A dramatic moment when armed police climb onto a 4×4 to TASER the driver, after he drove wrongly along the road to Gatwick’s arrivals hall. He also repeatedly ran over police cars.

  • Yesterday’s footage from Gatwick Airport shows officers climbing onto 4x4s
  • After driving the wrong route to the arrivals hall, driver drove into police cars and rammed them.
  • Following the incident, officers tasered & arrested the man for several driving violations  

Yesterday, armed police were seen jumping from a 4×4 onto the roof of a car after an accident near Gatwick’s arrivals Hall. 

Witnesses claimed that the car drove headlong into traffic and ran over police officers yesterday afternoon.

A man was tasered by police and taken into custody after the Boxing Day incident. 

Filmed from across the road, footage shows two BMWs that are both black and white. 

They stop right next to traffic. An officer holding a firearm kneels down on the bonnet the black car. 

Officers stand by the white car which has its window open

An officer holding a weapon kneels on the bonnet of the black BMW

At Gatwick Airport, BMWs come to an abrupt halt. An officer with a gun kneels under the bonnet of the car.

He stands in front the open window of the white vehicle.  

The man is then pulled from his car by three more officers and wrestled to the sidewalk.   

The smoke from the car is visible in the air.   

Police arrived at the scene around 2pm to apprehend the suspect.

Yesterday, a spokesperson for Sussex Police stated that the man was arrested on multiple motoring charges after driving the wrong route to the arrivals hall. He also repeatedly drove into police cars in an effort to avoid capture.

“We are able to confirm that he was Tasered in order to protect himself and our officers, as well as everyone else.

Public safety is our number one priority.

“He will remain in custody to answer questions and be evaluated for any vulnerabilities.”

According to the spokesman, it was a result of a report about concerns regarding a man who appeared vulnerable and in distress. Officers requested that he stop.

“The incident is over and no danger to the public has resulted.”