Marco Pierre White, a fiery chef, used to throw out bad diners when he wasn’t the best of Michelin-starred restaurants.

Here’s the scoop: The TV actor has applied for Italian citizenship. This is because he was angry at the treatment of his mother Maria Rosa Gallina after she fled the Veneto area in Italy following World War II.

‘My mother was sent home to live in the care of her nonna. [grandma]He reveals that he met his father in Leeds, fell pregnant and decided to marry him.

Fiery chef Marco Pierre White (above) used to throw out diners he disliked when he was still the enfant terrible of Michelin-starred restaurants. And now, I can reveal, the TV star has decided to apply for Italian citizenship because he's so angry about the way his beloved late mother, Maria-Rosa Gallina, was treated by the British authorities after she emigrated here from the Veneto region of Italy after World War II

Marco Pierre White (above), a fiery chef, used to throw out diners that he did not like while he was the “enfant terrible” of Michelin-starred eateries. Now, I’m able to reveal that the television star is applying for Italian citizenship. He was so upset about how his late mother Maria Rosa Gallina was treated by British authorities when she immigrated from Italy.

“Do you really know their names?” [the British authorities]What happened to her? To marry my father, she had to give up her Italian citizenship. It was what the British government did with Italians.

He vents his anger by adding: ‘I would prefer an Italian passport. The reason is because of mother. It’s possible that I won’t use it but I accept it as an acknowledgment of my acceptance.

It is an ode to his mother, who was six when he died from brain haemorrhage. Frank, his father raised Frank and his brothers in West Yorkshire on a Council Estate.

His Italian heritage is what led him to be racially disregarded as a kid.

Above, the chef's mother. 'My mother was sent to live with her nonna [grandma] in Leeds and met my father and fell pregnant, and had no choice but to marry him,' White reveals

The mother of the chef is shown above. My mother was taken to live with her aunt. [grandma]White revealed that she met her father in Leeds. She fell pregnant and was forced to marry him.

He tells Crazy Sexy Food that he was once called a coward. “I wasn’t beaten up but was picked on in school.

White, who is 59 years old, would be eligible for Italian citizenship if accepted. Italy has dual nationality, so White wouldn’t need to lose his British passport. 

Oscar nominee Colin Firth got an Italian passport in 2017. Livia Giuggioli (film producer) was Firth’s wife.

White could have the opportunity to live, work and study in Italy. He also has voting rights, healthcare, and access to health care.

Absolutely Fabulous star Joanna Lumley pities young people today

Absolutely Fabulous Joanna Lumley makes a mockery of young people

Joanna Lumley is an Absolutely Fabulous star. She feels terrible for the young people of today, as they are not allowed to be themselves and make mistakes.

Lumley, 75, claims that “their generation has had much less latitude to drink or take drugs or even sleep with people” than she did. 

When I was growing up, these things were done as spoilsports. 

‘If somebody said: “He’s a bad egg, don’t go out with him”, I had to go out with him — I couldn’t not. 

“And I’m not regretful of any of it. I’m really glad that I’m not.”

Chatto is the royal muse, according to smart people

He was heartbroken to have split with his first real girlfriend in lockdown. Now, Prince Margaret’s grandson Sam Chatto is the image of happiness.

As it turns out, Sam, an Edinburgh University graduate and 25-year old, is now Eleanor Ekserdjian’s muse.

The handsome couple was spotted at an event in St James’s London. Eleanor told me that they are actually a married couple. 

Heartbroken when he split up with his first serious girlfriend during lockdown, Princess Margaret's grandson Sam Chatto is now the picture of happiness. For I learn that not only has Edinburgh University graduate Sam, 25, struck up a romance with London-based artist Eleanor Ekserdjian, also 25, but he's become her muse. (Above, the couple)

He was heartbroken to have split with his first real girlfriend in lockdown. But Princess Margaret’s grandson Sam Chatto, is the image of happiness. As I discover, Sam Chatto (25-year-old Edinburgh University grad) has struck up a relationship with Eleanor Ekserdjian of London, and she’s now become his muse. The couple is shown below

Inspirated by her new love, Sam’s daughter is now depicting Sam in her artwork.

