For the majority of my adult life, I was surprised and depressed by how easy it is to eat until my stomach hurts.

My frustration at the way our brains and bodies drive us to unhealthy foods even when we aren’t hungry is something I share with you.

Two Australian academics did new research that helped me understand why many people, including myself, are hardwired to overeat.

Dr Michael Mosley with his wife Dr Clare Bailey. Dr Mosley says his new plan 'will not only stop you feeling hungry and falling off the wagon, but it's good for your muscles as well'

Dr. Michael Mosley and his wife, Dr. Clare Bailey. Mosley states that Dr Mosley’s new strategy will not only keep you full and from falling off the wagon; it will also benefit your muscles.

Steve Simpson and David Raubenheimer, both from the University of Sydney argue that there is more than one hunger for food. They have written 5 Appetites, a book in which they discuss five different types of appetites: One for each protein, fat and carbohydrate, and one for salt.

The researchers point out that our bodies have sensors within our stomachs, our gut linings, and our brains to sense the presence of nutrients. If we aren’t getting enough, our cravings can be triggered.

According to their research, the human need to get protein (which can include meat, eggs, and tofu), dominates all others. This drives us to continue eating and continue to eat until we have met our protein requirements.

Based on research, Dr Mosley and Dr Bailey 'have ensured that you get plenty of protein on every single day of our new Fast 800 Keto plan which is being serialised exclusively in The Mail on Sunday and Daily Mail'

Research has shown Dr Mosley, and Dr Bailey have ‘ensured you get enough protein each day of Fast 800 Keto’s new plan. This is exclusive to The Mail on Saturday and Daily Mail.

When hunger strikes

Sip a cup of black tea, herbal tea or coffee (up to four cups a day) with a splash of almond milk (which is lower in carbohydrate than cow’s milk)

They say that too much protein can cause you to feel numb and will make it difficult to eat the right foods. A higher-protein diet can help you satisfy your cravings with far fewer calories.

It is known as the “Protein Leverage Hypothesis”. This explains why people eat with no restraint till they satisfy their protein hunger, even if there are foods rich in carbs and fats that have low protein content.

The type of chocolate biscuit I like has 60 percent carbs but only 6 percent protein.

If I ate all the biscuits in a packet, which I am quite capable of, I would consume 1,300 calories – almost my entire daily allowance – but only 16g of protein, a fraction of my daily need. You’d be amazed at how easily I keep going.

A plate of chicken or fish, however, would be enough to satisfy my protein cravings.

Their research has led us to ensure that every day of the Fast 800 Keto Plan is full of protein. This plan will only be published in The Mail On Sunday and Daily Mail.

You won’t feel hungry, or fall off the wagon. This is good for your muscle health.

How important is it to eat plenty of protein?

It is well-known that fat can be used as an energy reserve and to protect our organs. Fat also serves as a carrier and absorber of fat-soluble vitamins.

Carbohydrates provide energy, and in Fast 800 Keto, they’re an important source for the fiber your body needs.

Protein is essential in so many ways. It is necessary for the construction of muscles, enzymes, and other infrastructures in our bodies.

Protein is found in every cell of the body and it’s vital to growth and repair.

Our diets are lacking in good quality protein, which is why we’re getting more obese. Britain is home to one of the most obese countries in the world. This can be attributed in large part to our increasing intake of processed foods and convenience foods that are high in sugar and low in protein.

Many families are dependent on quick and cheap processed foods for dinner and breakfast. The Protein Leverage Hypothesis helps us understand why our obesity epidemic is growing.

Simpson and Professor Raubenheimer conducted an experiment where volunteers consumed 200 more calories per day as snacks when following a low-protein diet. This was in comparison to the days they were eating higher protein.

When hunger strikes

Make sure your fridge has healthy snacks like crudites and protein bars. However, make sure you have cleared out all tempting temptations so that it is impossible to get chocolates, biscuits, or crisps.

Volunteers also felt hungry after eating lower-protein breakfasts, even though they consumed the same amount of calories on high-protein days.

This is what I have found. For breakfast I usually eat fish or eggs. I feel full till lunch if I have them. If I consume the same amount of calories as cereal, toast or bread, I’ll crave a snack at mid-morning.

