An unruly young girl knocked unconscious a man during an encounter on the streets has been found not guilty of his murder.

Kelsea Olas, then 19, attacked Andrew Turner at 58 after he failed to apologize for bumping into her friend, Bridlington (East Yorkshire).

Hull Crown Court heard Turner died after he fell to the floor and hit his head.

Humberside Police opened a murder investigation after his death.

Kelsea O'Hara, then aged 19, punched Andrew Turner, 58, in the face. He hit the floor and had a five to seven inch cut on the back of his head

Kelsea O’Hara, then aged 19, punched Andrew Turner, 58, in the face. The back of Turner’s head got a cut between five and seven inches when he hit the ground.

O’Hara wasn’t responsible for Mr Turner’s death, even though the incident occurred within seven days.

O’Hara allegedly attacked Turner in court after he failed to apologize for running into his friend August 28th last year.

O’Hara (now 20 years old), of Trinity Road in Bridlington pleaded guilty for wounding. The attack did not result in her being sentenced immediately. She received a 6-month curfew.

Andrew Espley was the prosecutor. He said that Turner had gone out to drink in Bridlington along with a friend. O’Hara, four of her friends, and Turner were out also drinking.

One of O’Hara’s friends was Mr Turner’s friend, and O’Hara apologized to him for the incident that occurred a few weeks prior.

O’Hara met Mr Turner on Marlborough Terrace at 1.30am. She asked him for an apology to one her friends who had accidentally stepped into his home. Turner refused.

According to Mr Espley, O’Hara dropped her purse on the ground and launched herself at Turner. She punched him once, causing him unconscious to fall to the floor. He also hit his head with the object.

Bridlington resident, Mr Turner suffered a cut to his back that measured five to seven inches in length and was still bleeding.

According to Mr Espley, ‘He attempted to stand up after he had regained consciousness, but he couldn’t do it.

Paramedics, police and the ambulance arrived at Mr Turner’s home. However, he refused to visit hospital because his injuries are not life-threatening.

O’Hara was taken into custody the next day. During the interview with police, she did not respond.

According to Mr Espley, Turner didn’t die before September 3. She wouldn’t have asked her about what caused his death.

Police and paramedics arrived after Mr Turner was knocked to the ground, but he refused to go to hospital

Paramedics and police arrived on the scene after Turner was taken to the ground. Turner refused to be admitted to hospital.

“The punch appears to have been spontaneous and impulsive. It was only one punch.”

The court was told that there was no evidence to suggest Mr Turner’s death had anything to do with O’Hara. This had been proven after the investigations of a neuropathologist and a pathologist.

Dale Brook, an aggravating party, claimed it was just one punch. O’Hara had initially been charged for causing grievous bodily damage with intent. However, she denied that.

Brook stated that Brook had expressed genuine regret for the actions she took on Saturday night, and also apologized to the victim.

“It’s taken a considerable toll on me. Understandably, she has thought about whether or not she was the reason for the death of the victim. This is an extremely tragic situation.

O’Hara had no prior convictions and O’Hara suffered from’stress’. However, this is nothing compared to the horrific events that took place to the victim.

The court was told that she had drank too much during a night of “young abandon”.

Judge Sophie McKone told O'Hara at Hull Crown Court (above) that she bears no responsibility for Mr Turner's death, following investigations by a pathologist and a neuropathologist

Judge Sophie McKone told O’Hara at Hull Crown Court (above) that she bears no responsibility for Mr Turner’s death, following investigations by a pathologist and a neuropathologist

Brook said that Brook behaved in an unconscionable manner which led to serious consequences for all parties.

“It wasn’t her normal behavior and she probably learned a terrible lesson that night.”

Brook claimed that Brook was his client’s father, and her ex-boyfriend were both in prison for serious offenses.

O’Hara received a statement from Judge Sophie McKone: “Mr Turner is now deceased, however I want to make it clear that you have no responsibility.”

“There’s evidence that two specialists, a pathologist (and a neuropathologist) have found to show that you did not cause his death.

‘You were violent towards him. He had been drinking. You asked Mr Turner for a retraction because he said that he bumped into you.

“It could be that he didn’t apologize, but it wasn’t a reason to use violence or punch someone because you weren’t happy with that. That is no excuse.

O’Hara received a suspended six month sentence and a 6-month curfew of 7pm-6am. He also had to undergo rehabilitation for 20 days.