It’s time to get your legs moving! Base jumper dangles from his partner’s legs after they plunge into clouds from 3280ft Italian cliff in breathtaking stunt

  • Callum Coldwell and Tom Newberry travelled to Mount Brento in Italy with Callum Coldwell-Story 
  • Before jumping off the mountain at 3,280 feet, they were tied together. 
  • Callum was able to free himself from the cloud after clearing it.
  • His parachute deployed several seconds later after a major adrenaline rush  

A pair of base jumpers, thrill seekers looking for excitement, launched themselves off a 1,000-meter tall cliff and into the middle of a grey abyss.

Callum Coldwell Story, 32, Tom Newberry and Callum Coldwell Story, recorded themselves leaping from Mount Brento in Italy.

Footage captures the couple, who record themselves using an Insta360 One X attach to Tom’s helmet. They are then surrounded by fog and thick clouds.

Callum was placed at Tom’s feet by Callum as Tom and Tom jumped in the abyss.  

Tom Newberry, 32, and Callum Coldwell-Story, filmed themselves jumping from one of the peaks of Mount Brento, Italy in September

Callum Coldwell Story and Tom Newberry (32) filmed themselves leaping from Mount Brento (Italy) in September.

Tom had an Insta360 One X attached to his helmet which offered a view of all the action

Tom’s helmet had an Insta360 One X attachment that allowed him to see all of the action.

Callum, pictured, was attached to Tom's harness until they navigated their way through the cloud cover that blanketed the valley

Callum was shown attached to Tom’s harness while they navigated through cloud cover. 

The stunt is called a “Mr. Bill”, where two people fly the same parachut. 

Callum took his parachute off of the cliff and steered it towards the valley, seconds after he had jumped. 

The cloud cleared and Callum was able to move freely. He began to unhook himself from the harness. 

Tom gave Callum his arm and then the daredevil floated precariously towards the ground before finally letting go. 

It is possible to glimpse Callum’s parachute right below the camera just moments before it ends.  

Tom is a teacher in Exeter, Devon. He said that he had spent time training his skills in Italy before taking off to the Swiss Alps.

“Towards week’s end we were looking for something more exciting so we created the plan. No idea if it would be successful or not.

“As you can tell from the big smiles, this jump was a lot fun!”

This footage was taken on September 17, 2021.

Tom and Callum performing their stunt

Tom and Callum performing their stunt

Callum untrapped Tom from Tom’s harness, and was ready to fall free towards the valley below

Moments after letting go, Callum disappeared from view into the valley below

Callum vanished from the valley floor just moments after he let go.