The former security manager for Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum, who took over after his wife had an affair of two years with another guard, is being unfairly dismissed.

Mark Bromilow is 41 years old and served in Royal Marines. He is also a former champion of powerlifting.

He claims that other security guards were treated favourably even though they had less work experience than him.

In 2016, Mr Bromilow was promoted to team leader and later became the head of a group of close protection officers protecting Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum’s family from terrorists at their UK base, Newmarket.

In March 2019, he took over the position from Russell Flowers, who had a two year affair with Princess Haya, Sheikh Mohammed’s youngest and sixth wife.

When Mr Bromilow was heard at an employment tribunal in Bury St Edmunds on Thursday, he made reference to Princess Haya’s’scandal.

One-day hearings heard that Mr Bromilow was just one of 8 Newmarket security guards made redundant by the coronavirus epidemic in September 2020. It meant that Dubai’s ruling family was mostly staying out of the UK. 

Following an argument with her husband over her relationship with Mr Flowers, Princess Haya fled Dubai to flee her family’s home. 

Fiona Shackleton (right), a high-profile lawyer, represented her in an intense High Court case against the sheikh. She wanted to bring their children back to Dubai.

The sheikh attempted to hide the proceedings, but the judge declared that Princess Haya was the victim of a “campaign for intimidation”.

Even though Mr Flowers was not mentioned in the court decision, family court judge Sir Andrew McFarlane received evidence. Later, he was identified.

Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum's former security manager Mark Bromilow (pictured centre), 41, who was in charge after the sheikh's wife had a two-year affair with another bodyguard is fighting an unfair dismissal battle. Mr Bromilow, who served in the Royal Marines and is a former world powerlifting champion is claiming that he was wrongly picked for redundancy due to a flawed process

Former security manager Mark Bromilow, 41, of Dubai is being dismissed. He was appointed after Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum had an affair for two years with another guard. Bromilow is an ex-world powerlifting champion and served in Royal Marines.

Mr Bromilow became a team leader in 2016 and was later promoted to lead a dozen close protection officers guarding Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum (pictured) and his family at his UK base in Newmarket, Suffolk

In 2016, Mr. Bromilow was promoted to team leader and later became the head of a group of close protection officers protecting Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum and his family from terrorists at Newmarket in Suffolk.

At Thursday’s employment tribunal, Bromilow stated that his seven years as a loyal soldier and wide-ranging experience in the security sector were not taken into consideration when determining redundancy.

He told the hearing that he worked in Baghdad for 5 years as personal protection and also protected vessels from Somali pirates after he left Royal Marines.

It was unjust that staff with less experience received higher scores in an exercise called’scoring’ to determine who should be fired.

UK Mission Enterprise provides security for Sheikh Mohammed’s billionaire client, Mr Bromilow from Methwold in Norfolk and Mr Flowers.

On its website, the Knightsbridge-based firm boasts that it provides a private concierge service of 6 stars to VIP clients in areas such as property maintenance, recruitment, finance, procurement, IT, and human resource service.

Bromilow, who is now a personal trainer and a gym owner claimed that the person who awarded marks in different categories was best friend with a guard. He ended up losing his job but was removed from redundancy.

Sue Aslett (the company’s ex-head of human resource) said that the employee was still employed because he maintained a ‘established relation’ with his client, who likes to see familiar faces.

Mr Bromilow stepped into the role in March 2019 to replace Russell Flowers (pictured left next to Mr Bromilow) who quit after a two-year affair with Sheikh Mohammed's sixth and youngest wife Princess Haya (pictured centre with her husband at Ascot)

In March 2019, Mr Bromilow took over the role to replace Russell Flowers. (pictured to his left with Mr Bromilow). He had a two year affair with Princess Haya, Sheikh Mohammed’s youngest and sixth wife. (pictured with her husband at Ascot).

Bromilow, who claims he has been unfairly dismissed from UK Mission Enterprise, claimed that he was told he would be “invited back” if additional guards were required, but that he wasn’t approached by the company when it advertised for four close security personnel in April of this year.

Mike Magee, his barrister, stated that the Dubai Royal Family was the real owner and manager of the company in which there had been 63 job losses.

He stated that the company provides services for the extended Dubai Royal Family in the UK, including housekeeping, security and other ancillary functions.

“The Dubai Royal Family and Sheikh Mohammed set up the company. 

‘It’s quite clear that Dubai pulls the strings in terms of the respondent organisation… I’m going to suggest it is owned by the Dubai Royal family.’

Sue Aslett (the company’s ex-head of human resource) replied that she was only answering to the managing director and couldn’t give information on the ownership.

According to her, redundancies were needed because ‘our clients were not visiting the UK during coronavirus pandemic’.

Ms. Aslett said that ‘By default, our workforce couldn’t be maintained because they didn’t have enough work. The pandemic was over and we had enough work reductions to where there was no need for people to do anything.

Judge Richard Conley was asked by her whether the Dubai Royals had been insistent on cutting jobs as the owners of the company, or for ‘influential client’. She responded that she did not want to see a redundancy situation.

