Rules is London’s oldest restaurant. It was established in 1798 by Thomas Rule who founded it in the year Napoleon launched his war in Egypt.

It’s remained remarkably unchanged over the years, with decor, menu, and service staying essentially unchanged for more than two centuries.

But now the Covent Garden venue — which is so timeless it appeared in episodes of ITV’s hit period drama Downton Abbey — has been forced to remove some of its decorations after one complaint, by MasterChef judge and London Evening Standard restaurant critic Jimi Famurewa.

He took offense at the antique box for charity donations, which was held by a statue of a black male carved in it.

Rules (above) is the oldest restaurant in London, founded in 1798 by Thomas Rule, the year Napoleon began his campaign in Egypt. And it's barely changed since, with the decor, menu and service remaining comfortingly similar for two centuries

Rules (above) was established in London by Thomas Rule. This is in the same year that Napoleon launched his Egyptian campaign. It has remained unchanged for nearly two centuries, and the décor, menu, and service have remained remarkably similar.

The Covent Garden venue - which is so timeless it appeared in episodes of ITV's hit period drama Downton Abbey (above) - has been forced to remove some of its decorations after one complaint, by MasterChef judge and London Evening Standard restaurant critic Jimi Famurewa

Covent Garden’s iconic venue, which was featured in ITV’s classic period drama Downton Abbey (above), has had to be removed from its decor following one complaint by Jimi Famurewa (MasterChef judge) and London Evening Standard restaurant critic Jimi Famurewa.

Famurewa (British-Nigerian) says, “One of the first things that I saw upon entering was a wood donation box carved into an grotesque representation of a Black man, red-lipped & grinning as a Minstrel”

“I mentioned the offending decor to staff while I was on my way out. They said that they were looking into it, but it is complicated because of its centuries-old history. So I gently suggested that patrons not be dehumanised by this décor before they even take their coats off. 

Un spokesperson for the restaurant refused to comment.

A source told me that the antique is there for as long as anybody can recall and has never had a problem until now.

Famurewa (pictured), who is British-Nigerian, took offence at an antique charity donations box, held by a carved statue of a black man, inside Rules restaurant

Famurewa (pictured), a British-Nigerian took offense at an old charity donation box held by a carving statue of a Black man inside Rules restaurant

Rules has a special charm that allows you to travel back in history. There are certain aspects that cannot be accepted from the past.

This week, when I went to the restaurant, which is 223 years old, to inspect the offending food, staff informed me that the item had been hidden up while they worked out how to take it down without damaging any wall panels.

Famurewa was so upset by his experience at Rules — which counts historical figures including writers Charles Dickens, William Makepeace Thackeray, John Galsworthy and H. G. Wells among its former customers — that he junked his review and wrote about a trendy Shoreditch Italian joint instead.

He was happy to find the delicious kale salad, and fazzoletti noodles there.

Olivia has a heart tattoo on her sleeve

Harry Styles, a pop star with a love for tattoos seems to have rubbed off on Olivia Wilde.

The 37-year old actress had her names inked on her arms. 

Pop star Harry Styles's love of tattoos appears to be rubbing off on his girlfriend, Olivia Wilde

Harry Styles, pop star and tattoo lover seems to have influenced Olivia Wilde, his girlfriend.

The 37-year-old actress has had the names of her children inked on her forearms

Actress at 37, has the names of her kids inked on to her forearms

With her ex-fiance Jason Sudeikis (46), she had Otis, 7 and Daisy, 5.

Styles is 27 years old and has 60 tattoos. These were necessary to hide his film roles, including Dunkirk.

To anyone who is lucky enough to be entertained by James Bond actress Naomie Harris, please do not serve her salad. 

The 45-year old actress who portrays Moneypenny in No Time To Die says, “I never go anywhere near an cold lunch.” 

“This is what I think of as hell. I don’t even drink cold liquids.’ 

Harris is married to Peter Legler and cooks all her meals on-set.

Shy Lily hides her lover at the ball…

Lily James is wary of being photographed together with men, as she was seen in Rome canoodling alongside Dominic West (Married Star) from The Affair.

Mamma Mia 2’s 32-year old star has now been out with American rocker Michael Shuman. However, they did not pose for photos together at the charity gala held in London’s West End.

Shuman however was seen getting out of the taxi with Lily.

Lily James seems to be wary of being photographed with men since she was pictured canoodling with The Affair's married star Dominic West in Rome

Since Lily James was photographed canoodling in Rome with The Affair’s star Dominic West, Lily James appears to be wary about being photographed with men.

The 32-year-old Mamma Mia 2 star is now going out with American rocker Michael Shuman, but they didn't pose together at a charity gala in London's West End. Shuman was, however, seen leaving with Lily in the back of a taxi

Mamma Mia 2’s 32-year old star has been seen leaving with American rocker Michael Shuman. However, the pair didn’t appear together at a London charity gala. Shuman was however seen with Lily as she walked in a taxi.

She might have been worried about the safety of the bass guitarist (36 years old) for taking photos.

Queens Of The Stone Age has earned a reputation for their on-stage nudity.

… as Eddie wows in ‘girl mode’ 

Eddie Izzard made his first red-carpet appearance in a while after he spoke about his desire to appear ‘basedin girl mode’. 

Izzard, 59 years old, used to wear high heels and varnished nails on men’s clothes. Izzard wore a sparkly dress. 

Eddie Izzard, 59, who used to wear men's suits with high heels and varnished nails, came to the gala dressed in a sparkly frock

Eddie Izzard, aged 59, was a man who once wore high-heeled shoes and varnished nails in men’s suits. He arrived to the gala wearing a sparkly gown.

John Whittingdale was a long-time Culture Secretary who is a huge AC/DC lover and welcomes Prince William to the heavy metal fraternity. 

On a podcast, the future king said that he liked listening to rock music to begin the morning. 

Whittingdale exclaims that he chose Thunderstruck for his Monday morning tune and has listened to it many times.

“Well, that is one bloody great song.

Meghan’s best friend is interested in Cambridges’ school 

The Duchess was not a fan of this country and her best friend, however, still loves Britain.

U.S. TV Producer Lindsay Roth was the one who requested Meghan as maid of honor when she wed British accountant Gavin Jordan. Now, Roth plans to send her child to Thomas’s school just like Prince William. 

U.S. TV producer Lindsay Roth, who asked Meghan to be maid of honour when she got married to British accountant Gavin Jordan, is planning to send her son to a Thomas's school, just like the one attended by Prince William's children

Lindsay Roth (a U.S. TV producer) asked Meghan to become maid-of-honor when she married Gavin Jordan. She plans to send her son, a Thomas’s School, to the same school as Prince William.

Is there anyone with kids in Thomas’s Kensington that would like to talk to me? It’s possible to talk about it. Roth questions fellow West Londoners via Facebook.

The Duchess would have helped Meghan if she hadn’t been so mean about her sister in law.

Ian Botham, who raised more than £30 million by doing 10,500 miles of charity walks, thinks they almost paralysed him. 

Lord Botham (66), who was appointed trade envoy for British businesses down under, said, “I have just had the most difficult two years of mine, forget lockdown.” 

“My spine needed to be re-done from 1987 when it was fused. From the walks, it shifted. 

Beefy shares the following words from doctors: “They were worried that it could cripple me.”