - and admitted that she was 'so frightened' but would 'fight for her life'

The Essex artist talked to The Mirror about her plans to fight for her life.

Just days after she contracted the virus in November she shared her last heartbreaking post: 'I'm struggling too much. I'm going on a ventilator now. I love you all.

A few days later, she posted her most heartbreaking blog post, “I’m struggling too hard,” just days before she was diagnosed with the virus. I have to go on the ventilator right now. I love you all.

Justine was instructed to raise the dosage of her medication in order to keep her body from rejecting it. She was then advised to dial 999 again later in that week. 

After she had been taken to the hospital, she was put on life support and she left behind her sad final message.

She said, “I am struggling too much.” Now, I am going to the ventilator. I love you all.

“Please preserve my memories. It is my hope that I will wake up. However, my lungs feel so weak inside. All my love. Many thanks for the friendships.

Justine and her boyfriend Tom Hipperson (seen), 46, caught Covid last month, and while he got better quickly, Justine's health continued to deteriorate.

Justine (seen) and Tom Hipperson (seen), 46 caught Covid last Month. Although he improved quickly, Justine’s condition continued to decline.

In 2006 (seen in the years that followed) Justine narrowly avoided death after her lungs failed, and was put in a three-week coma, spending weeks on life support and enduring 15 lung collapses before a lung transplant saved her life

Justine was almost saved from death in 2006, as seen in the years to come. She had suffered a pulmonary failure that left her with no lungs. After being placed in a 3-week coma and spent weeks on life support, she endured 15 lung collapses until a transplant.

Tom spoke out to the Mirror in sorrow, explaining that her life had been full of joy so the family members of the transplant recipient could see their achievements.

“For her to be taken away from me after I have been so vigilant for so long.”

“We were wearing our masks still and used the gel hand gel to encourage people to have their blood tested. She caught it so unfairly.

Tom explained that she had lived life to the full so the family of the lung transplant donor could see what they had achieved

Tom shared that Tom had seen her live life fully so that family members of lung transplant donors could see their achievements.

Justine, seen previously, was advised to increase the medication she was taking to stop her body from rejecting her lungs, but was advised to call 999 later that week after contracting Covid

Justine had been seen before. She was told to raise the dosage of her medication in order to keep her body from rejecting it. But she was instructed to call 911 later that week, after she contracted Covid.

Tom said of Justine (who is seen getting her jab) 'We were the ones still wearing our masks and using the hand gel and encouraging people to get tested. It's so unfair that she caught it.'

Justine, who is being photographed getting her jab from Tom, said that Justine was the one still wearing her masks and using hand gel. He encouraged people to test. She caught it so unfairly.