Mr Bromilow said he was unhappy that the different categories which staff were being marked on when being assessed for redundancy did not include fitness which he described as 'a vital role'

Bromilow expressed dissatisfaction that staff weren’t being marked for fitness when they were assessed for redundancy. He described it as “a crucial role”

Mr Bromilow, who is claiming that he was unfairly dismissed by UK Mission Enterprise, said that he was told that he would be 'invited to come back' if more guards were needed

Bromilow is asserting that he has been unfairly dismissed from UK Mission Enterprise. He said that he had been told that he would be “invited to return” for additional guards.

Mr Bromilow, who runs a personal training business called Commando Strength states on his website that he was crowned London's strongest man, represented England in world powerlifting events and was a World Champion in Deadlift Powerlifting in 2019

Commando Strength, a personal trainer business, states that Bromilow was named London’s Strongest Man, representing England at world powerlifting events, and was the World Champion in Deadlift Powerlifting.

M. Magee asked her whether she was aware of Princess Haya’s situation.

Her reply was: “I knew about rumours.” She replied: ‘I was aware in terms of rumours.

Magee said that Mr Flowers had been fired because of the scandal.

Ms. Aslett said that Mr Flowers had resigned, and was not being dismissed.

Mister Magee said: “Were you aware, that Mr Bromilow was then required to give specific information to the Dubai Royal Family investigators?”

“And he gave an exhaustive account of all he knew regarding this particular situation. The investigators received it. They were actually Sheikh Mohammed’s representatives.

Ms Aslett responded: “I don’t know of that.”

Bromilow expressed dissatisfaction that staff weren’t being asked to mark their fitness when they were assessed for redundancy. He described it as “a crucial role”.

A hearing was held to hear that the guard had, in his capacity as an employee representative helped create the categories and exempted fitness.

Bromilow called it a “conflict” because the guard failed a fitness test, and would fear that it would be against him.

Princess Haya fled her home in Dubai with her two children in fear of her life after being confronted by her husband about her affair with married Mr Flowers

Following an encounter with her husband over her affair with Mr Flowers, Princess Haya fled Dubai to flee her family and her children. 

Family court judge Sir Andrew McFarlane stated in his fact-finding ruling in favour of Princess Haya (pictured above with her former husband), that she had 'embarked upon an adulterous relationship with one of her male bodyguards'

In his fact-finding ruling for Princess Haya, Sir Andrew McFarlane (pictured with her ex-husband) stated that she had “embarked on an adulterous relationship [with one of her male guards]”. 

He claimed he had raised concerns regarding the fairness and integrity of the scoring system but was dismissed.

He said, “In my view, there were no faults or misdemeanours that I committed against myself, so I would have received maximum points.”

It was wrongly conducted. When I’d been in the position for seven years, I wasn’t given fair credit and was an honest leader and manager.

“I wish they were pleased with my services.” I was promoted up the ranks.

He said that he was open to the idea of close protection, and that it requires a lot of discretion.

Barnett noted that Bromilow’s lawyers had written a November 2020 letter which “hints at security violations involving one subject”.

In the letter, Bromilow was also accused of being targeted in bad faith over some information that he held about one subject he was protecting.

Barnett said: “The reason these items were in the letter is because you believed that if you threatened making certain information public then UK Mission Enterprise would agree to pay their claim.” Bromilow answered: ‘No sir.

Bromilow also wondered why Newmarket security guards were targeted and then fired, while London-based guards could keep their jobs.

Richard Hardaker was the head of close protection at the firm. However, he said that London’s security guards were a specialized group of individuals who performed different tasks as a result a long-standing incident which had “put someone’s lives at risk”.

He claimed that although they were there to support the Dubai Royal Family when it needed them, this was not their primary responsibility.

Princess Haya was represented by high profile lawyer Fiona Shackleton (right) in a bitter High Court battle against the sheikh who was seeking the return of their children to Dubai

Fiona Shackleton was Princess Haya’s lawyer in the bitter High Court case against the sheikh, who sought to bring their children back to Dubai. 

Magee described redundancy as a “capricious lottery” and was referred to it as being ‘fundamentally flawed’. The two individuals who awarded scores each guard had little information about their abilities.

He stated that respondents were required to present a system which was fair in assessment and result.

However, Mr Barnett stated that there had never been any suggestion that either of the scorers was ‘put under any kind of pressure’ to get their marks. He also said it wasn’t suggested they should have been given the job.

He continued, “It was said that the criteria were subjective, and not objective.” However, the real question is how fair they can be assessed.

Barnett claimed that Mr Barnett was justified in allowing the other guard to be exempted from the redundancy procedure because of his’very long relationship’ with the principal.

He continued, “He wasn’t someone you could let go of.”

Judge Richard Conley stated that he will deliver his judgment on the case during the new year. 

Sir Andrew McFarlane was a Family Court judge and stated in his ruling in support of Princess Haya that she had entered into an affair with one her male bodyguards.

Also, the sheikh’s campaign of intimidation and fear included arranging for her to get her pregnant by helicopter and to divorcing without her knowing.

The princess now lives at a £85m home in Kensington, London, with her two children.

Bromilow owns a personal training company called Commando Strength. His website states that Bromilow was named London’s Strongest Man, representing England in powerlifting competitions, and was also a World Champion of Deadlift Powerlifting.