If new Covid curbs become necessary after the new year festivities, officials are looking into whether or not to reinstate the rule of Six for social gatherings.

This measure was in effect since the spring and limits indoor social gatherings to 6 people, or 2 households, in an effort to reduce the risk of Coronavirus being transmitted.

However, a return of such restrictions would be a burden for pubs and restaurants during what has been traditionally the most quiet time of year as people recuperate from excesses over the holiday season. 

The Christmas restrictions on pubs and restaurants across England already caused a lot of cancellations. 

Officials are currently evaluating the measure and have not presented it to ministers yet, according to the Telegraph. This raises questions about whether Boris Johnson would feel the need for any additional restrictions.

Last night, he refused to increase England’s lockdown until the New Year based on positive Omicron data regarding hospital admissions as well as infection rates. 

To take any action, these numbers will need to surge in the extreme. 

Environment Secretary George Eustice today acknowledged that infection rates from the new Omicron variant were rising but said there was evidence it was not resulting in the same level of hospital admissions as previous waves. 

Environment Secretary George Eustice today acknowledged that infection rates from the new Omicron variant were rising but said there was evidence it was not resulting in the same level of hospital admissions as previous waves.

Today, George Eustice, Environment Secretary, acknowledged the fact that Omicron-related infections were increasing but stated there was no evidence to suggest it is causing the same number of hospital admissions than previous waves.

Virus? What virus? Revellers in Leeds enjoyed a night out yesterday

Virus? Which virus? Leeds Revellers enjoyed an evening out yesterday

According to him, there is encouraging evidence from South Africa about the fact that hospitalisations are lower and the length of stay at hospital for those who do need it is less than previous versions.

“At the moment, we don’t believe the evidence supports any further interventions beyond those we have already done.

“But, obviously, we need to monitor it closely. If we see an increase in hospitalisations, then we should take action.”

Johnson is currently at Chequers Country Retreat. He left it up to Sajid Javid, Health Secretary, to make the announcement. However, he tweeted cautionary advice for Brits about the new year.

His decision last night not to follow the lead of the other home nations in bringing in harsher Covid restrictions ahead of the new year has also been welcomed by Tory MPs who have been at odds with the PM. 

As he introduced new rules for mask wearing and Covid checks to nightclubs, he faced rebellion from more than 100 people before Christmas.

Tory Mark Francois said to GB News that it was remarkable how a backbench revolt of 101 MPs can focus minds. We can’t be too churlish. It was the right decision. Bravo Prime Minister.

“We’re asking people to use common sense. We’re conservatives.” We believe in the British people’s sense of humor.

Brendan Clarke Smith, Bassetlaw MP added that it was about trusting individuals to make decisions regarding their lives and use common sense.

The British Chambers of Commerce president Baroness McGregor-Smith welcomed the announcement there will be no new Covid restrictions in England before the new year, but said the hospitality sector needed further support.

She stated that she was delighted to hear that New Year’s Eve is being protected, but the protection doesn’t go far enough.

“We called for focused support in furlough, as well as looking to increase grants. We also demanded that the VAT emergency rate and business rates relief continue to be extended beyond March.

“We do not have enough flexibility for loan repayments. Many businesses who took out loans in the past year are now facing the prospect of having to repay that debt. I believe the Treasury must examine carefully the schemes used to repay loans all over the UK.

Andy Wood, Adnams’ chief executive, stated that there has been a half-million drop in pub and hotel visits since Professor Chris Whitty became the chief medical officer of England. He urged people not to socialize too much.

The economic equivalent of more than half the Christmas stock has disappeared. It is the sector with long Covid economic equivalent. The sector will need support during the dark months of February, March and January.