A young woman driver who was counting £100 in notes behind the wheel when she killed a teenager on his moped has been jailed for five years.

Chantelle, 22-year old, was traveling at 60 mph, her headlights were broken, and she ran into Ethan Ross (A-level pupil), on the A55 eastbound in St Asaph. Wales, September 14.

Ethan, who was returning from his job as a server, died suddenly of injuries. His family decided to donate his organs so that others could live.

Gleave had been counting the notes after being paid £100 to help a friend clean out his flat on the tragic night.

Judge Rhys Rowlands has sentenced her to five years in prison today at Mold Crown Court. She had admitted to dangerous driving and was given a driving ban for seven and a quarter years. 

He stated that the case was among the most sad stories he had ever seen.

Chantelle Gleave, 22, who killed Ethan Ross after crashing her car into the back of his moped near St Asaph, Wales, while she counted her wages at the wheel, has been jailed for five years

Chantelle Gaveve (22), who crashed her car into Ethan Ross’s moped while counting her earnings at the wheel was in a crash near St Asaph. She has been sentenced to five years.

Ethan was riding his moped home after he finished his work as a Bodelwyddan Castle waiter. It was a journey he’d made several times. Before he rode off on his moped, the court heard Ethan’s last words to Helen.

Gleave of Shotton (North Wales) was returning home with her Vauxhall Astra. The headlights on her car weren’t working, so she installed foglights.

She had started counting the £100 in £10 notes which were to her left on the central console or front passenger seat.  

At least four other drivers had overtaken her moped just before she arrived. Ethan drove at just 29mph, which was slightly less than his allowed 30mph.   

Gleave was travelling at 60mph and collided with Gleave. Ethan, the rider was killed by the force of impact. Two days later, he was pronounced dead at the hospital from a brain injury. 

Gleave, 22, of Shotton, Flintshire, was driving at 60mph in the dark, with two broken headlights, when she ploughed into the back of Ethan Ross

Gleave (22) from Shotton (Flintshire) was going at 60 MPH in the darkness, and had two broken headlights. She crashed into Ethan Ross.

Gleave, according to a court, told an off-duty cop officer that he had been looking down at his side while counting the money. But when I turned up, he was directly in front of my eyes and hit me. 

“I did not see him.” He was moving so slowly. “I didn’t have the time to stop.”

Helen Ross, Ethan’s mom, spoke out in an emotional statement of victim impact. She described her shock at the circumstances that occurred on that fateful day.

Ethan, her son’s father Paul was able to fly him by helicopter to Stoke. Ethan had to be accompanied by Paul by his car.

She said that her son was “so still” in intensive care. There were wires everywhere and there were machines all around him. That’s not me, I told her. I was determined to bring life back to his body.

Simon Mills, who defended Gleave’s driving, stated that she had foglights. While they weren’t adequate, it wasn’t that she drove an insufficiently lit car.

Mills stated that the defendant was’very seriously negligent,’ however she showed some regret.

A-Level pupil Ethan Ross, 17, was airlifted to hospital, but died two days later of a catastrophic head injury. Judge Rhys Rowlands told pregnant Gleave that she had 'decimated' a family.

Ethan Ross was 17-year old A-Level student. She died of a serious head injury after she was flown to the hospital. Gleave was told by Judge Rhys Rowlands that she had “decimated” a family.

Gleave became pregnant after being arrested - knowing that she may face charges for causing death by dangerous driving. The baby is due in April

Gleave was arrested and became pregnant, knowing she might face charges of causing the death or dangerous driving. Gleave is due to give birth in April

After the tragic events on the A55 in St Asaph, she recognizes her ‘devastation’ and flashbacks to it.

She had purchased replacement bulbs for her headlights, but couldn’t afford them to be fitted by Halfords.

Mold Crown Court heard that Gleave was pregnant, after she had been arrested. She knew she might face charges. It is expected that the baby will arrive in April. 

Gleave heard Judge Rowlands tell Gleave using only foglights (which, the court learned, don’t travel nearly as far) was “grossly irresponsible”.

He stated that he could not pass a sentence which would even come close to reflecting Ethan’s loss. 

17-year-old Ethan's family were later contacted by a woman who received his kidney after waiting for years for a transplant

Ethan, 17, was later called by his family after a woman received his kidney. She had waited for many years to get a transplant.

Paul Ross and Helen Ross were devastated by the death of their beautiful and selfless son.

“He made us burst in pride every day.”

Ethan’s organs could be donated and Ethan would be able to ‘give life to others’, they said.

Ethan’s mother claimed that Ethan left her home to begin a double-shift as a waiter in a castle dining room.

After Ethan’s death, his organs were donated and his mother stated that her son had ‘helped so many lives’.

After waiting years to receive a kidney transplant, Ethan’s family was contacted by the woman who received Ethan’s.

Mrs Ross said, “It simply means that we can tell everybody all about Ethan and keep them alive,” “He will never forget.”