Sam is an Eton-educated ceramicist. His mother, Queen’s niece Lady Sarah submits often her artworks to the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition. Daniel Chatto, his actor father, also contributes his art.

Inspired by her new love, the arts professor's daughter has started depicting Sam in her work (above)

Inspirated by her new love, her daughter is now depicting Sam in her art (above).

Why Victoria star Nell is so amused

There is a common claim that Queen Victoria once stated, “We aren’t amused” to an equerry after she had made a dangerous joke.

Even the strict monarch may have smiled at Nell Hudson’s antics in Victoria, ITV’s popular costume drama.

At the Mayfair launch party of Il Borro Tuscan bistro, Francesco Filizzola was performing as Francesco Filizzola. The 30-year-old actress danced energetically. 

Nell Hudson (above), 30, danced animatedly as Italian folk singer Francesco Filizzola performed at the launch party for Il Borro Tuscan Bistro in Mayfair

Nell Hudson, 30, dancing animatedly while Francesco Filizzola (Italian folk singer) performed at Il Borro Tuscan Bar in Mayfair

Isaac Carew was impressed by her moves and decided to split with Dua Lipa.

According to one reveller, they danced very close together and left the party in a taxi simultaneously.

Clemmie is in the spotlight thanks to Mum Claudia

Claudia Schiffer started her illustrious modeling career in Germany when she was 17, and was initially scouted by a German nightclub.

Clementine, her child is now 18 years old and the supermodel wants to show her some love.

Clemmie, 51 years old, shared this picture with Clemmie as a way to celebrate her 17th birthday. She was overwhelmed by comments and compliments about the striking similarities.

Claudia Schiffer shared a picture of her daughter Clemmie (above) to mark her 17th birthday this week and was inundated with comments about their striking similarities

Claudia Schiffer posted a photo of Clemmie, her daughter (above), to celebrate her 17th Birthday this week. She was overwhelmed with comments and questions about the striking similarities.

This teenager is the son of Matthew Vaughn (X-Men movie director), and shares Claudia’s natural smile, high cheekbones, blonde hair, and natural pout.

Clemmie was the cover girl for Vogue in 2007, and she said she didn’t want to discourage Clemmie.

Claudia, who lives alone in the 14-bedroom Grade I listed Tudor house in Suffolk with Vaughn, has two children: a son Caspar (18 years old) and a daughter Cosima (11 years).

Claudia's illustrious modelling career started when she was scouted in a German nightclub aged 17. Now that her daughter Clementine has reached that age, the supermodel is keen to give her a taste of the spotlight

Claudia began her distinguished modeling career when she was 17 years old, and was first scouted at a German nightclub. Clementine is now a supermodel and Claudia wants her to get a glimpse of the spotlight.

Earl Spencer has been writing historic works for decades, and now he may be making a comeback in Hollywood. 

It has been reported that Prince Diana’s brother, Althorp is their ancestral home, and one of his books was purchased by the top movie producers.

He coyly says that ‘it looks set to being made’. “Until filming starts, I realize it is impossible to rely upon that,” he said. 

The book’s title is unknown, but he does not want to name it. It appears to be Killers Of The King. 

Charles Spencer (57) has a long list of actors he wants to see in his screen adaptations. He previously stated that he wanted to have Colin Firth and Benedict Cumberbatch as stars. Get your popcorn ready. 

Harrow has a new topic: The menopause 

Harrow is a former school that produced pop stars James Blunt and Winston Churchill. Harrow has now enlisted the help of a social media influencer to educate boys about menopause.

The move by the boarding school, which charges fees of £43,665 a year, is designed to demystify what students’ mothers, relations and teachers could be going through. 

Sixth-graders from next year will be able to participate in the interactive workshop led by Lesley Salem, who is a’menopause expert’ and co-founder of Over The Bloody Moon.

Simon Sampson of the school said that this initiative would help “Harrow boys” to become considerate, kind, and compassionate young men.

Sophie’s Kaz for nursing after the crash 

Sophie Anderton is a lingerie designer and her marriage has had a rough start. 

