Camilla’s Country Life The Duchess Of Cornwall will be following in the footsteps of Charles and editing the magazine as a guest editor to celebrate her 75th Birthday.

  • Camilla (74) will be the first guest editor of the July issue.
  • Special edition issue is set to ‘reflect the Duchess’s love of horses and dogs’
  • Prince Charles was the guest editor of Country Life in 2013 to celebrate his 70th and 65th birthdays. 

For her 75th Birthday, the Duchess will follow in the footsteps of Prince William and be a guest editor for Country Life magazine. 

Camilla will be turning 75 in July. She is likely to talk about her love for horses and dogs, her favorite recipes, and serious subjects like violence against women, and loneliness. 

The issue will be available from July 13 and will also commemorate the magazine’s  125th anniversary. 

On November 13, 2013, Prince of Wales invited the magazine to edit. Five years later, in 2018, he was 70. This was the second most-sold issue of the magazine.  

The Duchess of Cornwall, 74, is set to guest edited the July editor of Country Life magazine to mark her 75th birthday (pictured with her dog Bluebell)

In celebration of her 75th birthday, The Duchess Of Cornwall (pictured here with Bluebell, her dog) will guest edit the July edition of Country Life magazine. 

For her 70th birthday, the Princess Royal was also a guest editor of the magazine. It became a bestseller.

While Camilla will champion country life in the edition, a source told the Telegraph she will also touch on grittier subject matters. 

‘She loves the country life, but it won’t be just horses and dogs and lovely countryside,’ they said. 

“There is a more difficult side to what the country faces. 

The Prince of Wales guest-edited the magazine in November 2013 on the occasion of his 65th birthday (pictured)

In November 2013, The Prince of Wales (pictured) guest edited the magazine. 

They said that she wanted to learn more about women’s challenges. 

A spokesperson for Camilla added: ‘The edition will also focus on the work of the Duchess as patron of over 90 charities, from Barnardo’s to The Royal School of Needlework and The Royal Society of Literature.’

Magazine bosses also hailed her involvement as a “great honor”.

Mark Hedges, Editor: “It’s a great honor that the Duchess Of Cornwall has agreed guest edit Country Life July. 

“Her Royal Highness is passionate about countrywoman. We are thrilled that she will preside over the commemorative edition.”

Meanwhile Camilla’s son, food writer Tom Parker Bowles, joked he hoped his temporary boss wouldn’t have too many problems with his regular column for the issue.

He said: ‘As a columnist for Country Life, I’m delighted my mother will be guest editing a special issue. But rather hoping she won’t try to muck about with my copy.’

Camila will discuss 'difficult' issues such as violence against women in the magazine (pictured at the Christmas Day morning church service at St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle on December 25)

Camila will talk about ‘difficult’ subjects such as violence towards women in the magazine. (Photo taken at St George’s Chapel Windsor Castle Christmas Day Service on December 25).

After it was revealed that the Queen would personally honor the Duchess with the most prestigious honour due to her service to the sovereign, the new year has been a fantastic start for her. 

Buckingham Palace announced that Camilla will be made Royal Lady of the Most Noble Order of the Garter. This is the oldest and senior Order of Chivalry in Britain.

It will serve as a seal of approval to Camilla for her loyalty and discretion, which she has displayed since marriage to Prince Edward in 2005.

There was renewed speculation that Camilla, the monarch at 95 years old, may still endorse Camilla as Queen when she passes away and Prince Charles takes the throne.

Clarence House indicated that their intention was for Camilla, Princess Consort to take over the role of Camilla in the breakup of Charles and Diana’s marriage.

Charles never denied his wish for Camilla as his queen. 

This comes after the announcement that Camilla will be made Royal Lady of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, the oldest and most senior of the Orders of Chivalry in Britain (pictured in December)

After Camilla was made Royal Lady of the Most Noble Order of the Garter (pictured December), this announcement comes just days after Camilla became the most senior and oldest Orders of Chivalry in Britain.