Please note that rapid weight loss is not for everyone. Talk to your doctor if you are suffering from a serious medical condition or have diabetes type 2, are taking insulin or on blood pressure medication.

Teenagers and people suffering from an eating disorder or with mental illnesses, as well as those who have not lost weight or are doing endurance exercises, should not use it.

  • Extracted by LOUISE ATKINSON from The Fast 800 Keto, by Dr Michael Mosley, Short Books, £9.99. To order a copy for £8.99, go to or call 020 3176 2937. Free UK delivery on orders over £20. Offer valid through February 9, 2022.

What amount of protein are we supposed to consume? As we get older, we need more 

The Protein Leverage Hypothesis claims that in order to satisfy protein cravings, the majority of people need about 15% to 20% of their calories to be made up of protein.

You will feel more satisfied if you go below the recommended daily intake.

The current guidelines for health recommend that women eat 45g per day of protein, while men should eat 55g.

However, experts believe that these numbers may be too low.

To avoid muscle loss due to ageing, you need to increase your protein intake.

Research suggests that we should aim to consume 1 to 1.5g protein per kilogram body weight each day by the time we are in our mid-life years. If you weigh 80kg (or 12st 8lb), this means that 80g to 120g should be consumed daily.

My Fast 800 Keto plan, which is based on the classic Mediterranean diet, has about 20% protein. I modified the plan and the recipes created by Dr Clare Bailey and Caroline Barton to improve the protein content.

Fast 800 Keto’s first stage for rapid weight loss is designed so that 20-25% of your daily intake of high-quality proteins is achieved.

Moving to Stage Two will mean you’ll eat more calories and increase your protein intake.

By the time you are happily at your target weight and on the maintenance Stage Three of the diet plan, you can – and should – ensure that your protein intake is around 70 to 80g per day for women and 90 to 100g for men.

Although this is not the official recommendation, I still believe in the potential of emerging science.

An important note: If you are suffering from kidney issues, it is possible that your diet may be more high-protein than necessary. Before starting the plan, talk with your doctor. 

Our recipes will get you burning fat – but without going hungry 

You can reduce your hunger and avoid cravings by eating enough protein each day. Don’t go overboard.

My Daily Mail yesterday explained that your body’s main fuel source is a mixture of sugar and fat.

It switches to fat burning when glucose stores are low. This happens when you fast, exercise heavily or don’t eat carbs in any significant amount.

This is done by your body releasing fat acids from the stored fat and then converting them to chemicals known as ketone bodies. They can be utilized by all cells of your body to provide fuel.

This is what we want to be.

However, too much protein (more that 30%) may hinder the process.

Delicious recipes have been created by my wife and a group of nutritionists. They contain the perfect balance of carbohydrates and proteins to make sure you’re not only burning fat, but also keep you full.

From tomorrow to Wednesday, you’ll find these recipes in The Daily Mail.

List of protein options to curb the hunger pangs 

This diet plan allows you to include additional protein in your diet, regardless of whether you are aiming to lose 800 to 900 calories daily in your initial phase. However, it is better to have extra protein than succumb to the temptation to reach for something sweet like a cookie, a bar of chocolate, or some crisps.

BACON1 Tbsp (7g), chopped dry-fried 23 cals/1.7g protein

CHORIZO 1 TBSP (10g)40 Calories or 2.7g Protein

CHICKEN BREAAST 75g 115cals/22.6g protein

CHICKEN BREAST 75g: 115cals/22.6g protein (file photo used)

CHICKEN BREATH 75g: 22.6g protein/115cals (file photo).

TUNA 45g drained with oil 85kcals/5g protein

ANCHOVIES 4 drained with oil 23kcals/3g protein

PRAWNS 75g prawns: 59kcals/10g protein

CHORIZO 1 tbsp (10g): 40cals or 2.7g protein (file photo used)

CHORIZO 1 tablespoon (10g): 40 calories or 2.7g of protein (filed photo).

