After confronting Meghan Markle about claims that she had bullied employees, the Duchess of Cambridge was said to have been left in tears. This happened just days before Meghan’s wedding. Kirstie Allsopp claimed that Meghan Markle was her first victim.

Kate Middleton was 39 years old and left in tears following a dispute with her future sister, Ms Allsopp reported to The Telegraph. The row over Meghan’s rude comments to Palace staff stemmed from the claims, TV presenter Ms Allsopp said.

Meghan, aged 40, spoke out about the famous row in an Oprah Winfrey interview earlier in 2018. It took place May 2018, days before Harry and Meghan’s wedding.

In the interview Meghan said that Meghan was the one crying during the argument. She claimed it was about the flower girl dresses. Kate later gave her flowers and wrote a note of apology.

Kate Middleton (pictured) was said to have been left in tears during a row with Meghan Markle in 2018, which stemmed over claims Meghan had been rude to Palace staff

Kate Middleton (pictured), is said to have wept during an argument with Meghan Markle (2018), stemming from claims Meghan was rude to Palace staff

According to her, “She was very upset about something she saw – and yes it was accurate – concerning flower girl gowns a few days before the big day. This made me feel really sad and hurt my feelings.”

But Ms Allsopp has now said Kate was the one who cried, and claimed the argument was over allegations that Meghan was rude to Kensington Palace staff.

Ms Allsopp, who is a family friend of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, told The Telegraph: ‘Kate never ever loses her temper, but she found out Meghan was being rude to staff at Kensington Palace and she was angry with her.

“Then Kate burst into tears from having lost control, and she took Meghan flowers in an effort to mend things.

Camilla was a childhood friend of the Location, Location, Location presenter’s late mother Lady Fiona Hindlip, and is the godmother to her brother Henry.

MailOnline reached out to Meghan’s representative for comments.

Earlier this year, Meghan (pictured in 2020) claimed she was the one who cried. She said the row was about flower girl dresses, and said Kate had given her flowers and a note to apologise

Earlier this year, Meghan (pictured in 2020) claimed she was the one who cried. According to her, the argument was over flowers for flower girls and Kate had written a note of apology and given her flowers.

Jenny Afia was speaking out earlier in the week about claims Meghan had committed ’emotional cruelty to underlings’ and ‘drove these people out’. Meghan’s attorney, John Schillings, said Meghan had ‘absolutely denied” bullying employees.

In 2018, the first report on the famous row between Meghan and Kate was made. It was reported that Meghan had cried after fitting Princess Charlotte’s wedding dress.

At the time, an insider had claimed: ‘Kate had only just given birth to Prince Louis and was feeling quite emotional.’ 

However, Meghan denied the allegations when she spoke to Oprah earlier this month. She claimed it was Kate who had ended up crying and not Meghan.

“No, no,” said the Duchess Of Sussex. It was the reverse.

“And I don’t mean that to be demeaning to anybody, it was really difficult week of the wedding.

“And she was upset over something, but it was her fault, and she accepted the responsibility, and she apologized.

“And she gave me flowers and a note of apology. “She did the right thing if it was clear that she had done wrong to someone. 

Ms Allsopp (pictured) has claimed that Kate was the one who cried, and claimed the argument was over allegations that Meghan was rude to Kensington Palace staff

Ms Allsopp (pictured), claimed Kate cried and said the dispute was about allegations Meghan ruded Kensington Palace staff.

The infamous row between Kate and Meghan (both pictured in 2018) was first reported three years ago, when it was said Kate cried after a fitting for Princess Charlotte's bridesmaid dress

In 2018, the famous row between Meghan and Kate (both shown in 2018) was first reported. The story was about Kate crying after fitting Princess Charlotte’s bridesmaid dresses.

But Ms Allsopp has now claimed that the dispute came after allegations that Meghan had bullied Palace staff.

Buckingham Palace initiated a review of claims Meghan had inflicted “emotional cruelty” on underlings and “drove out” them.

According to reports, she had forced two PAs out and undermined confidence in a third. However Meghan’s lawyer stated this week that Duchess of Cornwall ‘absolutely denies’ bullying allegations.

Jason Knauf was the former communications secretary for the Sussexes. He reportedly filed a formal complaint on October 18, 2018. In the complaint, he was said to have described Meghan’s behaviour towards an employee as ‘totally unacceptable’.

Jenny Afia from Schillings Legal, the Head of Legal, said this week that Meghan’s bullying claims were ‘false.’ She also stated she rejects the notion that Meghan is a difficult person to work alongside.

Amol Rajan was the host for BBC 2’s The Princes and Press. She claimed there were many inaccuracies in her story but did not elaborate further.

This week, Meghan's lawyer Jenny Afia insisted bullying claims about the Duchess (pictured with Harry) were 'false' and said she rejected the 'narrative' that she was 'difficult to work with'

Jenny Afia Meghan’s lawyer insisted that the bullying accusations about Harry were ‘false. She said she rejects the “narrative” she found difficult to work alongside.

She instead came up with her own explanation of bullying.

With the permission of the Duchess, she stated: “Massive, massive errors in this story.”

“The Duchess was accused of bullying. It is not.

“I believe the most important thing to do is be clear on what bullying means.

Bullying is the misuse of power repeatedly or deliberately in order to harm someone emotionally or physically.

“The Duchess has categorically denied that she did that. However, it is clear that she would not want to alter anyone’s individual experiences.

When asked if there was any evidence to support her claim, she said that it was difficult to show a negative. What if you don’t have a history of bullying someone? 

It is important to recognize that the allegations are not true.