Unbelieving wedding guest has shared the shocking story of how her two best friends felt at the end of a drama on TV when they engaged in jaw-dropping antics during the reception. 

Reddit user from the US has asked for help after a bridesmaid admitted that she had almost dated the groom before the wedding. 

She shared that one of her bridesmaids began talking loudly at the reception about how she had been communicating with the groom for several months via social media. After rehearsal, he sneaked into her hotel room, and she was eager to have sex. But, she ended up only giving him a masseuse. 

After the wedding, the bridesmaid sent screenshots to her of messages from the groom. They said that the groom regretted not having had sex with her and that they wished she could have been on the honeymoon together.     

Commenters encouraged her to inform her friend, as she must be informed as soon as she is able so she can end the marriage. 

Two drunken bridesmaids have been slammed for getting too drunk at their friend's wedding where one revealed she and the groom nearly hooked up, and a friend of the bride has taken to Reddit to see what she should do with this information (file photo)

Two drunken bridesmaids were criticized for drinking at a friend’s wedding. One of them revealed that she was almost in a relationship with the groom. A friend of the bride took to Reddit (file photo). 

Reddit user Goodwilltshirt has taken to the 'WeddingShaming' thread asking for advice from the community on whether or not she should tell her good friend, the bride, that one of her bridesmaids was spilling some secrets on her special day

Reddit user Goodwilltshirt asked for help from the community in deciding whether she should reveal to her best friend, the bride that one her bridesmaids had revealed some details on the special day.

Redditor was among the bridesmaids, along with two ex-colleagues. Jen changed her names to Lisa.

Lisa shared with her how she had dinner one week before the big day. Jen revealed to Lisa that she didn’t feel like being in the wedding any more, but they felt terrible for having to cancel.

They had to postpone the wedding due to the pandemic. Two years passed since they agreed to be their bridesmaids.  

Although they were not close to the bride, I advised them that they be truthful with her. They decided to continue with their plans despite the fact they didn’t feel the same way. This is what I see,” she stated.

“All that was great until the wedding reception, when the two girls got drunk. Lisa and Jen start talking about how unhappy they were being bridesmaids and how they didn’t like the bride anymore personally because, get this – the bride didn’t have the consideration to take them out of the wedding.

“They spoke these words loudly, while others looked on our tables in dismay. Lisa was horrible. She did something I’ve only seen on TV.

“She begins to talk loudly about how the couple had been communicating for several months via social media. He snuck into her hotel room after the rehearsal and wanted to have sex but she ended up only giving him a massage.

The Reddit community were all in agreement on this question about the bridesmaid drama, in that the original poster of the thread needs to tell the wife what has been going on

Reddit users were unanimous in agreeing that the question regarding the drama with the bridesmaids was a valid one. The original thread poster must tell the wife about what’s been happening.

“I was embarrassed and walked out of the dinner table. You should know that I didn’t know Lisa personally. Most of our conversations were at work, with occasional dinner dates.

‘The worst part is that while the couple was on their honeymoon, Lisa sent Jen and I screenshots of the groom saying he wished they’d done stuff together and that he wanted Lisa to be with him on his honeymoon instead. It was so gross.

It was quickly shared by users who pleaded with the lady who uploaded it to let her know what they had done.

The bride was not to say anything, but one said that it would be selfish.

“Tell her.” While she’s still young, she needs to be able to tell her husband what she got married. Before (hopefully) she gets pregnant by this d*******g.’

Another commented: “I agree that the bride should be informed as soon as possible before her name is changed on all things (if she decides to do so).

“She should be aware that this whole thing is very gross and will cause her pain.

‘He got a massage from her after the f*****g wedding rehearsal?? This is absolutely disgusting.

Another added: ‘Normally I’d think twice about hurting the bride but in this case, telling her is saving her future hurt. You can also get STDs and gaslighting.

The original poster, Goodwilltshirt, added to the thread after getting a few responses back to say that she's scared to tell her friend but recognises that it's the right thing to do

Goodwilltshirt (original poster) added to the thread following a few replies to let her know that she was afraid to share the news with her friend, but that it is the right thing.

But please, find an emotional way to help her. Even if she were the worst Bridezilla.

“Perhaps she felt something similar and it influenced her decisions.

This is so sad. This is a terrible thing.

Original poster went back to the thread and updated: “Being truthful, I’m scared about how I’ll tell my friend, but it’s right to do.”

“A week ago, I messaged her. I was elated to hear that she had been happy since the wedding. She also thanked me for coming along.

‘I know if I were In her shoes I’d hope someone would tell me but seeing her responses I just couldn’t do it at the time.’