GREEK Yogurt 1 TBSP (about 40g) Full-fat Greek yogurt 53kcals/2.2g protein

PARMESAN 10g 42kcals/3.5g protein

FETA 15g full fat feta 37kcals/2.3g protein

EDAMAME BEANS 80g cooked shelled beans: 110kcals/9g protein (file photo used)

EDAMAME BEAN 80g cooked shelled bean: 110kcals/9g Protein (file Photo Used)

CHEDDAR 30g (matchbox- sized piece): 124kcals/7.5g protein

HALLOUMI (30g), lightly fried with 1 tsp of olive oil 145kcals/6g protein

EGG 1 medium egg: 78kcals/7.7g protein

GREEK YOGURT 1 tbsp (about 40g) full-fat live Greek yogurt: 53kcals/2.2g protein (file photo used)

GREEKYOGURT 1 tablespoon (approximately 40g) Greek yogurt full-fat, live Greek yogurt: 53kcals/2.2g of protein (file photograph used).

SEEDS 15g Mixed Seeds: 55kcals/2.2g protein

SESAME SEEDS 2 TSP (approx. 10g). 60kcals/2.1g protein

EDAMAME BEAN 80g Cooked Shelled Beans: 110kcals/9g protein

FETA 15g full-fat feta: 37kcals/2.3g protein (file photo used)

FETA 15g full fat feta: 37kcals/2.3g of protein (file photograph used).

ALMONDS 15g 95kcals/3.8g protein

WALNUTS 30g 185kcals/7.6g protein

POY LENTILS 100g: 143kcals/10.6g protein

ALMONDS 15g: 95kcals/3.8g protein (file photo used)

ALMONDS 15g: 95kcals/3.8g Protein (file photo).

Canned beans 100g BEANS 109cals/7g protein

QUINOA 100g cooked quinoa: 185cals/6g protein

TOFU 100g Tofu 123cals/12.5g protein

In a nutshell: The 800 Keto Plan in Fast Steps 


● 800 to 900 calories a day for two to 12 weeks with protein add-ons to take you to 1,000 calories when needed.

● This will lead to rapid weight loss and health benefits such as falling blood pressure, blood sugars and blood fats, without leaving you hungry.

● Follow the recipes, which are packed full of flavour and nutrients and are based on a 50:50 rule – more than 50g of protein and less than 50g carbs per day, and you should lose about 2kg per week.


● 800 to 900 calories on four or five consecutive days a week and a more relaxed but portion-controlled approach on non-fasting days (increasing protein to 60 to 80g). Time-restricted eating can be included, which limits your food intake to 10 or 8 hours.


● No calorie-counting but keep an eye on your weight and waistline.

● Eat a healthy Mediterranean-style diet with 1g of protein per kg of body weight per day.

My 4th wedding anniversary was my last. 

Kristen Mitchell (50) is an early-years adviser at Cambridge City Council. She lives in Bury St Edmunds, Massachusetts with her husband Carl.

After dropping from 14st, she was able to lose 4st over six months and fit in a size 10 gown for her wedding.

It has made a huge difference in my life. In six months, I had lost 4 stone and got married in the dress that inspired me to lose weight.

BEFORE: Kristen Mitchell, 50, lost 4st in six months (dropping from 14st) to fit into a size 10 dress for her wedding last summer.

BEFORE: Kristen Mitchell, 50, lost 4st in six months (dropping from 14st) to fit into a size 10 dress for her wedding last summer.

When hunger strikes

You can plan exercises or activities to help you distract from pre-dinner snack cravings or the diet-breaking 3pm energy slump.

When my husband Carl proposed to me in 2019, I bought the size 10. It fit like a glove on the day.

It was the first time I understood why my weight gain. My metabolism is slow and I am 5 feet tall, which means I cannot eat the same way as I did before.

Walking was exhausting for me. My clothes made me feel uncomfortable. I felt uncomfortable in clothes and even putting on boots or shoes was difficult. Even though 800 calories per day doesn’t seem like a lot to me, I have never been hungry.

These recipes are my favorite. These are delicious and very filling. Even though my husband didn’t want to lose weight, he has shared them with me, and he is amazed at how much he loves them. It has made him much more healthy.

My favorite thing about breakfast is that I can eat lunch at noon and dinner after seven. It’s great to have only 2 meals per day. Also, I love the fact that there are so many low-carb and high-protein lunches available to me to take to work.