I hear her new husband, Count Kaz Balinski-Jundzill, has had a serious accident after coming off his bike during the Rally Raid Ireland race in Bosnia — breaking a leg and an ankle.

It was only in August that Sophie, 44 — the face of Gossard bras in the Nineties — married ‘the love of her life’.

Married life is off to a bumpy start for lingerie model Sophie Anderton. I hear her new husband, Count Kaz Balinski-Jundzill, has had a serious accident after coming off his bike during the Rally Raid Ireland race in Bosnia ¿ breaking a leg and an ankle. (Above, the couple)

Sophie Anderton, lingerie designer and model is having a rough start to her married life. I hear her new husband, Count Kaz Balinski-Jundzill, has had a serious accident after coming off his bike during the Rally Raid Ireland race in Bosnia — breaking a leg and an ankle. (Above: the couple

Kaz, 52, had to be admitted to the hospital and stayed there for several weeks. He then moved to a hotel where he could recover. At his estate of 1,500 acres in Ireland, Sophie is helping Kaz to recover.

“He cannot wait to get back in his Honda CRF Rally Replica,” says a friend. It is his passion. This is a very dangerous position.

Tom Conti, Shirley Valentine’s star Tom Conti doesn’t seem to be afraid of being “cancelled”.

His daring to call eco-saint Greta Thnberg the “high priestess” of hysteria has led him to say: “Greta’s a stupid girl.” She has a good heart, but she isn’t in her right mind.

Shirley Valentine star Tom Conti is clearly not afraid of being 'cancelled'

Tom Conti stars in Shirley Valentine and is not afraid to be ‘cancelled.

Conti, at 79, isn’t convinced by BBC coverage of Cop26’s environmental summit in Glasgow. She calls it a waste both of time and of money.

Conti stated that there is no emergency in climate, speaking on Rob McGibbon’s YouTube channel. The world is not going to come to an end and CO2 is a wonderful gas — without it nothing will grow.’

His granny’s secret services

Perhaps inspired by his appearance at No Time To Die’s world premiere, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge paid a personal visit to James Bonds.

According to reports, the future King visited MI5’s London headquarters, Thames House on Thursday. He may have had the chance to meet up with old friends, having spent three weeks in our spy agencies in 2019.

The Duke of Cambridge visited James Bonds after being inspired perhaps by the appearance he made on the red carpet for the premiere of No Time To Die.

Prince William stated that it was an incredibly humble experience to work with people from all walks of life, who can’t tell their families and friends about the secret work they do.

Sources are refusing to reveal what was discussed during the week. I hope one jokes: “I could tell you but then you would have to be killed.”

Secret Diary Of A Call Girl Star Billie Piper was the first to direct the movie Rare Beasts. But, in the end she learned that men are afraid of women-led projects. 

Billie states that Billie believes it’s difficult for some men to take second place or see things in a different light. 

It comes after her friend Lucy Prebble — who wrote the Sky series, I Hate Suzie, in which Piper starred — claimed that women were struggling to attract ‘bankable male stars’ to their projects for the same reason.

Hunter Davies was the author of The Beatles’ only authorized biography and Wayne Rooney made Wayne Rooney sound intelligent when he ghosted the memoirs. However, Hunter Davies has a keen eye for which Royal Family members could be Hunter Davies’ subjects. 

“I would love the Queen to be my biographer,” he says when he speaks at My Year On Hampstead Heath’s launch, which took place at Keats House in North London. 

‘I wouldn’t do any other royals — she’s the only interesting one. She is funny and witty. 

Modern ways are very common

Dating apps are ubiquitous but the smartphones have eliminated the lothario. According to Angus Gibson (legendary seducer, ex-fiance of Tessa Dahl) and Sarah, Duchess Of York,

‘In my day, I was running around Annabel’s, getting with fast women — well, hard-to-catch women — it was a more relaxed time,’ he tells me at the West End launch party for Stephen Bayley’s book about Sir Terence Conran, Terence: The Man Who Invented Design.

“Nowadays everybody has smartphones. Even nights out, they are all fake social media events. And you can’t do that in the corner.

It might be a good idea to require revellers that they leave their mobile phones at the cloakroom.