Mona Hammond, EastEnders and Desmonds star, dies at the age of 91. There are many tributes to this ‘trailblazer” actress.

  •  Actress Mona Hammond has died aged 91, with tributes pouring in for actress
  • Blossom, the Jamaican-British Star was best known for his role in Eastenders as Blossom.

Mona Hammond, actress and trailblazer in acting, has been buried at the age of 91.

This Jamaican-British actress is most well known for playing Blossom Jackson on BBC’s Eastenders. She was also the star of Susu on Desmond’s in the early 1990s. 

Marcus Ryder posted a sad tweet in support of Mona Hammond: “It’s with sadness that we wake up to learn about Mona Hammond’s passing. 

Mona Hammond was most known for her role as Blossom Jackson in BBC 's Eastenders

Mona Hammond’s role in BBC’s Eastenders was her most prominent.

She has died aged 91, with tributes pouring in for the 'trailblazer' actress

At 91 years old, she has been buried. Tributes have poured in to the actress who was a trailblazer.

The Duchess of Cornwall (left) with actress Mona Hammond during a reception at Clarence House in London in 2018

The Duchess Of Cornwall (left) and actress Mona Hammond at a Clarence House reception in London, 2018.

Loose Women presenter Charlene White described the actress as a 'trailblazer in every way' in a tribute

Charlene White, Loose Women host described Charlene as an actress who was a “trailblazer” in tribute to her. 

She co-founded Talawa Theatre Company with her husband in 1985. She was also a graduate and received an honorary RADA Fellowship in 2019.’ 

Charlene White of Loose Women described Charlene as an actress who was a trailblazer in all aspects.

A fansite for EastEnders tweeted this message: RIP Mona Hammond. Blossom Jackson was played by Mona Hammond in #EastEnders.

Mona Hammond has passed away. It is truly sad. Blossom was an outstanding character in the #EastEnders early years and was a wonderful family figure for Jackson’s early days. R.I.P.’

Blossom Jackson was Blossom Jackson’s Albert Square character and a central figure within the Jackson family. 

In 1994 she was cast as the first Blossom. She remained in that role until 1997. For two episodes, she was back in 2010, featuring Blossom.

It was her second role in the BBC soap, having first taken the part of Michelle Fowler’s midwife in 1986.