AFTER: Ms Mitchell said of her wedding dress: 'I bought it in a size 10 when my husband Carl proposed, in 2019, vowing to get into it. On the day, it fitted like a glove'

AFTER Ms Mitchell stated that her wedding gown was a 10 size when she married Carl. She also promised to wear it. It fit like a glove on the big day.

Frittatas are my favorite (which I freeze in large batches and then heat in the microwave at work) or salmon dip which I enjoy with celery sticks.

Fast 800 is an online program that I have signed up for ( I maintain a stable weight following either a 5:2/3:4 or 5:4 diet. Every day, I eat within an 8-hour time frame. I find it suits my needs and makes me feel better.

When my weight changes, such as after my cruise with my mom and sisters, it is easy to get back in control. The plan’s Stage One is the one I use. For twelve weeks, 800 calories per day. Every time it works, it’s a great treat.

It’s a sport I love, and it has made me fall in love with running.

Gary Lamph (44), is a psychologist and senior researcher at University of Central Lancashire.

With his wife, he lives in Liverpool and their two teenage boys. Fast 800 Keto was started 12 months ago by him. He has now lost 5 t and dropped from 17st 10 to 12st10 lb.

It was obvious that men who were overweight had been getting worse during the pandemic. I am sure one of them.

BEFORE: Dr Gary Lamph, 44, started the Fast 800 Keto 12 months ago and has lost 5st, dropping from 17st 10 lb to 12st 10 lb

BEFORE: Dr Gary Lamph, 44, started the Fast 800 Keto 12 months ago and has lost 5st, dropping from 17st 10 lb to 12st 10 lb

To my surprise, however, this has helped me to keep my weight below 13st for six months. In no time did I feel like I was deprived.

Cutting breakfast is the easiest way to make a change. My first meal is at noon and my last dinner by 7.

I don’t eat outside the dining room, so only water or coffee passes my lips.

For the first 12 weeks, I was very strict, following the plan to the letter, but since then, I’ve found that following a 3:4 pattern works for me – I eat ‘clean’ Monday to Friday, then I’m more relaxed at the weekends, maybe enjoying a meal out and a bottle of wine with my wife.

My body knows what it needs now. Although I do still love toast, my preference is to have cauliflower rice and turnip chip instead of regular rice and French fry.

AFTER: Dr Lamph said: 'I know my body now and what I need to eat. I still enjoy the occasional slice of toast, but I'm more likely to eat cauliflower rice and turnip chips instead of normal rice and French fries'

AFTER Dr Lamph stated that he now knows what his body needs and how to get it. Although I love toast sometimes, my preference is to have cauliflower rice and turnip fries over regular rice and French fry’s.

Perhaps the greatest transformation has been falling in love running. I used to be unable to walk long distances. Now I run three-to four times per week and even run half marathon distances.

If I fall from the plan I will never feel like I failed, unlike previous diets.

Now, I have decided that I am allowed to fail and can expect failures. However, I now have a method that will correct any weight gain. You can do intense exercise, return to Stage One, and overcome any setbacks.

Flip that metabolic switch – and now you’re burning lots of fat…

Fast 800 Keto is a fast and effective way to burn excess body fat as fuel. After just a few days, the fatty acids in your body are extracted and turned into chemicals called ketones which can then be used by all cells of the body.

My wife can always tell when I’ve ‘flipped the metabolic switch’ and gone into ketosis because my breath starts to smell sweet – like nail polish remover.

It’s an exciting moment, because it means the diet is working and I am burning lots of fat!

You can use keto strips to test if ketosis has occurred. This is a more scientific and reliable way to find out. These thin plastic strips can be purchased online or in pharmacies for a low price. They have an active ingredient on the one end that you need to dip into your urine stream.

If it finds ketones, the agent will change colour. It’s VERY motivating to see the strip turn red and a surprisingly useful deterrent if you are tempted by a biscuit!

The strips were originally created for people with type 1 diabetes, to detect a dangerous condition called diabetic ketoacidosis, but this should not happen on a keto diet – you are merely looking for mild changes.